A Competition / Battle / Game?

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can only barely remember the end of this dream so it does not make much sense, it took place during the day and I think that the earlier parts of the dream possibly took place at a college, and I think that two or more groups of people were playing a game and/or having a competition and/or having a battle and/or something that I can not remember; and I assume that I was in one of those groups, maybe things were fun and games at first (maybe this was all a video game at first, but I can not remember) and maybe things got out of control later when maybe reality and the video game or dream world got confused by some people on each team, but I can not remember.

At the end of the dream maybe most people from each team were defeated and/or dead and/or gone except for me and a man who possibly looked a bit like The Joker from the The Dark Knight film and we seemed to be on the same team probably, and my sister-in-law JC who was on the other team and who was somewhat dressed like Sonya Blade from the video game Mortal Kombat X wearing a military style hat and uniform and she had military weapons.