In The Middle Of Nowhere

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Last night I remember part of a very strange dream that felt/looked very strange (it was one of those dreams that my words can not properly describe, but I will try my best, it was one of those dreams where you would have to have been there to understand what it felt like & what it was like), which took place in the middle of nowhere, a small world / space / room / dimension / whatever that did not make much sense; and it was like being trapped in a limbo-like place or something.

It was almost like being trapped in a room that had its own environment or something, and that room felt like it was in space or nowhere; it is hard to describe.

There were other people there, a few of whom were former classmates of mine and my mom was there, but I can not remember who else was there.

It was not a room in the normal sense but an enclosed area with its own strange semi-outdoor/semi-space-like feeling to it, instead of a ceiling there probably was a sky-like area without the normal sky look, maybe more like a barrier or nothingness maybe; and instead of walls there was maybe a barrier or nothingness.

I remember feeling trapped, we all felt trapped, and we had no idea how to escape or where we were.

I think that there were small floating platforms/land areas that were not connected to each other, and that is what we lived on; and you would have to jump to another platform/land area to reach it and/or I think that there were a few strange moving floating vehicle-like platforms that you could also use to reach other platforms.

Most of the platforms were rectangular shaped and some had land, water, snow, ice, et cetera; while other platforms were just platforms where you could sleep, talk, walk, et cetera on.

One platform had large ice structures with snow on the ground, frozen water, and maybe an unfrozen lake for drinking water; and it was probably the largest platform, and at some point several people and I were on this platform when some of the ice structures started to melt.

Behind one of the melting ice structures, which looked like natural ice structures, a bear came out and attacked us; and several people were killed, and there was a panic but I am not sure if we killed the bear or not, I think that we did.

After the attack with several people dying, things started to get worse, there was already a problem with boredom/loss of hope of escaping/et cetera for some people; so some people either killed themselves and/or they died for various reasons and/or some of them disappeared/were magically gone when we would wake up for the next day.

This dream took place over an unknown number of days or weeks or months or years, it seemed like a long time, like we would be trapped forever; and slowly people went missing, and we had no idea what happened to them.

I remember talking with the other people, including my mom, and I started trying to investigate how people kept going missing and how could we escape this place; and I remember exploring some of the platforms where people went missing, and I remember using one of the moveable floating platforms that were vehicle-like.

This place had a strange feeling(s) to it that is very hard to describe, I remember thinking/investigating/and examining my feelings; and I felt mostly hopeless about escaping or solving the mystery of how people kept going missing.

I felt trapped and limited, among other feelings, and it seemed that even if we found a way out of this place, that we would be in the middle of nowhere in space or in nothingness or in another dimension or something.

It was like we were not supposed to leave, like something wanted us trapped, and that we were all going to die and/or go missing eventually; but I tried to have some hope, and I continued my investigation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

2-6-2012 | Dream Journal | A Leaky Ceiling And Powers And DashieXP?

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Last night I barely remembered part of my last dream which took place during the day at a fictional college I think, and at some point a group of students & I were sent to a building with at least two floors; and we waiting on the first floor which was mostly one long hallway with seating on both sides of the hallway that went down the entire hallway.

By the entrance was a desk where a worker sat & there was a stairway to the second floor across from the desk, and the rest of us sat talking in the seating areas that went down the entire hallway.

I remember some of my former classmates being among the students such as: TT (TC), JH, et cetera; and DashieXP from YouTube was there for some reason, and I was talking with them mostly.

Everyone was having a good time & I think that some food & drinks were served, probably some hot dogs & soda, and at some point I noticed mustard and/or ketchup on my seat; and so I asked around trying to figure out who spilled it, but no one knew.

Stopping A Knife Attack | The Alien Betrayal

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Dream 1

Lazy Overview:

I do not remember most of my dreams last night, but I do remember my first dream starting at a dorm and I was living there with my former classmate DF and several unknown people.

I remember us talking and spending time at the dorm, and then we went to a class at a school, but all that I can remember next is an unknown man walking toward me with a pocket knife like he was going to attack me or something; and so I blocked his knife with a Krav Maga-like block, I knocked his knife out of his hand, and I put him in a Kung Fu-like wristlock.

I was angry and I kept him in the Kung Fu-like wristlock for a while, while I asked him questions, and while he begged in pain for me to let him go while everyone watched in shock/surprise; then I let the man go, I put his pocket knife in a trash can, and I took the trash can to the office to report the situation without the teacher’s permission & without saying anything to anyone.

I walked angrily to the office, but I can not remember what happened exactly, and I just remember leaving outside of the building since school was over; and the outside was a fictional college campus that has been in a few of my past dreams, and it was during the day.

I remember walking and talking with a woman about something that happened in a past dream of this place, we both remembered being in the same class in my last dream of this place, and another woman heard us talking & she joined our conversation as we all walked.

The other woman was an athlete at the school, probably a soccer player, and she was very interested in our conversation & she was an outgoing person; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My second dream is even more unclear, very unclear, and it took place during the night; and this dream was pretty strange, but interesting, unfortunately I can remember most of it.

I remember being outside a secret government research facility on the outskirts of some unknown city, and there was a highly secure underground research facility there as well, and we had an alien being in the underground research facility.

It seemed that we were using this alien and some recovered alien technology, to build a giant spaceship & we had done other research to understand some of the technology & we were trying to reverse engineer it, and the alien was somewhat helping us; but it seemed that we had kept the alien prisoner, and so it was probably being forced to help us.

I was some type of government agent, I am not sure what type (probably part of the security team), and I think that I helped escort the alien to the underground research facility; and the alien did not quite look like any alleged alien species that I have heard of before, I think it may/might have somewhat looked like the aliens on the TV show Falling Skies but I am not sure (I know that it did not look like the Gray aliens and it did not look like a Human.).

I think that I was a new agent and that this was my first time seeing the alien and the research facilities, and so I was amazed.

The scientists with the help of the alien, had built a spaceship that looked somewhat like the Star Trek Enterprise, and they were also working on various other things; and it seemed that they had tried to reverse engineer some alien technology for many years without much luck, until they somehow had captured the alien.

Their main project seemed to be the spaceship and they were about to test fly it and they just needed the alien to do something first, to get the spaceship to fly, and so we brought the alien to the underground research facility test room.

The underground research facility had giant metal & concrete doors and various layers of security around it, and I had a special card to gain access to certain areas and there was a security system that could scan your body/face & it could recognize you; and there were automated gun turret systems on the walls & ceilings & floors, that would come out at check points to reach various areas in the underground research facility.

The alien was doing something with some large wires in the test room I think, during the beginning of the test flight, and I felt that the alien was going to do something that it was not supposed to do; there was a burst of energy or something and the spaceship started to fly into the sky, as we all watched on the large video screens in the room, and I saw the alien make a face like it knew that something bad was going to happen.

We watched the spaceship fly into the night sky and up into the atmosphere above the Earth & it was an amazing sight as the spaceship flew up into space above the Earth, but then there was a solar flare-like energy that hit the spaceship & the spaceship fell crashing back to the Earth; and then I saw a few alien spaceships in the sky, and they appeared to be launching an attack on the research facility and/or the Earth.

The alien seemed to have sent a signal out to the other aliens, who seemed to have lived & hid in space and/or in/on various moons and/or planets and/or asteroids and/or something; it was like they had planned an attack for many years or something, and that the alien that the scientists had used was a spy/mole/saboteur for the aliens.

It was like the alien had been secretly sending data/information to the other aliens and it had tricked the scientists; and so there was a panic at the research facility, and a lock-down mode was started.

We escorted the alien to a holding area, and then I ran to check the spaceship crash site for survivors as the other agents tried to secure the research facility.

I found an old woman & man who I think had survived the crash, and we ran to the underground facility to try to hide before it went into a complete lock-down mode; and I think I saw some alien spaceships in the sky fighting the military and/or security forces.

We barely reached the entrance in time and I had my pistol out, because there was fighting going on around us outside at first, and we ran into the entrance tunnel; and when we reached the check point for the entrance, the automated gun turrets pointed at me since I had a gun & the computer system told me to drop my weapon & it told us to get on the ground & so we did.

I told the computer system that I was a government agent and I showed it my access card, and then it scanned my face & body to verify that I was a government agent with a security clearance to go inside the underground research facility; and while all of this was going on, the doors were closing, and so we were almost out of time.

The computer system scanned us, it verified that we did have the security clearance to gain access to the underground research facility, the automated gun turrets stopped pointing at us, the computer system told us that we could pass, and then we ran inside as the doors closed to put the underground research facility in lock-down mode.

We could somewhat hear the battle that was going on above ground and we wondered how safe were we & how safe was the Earth, and we wondered what should we do; but the underground research facility seemed to be the current safest place that we knew, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

2-4-2010 | Dream Journal | The Obama Doll And Space Dreams And The Mafia Church Battle

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The Obama Doll

The night before last I remembered part of my last dream, which was pretty crazy, it took place at my grandfather’s house and my aunt ME & cousin JE were there.

I think my aunt ME had bought my cousin JE an Obama doll, that I guess was robotic and could walk & talk, and it was probably almost 4ft tall.

My memory of things are very unclear, so I am not sure what happened exactly but I think that JE was sleeping in the middle room with the Obama doll there, and I think I saw the Obama doll moving toward him so I confronted the doll.

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