CHERNOBYL ☢️ Visito La Zona De Exclusión #2 | TRAVEL VLOG

What Is It?

The YouTube video CHERNOBYL ☢️ Visito La Zona De Exclusión #2 | TRAVEL VLOG by the YouTube channel Amarna Miller:

CHERNOBYL ☢️ Visito La Zona De Exclusión #2 | TRAVEL VLOG

Here is the description for this video:

Teniendo en cuenta la situación actual de Ucrania, me parece importante contextualizar el momento en el que grabé estas imágenes que estáis a punto de ver. Yo estuve allí de viaje a principios de febrero del 2022, unas semanas antes de que estallase la guerra. Terminé de editar esta serie a finales de Marzo del 2022 y me pareció adecuado grabar una intro explicando que la situación en el que rodé el video no coincide con la realidad actual del país. Esta es la segunda parte de dos videos, si queréis ver el primero, podéis hacerlo aquí:

He tardado casi nueve meses en decidirme a subir esta serie sobre Chernobyl. Si me he decidido finalmente a publicarlo ha sido porque la finalidad de estos videos es divulgativa (aunque lógicamente haya comentarios personales, ya que se trata de un vlog). Mi intención era y sigue siendo el enseñaros mi viaje y explicar desde la experiencia en primera persona lo que sucedió durante la catástrofe nuclear de Chernobyl mientras enseño el estado de la zona de exclusión. Esta motivación sigue vigente pese al horror que se está viviendo ahora mismo en el país.

Siento que mostrar la cultura y la historia de un país es algo inherentemente positivo y que tengo que ser fiel a esas motivaciones que tenía cuando lo grabé por encima del miedo a crear polémica. Una seguidora me dejó un comentario el otro día que me hizo reflexionar, y que describe mis sentimientos al respecto: “Ahora estamos viendo y sintiendo Ucrania con mucho dolor, sufrimiento y miedo. Cuando pensamos en Ucrania lo hacemos con pensamientos negativos debido al problema actual y creo que el país también se merece que lo miren desde los ojos del amor, especialmente en estos momentos de tanta oscuridad … Habrá gente a la que le moleste dejar de mirar lo malo por algunos momentos, pero habrá otra gente para la que será un acto de inspiración y positividad, equilibrio y amor”. (Gracias Ali por tus palabras 🙏)

He decidido no monetizar este video, por razones obvias. También he decidido no incluir la palabra “Ucrania” en el título porque de ninguna manera quiero que el algoritmo lo indexe en relación a los sucesos que se están viviendo ahora mismo. De hecho, he puesto conscientemente un título bastante soso para no caer en el clickbait.

Esto es lo que tengo dentro. Es un tema complejo, pero espero haberme explicado. Como siempre, gracias por escucharme y por entenderme desde la empatía y la asertividad 🙂 Si queréis abrir debate en los comentarios, os leo ❤️

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CHERNOBYL ☢️ Visiting The Exclusion Zone #1 | TRAVEL VLOG

What Is It?

The YouTube video CHERNOBYL ☢️ Visiting The Exclusion Zone #1 | TRAVEL VLOG by the YouTube channel Amarna Miller:

CHERNOBYL ☢️ Visiting The Exclusion Zone #1 | TRAVEL VLOG

Here is the description for this video:

Taking into account the current situation in Ukraine, it seems important to me to contextualize the moment in which I recorded these images that you are about to see.

I was there on a trip at the beginning of February 2022, a few weeks before the war broke out.

I finished editing this series at the end of March 2022, and it seemed appropriate to record an intro explaining that the situation in which I recorded the video, doesn’t match the current reality of the country.

Even with those, it took me almost nine months to decide to upload this series about Chernobyl.

If I’ve finally decided to publish it, it has been because the purpose of these videos is informative (although logically there are personal comments, since it’s a vlog).

My intention was and still is to show you my journey and explain from first-hand experience what happened during the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, while showing the state of the exclusion zone.

This motivation is still valid despite the horror that is being experienced right now in the country.

I feel that showing the culture and history of a country is something inherently positive and that I have to be faithful to those motivations that I had when I recorded it, above the fear of creating controversy.

A follower left me a thought-provoking comment the other day, describing my feelings about it: “Now we are seeing and feeling Ukraine with a lot of pain, suffering, and fear.

When we think of Ukraine, we do so with negative thoughts due to the current problem.

And I think that the country also deserves to be looked at through the eyes of love, especially in these moments of so much darkness…

There will be people who don’t like to stop looking at the bad for a few moments, but there will be other people for whom It will be an act of inspiration and positivity, balance and love.”

(Thank you, Ali, for your words 🙏)

I’ve decided not to monetize this video, for obvious reasons.

I have also decided not to include the word “Ukraine” in the title because in no way do I want the algorithm to index it in relation to the events that are happening right now.

In fact, I have consciously put a rather bland title so as not to fall for the clickbait.

This is what I’ve inside.

It is a complex subject, but I hope I have explained myself.

As always, thanks for listening and understanding me with empathy and assertiveness, 🙂 I’ll upload the second part next week.

If you want to open a debate in the comments, I’ll read you ❤️


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The Soviet Union And / Or Russia?

File:Soviet Union Administrative Divisions 1989.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was at The B Parish Library where I work, and I remember seeing my former male classmate DH there so I talked with him.

During our conversation he possibly suggested that I have a party, at some point we said goodbye and I probably told him that I would contact him if I decided to have a party, and then I remember leaving the library and driving during the day past McDonald’s.

On the right side of the road was a parking lot with a small one-story building with a fictional business that I assumed could probably make me some party invitations, and so I decided to go to this business to see if this was true and how much would it cost.

I parked and I went inside the business, all the workers that I saw were female, and there were a few shoppers already there ahead of me at the back of the middle of the room so I waited.

As I was waiting I saw movement out the left corner of my eye, a cover was being removed which revealed two windowed counters with two female workers, and on the left side was a female employee with brown skin and on the right side was a woman with tanned (possibly makeup or a fake tan) white skin with maybe brown hair that was pinned up and she was dressed in a formal military-like outfit that looked like an old solid color old Soviet Union and/or Nazi Germany-like uniform and she looked and sounded like a stereotype of a female soldier in the old Soviet Union and/or Russia.

I then noticed a boy with white skin and maybe yellow hair wearing a male child informal version with shorts instead of a skirt of the outfit that the female employee on the right was wearing, it reminded me of something the Hitler Youth might wear but it was probably an old Soviet Union-style too, and he was playing outside the area where the female employee on the right was sitting so this seemed to be her son.

Near or on the counter where the female employee on the right side was I noticed a nice wooden and metal plaque of a map that seemed to be of the old Soviet Union or Russia and I saw a red and gold symbol that possibly had star on it and seemed to represent the old Soviet Union or Russia, and the map even had text showing the names of places but it was all in Russian it seemed so I could not read it.

The female employee on the right side greeted me with a heavy Russian accent and she asked me what could she help me with today, but the another woman (I am not sure who, maybe the female employee with brown skin on the left side, or a woman behind me who I could not see) said something about the boy who was playing and she said something like this:

“Isn’t that the boy who was saved by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)?” (This was said like maybe the woman said this as a veiled way to warn me, and hopefully cause some trouble and make me not want to do business with the female employee on the right side)

I saw a flashback of the boy inside a building in Russia or the old Soviet Union at a rally, and some members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) were there among mostly citizens of the Soviet Union or Russia.

They were either celebrating saving the boy and/or they had just saved him and then celebrated, I am not sure what they saved him from, and the flashback ended.

The woman on the right side made a facial expression that showed that she was worried that hearing that information would make me leave, so I assume that boy was her son, and that she was worried about some customers reactions to hearing that they had some involvement with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in some way (not that they were members or anything, but that they were possibly in a group who were allies of the KKK maybe but I am not sure).

To their surprise I did not let this bother me, I asked the female employee on the right side if they could make party invitations and how much would it cost, and she told me that they could but she needed to look up how much it might cost so I waited for her to do this.

As I waited I realized that this was a bit stupid of me, I could save money and print my own party invitations using our laser printer, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working at my shelver job at The B Parish Library, which looked different, and my female coworker Mrs. C was there and a fictional female coworker with white skin with maybe long brown hair who was from Russia or the old Soviet Union.

At some point I saw my former male classmate DH like I did in the last dream, but this time he had a fictional male friend with him with dark brown skin with short black hair so I talked with them as I worked and sometimes I stopped working to talk with them.

Sometimes I would catch myself talking too loudly and so I would try to talk quietly when I would catch myself doing this, and I possibly would sometimes blackout where things would suddenly go from black like I was briefly unconscious.

This possibly happened even when I was talking where sudden I would return from black wondering what just happened, and the last blackout seemed very long and I caught myself talking too loudly again.

I was not sure what time it was after the last blackout so I ended my conversation or it had already ended during my blackout, and then I started rushing to finish my work.

I was confused about the blackouts, it seemed that I would blackout but probably still be standing and/or talking, and I would have no memory of what happened during those times.

As I was trying to finish my work I overheard my fictional female coworker from Russia or the old Soviet Union talking to two men with white skin with Russian accents, and I heard her agreeing to steal some probably classified information and/or materials from the library and/or government to give to them so that they could take it back to Russia or the old Soviet Union so they seemed to be spies or something like that who had recruited her to help them because she was from Russia or the old Soviet Union.

She told them to meet her after work at a certain location and she would give them the stolen information and/or materials, and then they left.

I decided that I would follow her after work, catch her in the act and stop her, and return the stolen information and/or materials and turn her in to the Director of The B Parish Library which is Mrs. EC.

After work I waited for her to finish work, I followed her to the location, I caught her in the act and I probably video taped it, I took back the stolen information and/or materials, and then I returned it to The B Parish Library and turned her in to Director EC.

Director EC thanked me, the fictional female employee was fired and probably arrested and the two men were probably arrested, and the stolen information and/or materials were safely returned and the government was probably investigating this incident.

I felt somewhat bad for my former fictional female coworker, but I felt that I did the right thing but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Vikings Inspired Dream

Katheryn Winnick and Travis Fimmel in Vikings (2013)
Titles: Vikings, What Might Have Been
People: Katheryn Winnick, Travis Fimmel
© 2016 History
Source: IMDb

Last night I remember part of a dream that was inspired by the new History Channel TV show Vikings, which I watched the first two episodes of last night on the History Channel’s official website for Vikings, and I remember that the dream started without me being in it during a foggy or gray day where the main character Ragnar Lothbrok & his wife Lagertha were walking happily back to their home by the water when they saw their son Björn Ironside fighting a bandit/man attacking their home; and they rushed to help him after stopping/smiling/taking a moment to be proud/encouraged/et cetera that their son managed to hold off a bandit by himself long enough for them to return.

They easily defeated the bandit but I am not sure if they killed him or not and I think that they learned of a rumor of treasure from the bandit, they congratulated their son for his bravery/accomplishment, and then later that night the husband & wife talked about the rumor of treasure as they were in their kitchen preparing/getting food; and I remember the wife encouraging her husband to search for the treasure, and she told a story that she read about in reference to certain beliefs/ideas that were starting to form in their society after a certain war (the time period in this part might have briefly changed from the Viking time period to a time period near or after World War I (WWI) in Russia/The Soviet Union or I was just thinking of this time period because it reminded me of this time period).


Military (War) History (Nuclear) Retaliation Against The United States (USA)?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of a long dream that covered several eras/time periods of military/war history, this dream was somewhat like a rare type of dream that I have sometimes where I am a soldier & I get to experience/learn about past military/war events usually with narration, and these dreams are usually part real & part fictional.

I do not remember this dream having narration but I could be wrong, but it did somehow keep me somewhat informed about what was going on in each part of the dream.

I am not sure how this dream began exactly or which time period it began in, I just remember waking up during the night to use the bathroom or something, and I was in a semi-outdoor camp/fort probably with mostly kids, young people, women, and a few men/soldiers in a time period & place that seemed to be the United States (USA) during the time period of people settling in new areas of the country.

I am guessing that I was a soldier helping protect the people and we seemed to be at war with an army/group of men who was/were probably outside of our camp/fort, but it was night & we were trying to get some sleep to be prepared for another battle probably.

I walked out of the sleeping quarters through a metal gate that led to a hallway-like metal gate on my left & one on my right, this area was outside but it was very dark so you could not see anything beyond the gates, and I guess the left side had a bathroom hole for men & the right had a bathroom hole for women.

There was a partly private area to use the bathroom, but this gate area was our only line of defense, besides the way our camp/fort was built into the land/environment; and so the enemy only needed to get past the gates to enter the sleeping quarters.

We only had maybe one man & a boy on patrol/guard duty, since almost everyone needed sleep from a previous battle probably, and so things were quiet & mostly unprotected; which I felt was too dangerous.

I decided to check around for any threats myself, but then I noticed three men sneaking through one of the gates; and the men & I started to fight in hand-to-hand & mêlée combat.

The man & boy on patrol came to help me, and we defeated the men & several other men who were trying to sneak through the gates; and a few gun shots were fired during our battle.

The battle was pretty realistic with the drama/roughness/tension/et cetera of real-life hand-to-hand, mêlée, and ranged combat.

We wondered if the enemy was planning a major surprise attack if they could get the gates opened or if they were just trying to make us all wake up & stay up all night to stop us from getting sleep, so that we could be weak & tired for the next battle; and so we came up with a plan.

We decided that we should wake everyone up for a little while & have them prepare for a possible attack, if no major attack happened, we would have mostly everyone go back to sleep but prepared to wake up to fight if necessary; and we would just put more people on patrol, but that is all that I can remember for this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream that I can remember took place in the same area but in a different time period & during the day, once again it seemed that we were in the USA and the camp/fort was now a military base or training facility or something, during a time period like the Cold War between the Soviet Union / Russia & the USA maybe but it could have been a future time period but I am not sure.

I might have been a drafted soldier but I am not sure, I just remember there was training & preparations taking place for an attack against the Soviet Union/Russia I guess, and our base/facility was part underground & part above ground.

There was a lot to this dream that I can not remember involving military training/preparations/military officers/equipment/mobilization/new technology/weapons/et cetera, I just remember watching the attack from a screen at the base/facility with some generals watching, and the USA I guess shot a nuclear missile or some kind of missile at the Soviet Union/Russia I guess.

From the video on the screen the missile looked small but fast, I am not sure if it was shot from a jet or not, and when it hit land in the Soviet Union/Russia I guess; it probably caused a loud noise & the ground started to bend & shift & move around like a mountain having a seizure underground & above ground where the land was moving up & down & around like a super earthquake or something was happening, it was strange & devastating.

I think that the missile was set for more targeted attacks, so the damage was not too wide spread, and I guess it was supposed to scare the Soviet Union/Russia into giving up or something; and it seemed to have worked at first probably, I remember a vacation/peace period afterward.

Time moved forward again without me noticing and I was visiting another former soldier from that conflict, my former classmate AM, and he was in Italy where he had been stationed during the war but he stayed after the war.

AM’s parents & grandmother were also visiting him in Italy, which is where AM’s ancestors were from, and I remember AM being in a very good mood.

We talked about his/our time(s) during the war, about his girlfriend or wife who was from Italy, about him learning Italian, and more.

I was happy for AM and at some point I returned to the USA I guess and/or I was drafted or called back to the military for another war.

I got dressed in a Marine-like dress uniform at a hotel-like place not far from the military base/facility from the first two parts of the dream, and then I walked to the base/facility.

This part of them dream seemed more like a replay of the dream before this, and even in the dream I thought that the dream was repeating at first; because I was so familiar with everything.

This time I was like a military veteran & maybe an officer, because I already had my knowledge from the other part of the dream, and the new soldiers were quickly being trained/prepared; but I already knew the routine.

A mass mobilization was taking place in the USA I guess, so maybe a military drafty happened again, because a lot of the new soldiers did not seem/act like they volunteered; and it seemed that many civilians were being moved to hotel-like buildings/buildings to house many people, like the one I got dressed in.

As I was watching the new soldiers and giving advice I heard a sound like when the USA I guess had launched the missile against the Soviet Union/Russia I guess, and so I looked outside; but to my shock/horror, it was not the USA shooting the missile this time, it seemed that the Soviet Union/Russia had made the missile now as well.

The missile was shot near our base/facility, it exploded with the same loud sound, and I started running to avoid the coming waves of land; I ran for my life, and I barely climbed & avoided the land in time to escape.

It was something that you would have to hear & see for yourself to understand, it seemed realistic, the sound & movement of the missile & explosion/the rumbling & seizures of the land/the fear/et cetera.

I ran to the hotel-like place as more civilians were arriving, I remember a Boy Scout-like group wearing military-like dress-like uniforms arriving, and they asked me if I was a soldier; and I said yes, and they were amazed/impressed, but I was still trying to calm down after almost dying from the nuclear-like missile attack.

I walked to a lobby to sit down to relax and warn some people about the attack, and I saw some former soldiers who were also military veterans in real life: my former classmates SW, ME, and someone else.

I told them about what had happened and they did not seem too surprised, they were no longer in the military after having already served in the last war like me but I was back/still in the military for some reason, and I noticed that ME had a hole-like spot on his head that looked a bit red/fresh like an old injury from the last war where he got shot in the head by metal from an explosion or something that sometimes opens up a bit when scratched or something.

I started thinking that this part of the dream might not be a replay of the second part but that is was either slightly later in the future where the Soviet Union/Russia was retaliating against the USA or that this was a replay but this time the Soviet Union/Russia had made the missile first, but those were just thoughts as I was trying to figure out what was happening & what to do & what time period was I in.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂