The Flying Non-Dead

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of a dream, but I only remember part of the middle until / to the end of the dream, not the beginning of the dream.

Flying / Floating spaceship-like things were hovering high in the sky I think, I am not sure what they were, I can not remember because we spent most of our time running & hiding; it seems that the spaceship-like things sent smaller flying droids/robotic flying machines to do most of the work; it seemed that maybe the small flying machines were capturing people, I do not remember them attacking buildings, but I do remember them going after humans.

At some point the dream basically became the TV show The Walking Dead, without zombies & with flying machines & unknown beings instead, and even most of the cast from that TV show were in the dream with me; and we were trying to survive & avoid the machines & whatever else the spaceship-like things sent down.

I was like a background character, who surprisingly had survived each season, and at some point we were living in an abandoned apartment building; the flying machines seemed to search for people outside mostly and the flying machines had weaknesses that we had learned to use to our advantage.

The flying machines, that is what I call them but I am not sure what they were or if anyone was in them or not, had problems sensing things in the fog & maybe in the dark & if you did not move & if you hid behind things & they did not search the woods very much.

It seemed that most people were taken and/or dead and/or in hiding, so not many flying machines searched outside at this point in the dream, and we were in a fictional city that looked somewhat like D in some areas but it was bigger.

Most of the main characters and I were hiding on the top floor of the abandoned apartment, the main character’s friend & fellow police officer seemed to have moved on his own to another room, but he would come & give scouting reports & extra supplies; and he came to do that at this point in the dream.

He looked hungry, thirsty, tired, and lacking in social interaction; and so I invited him inside to eat & drink something, but he refused, but I started to give him a cup of water anyway.

A woman with us gave him some food and she pulled him inside the room, and so he joined us as we all ate, drank, and talked.

It became our best moment together in the entire dream as we had a good time talking, eating, and drinking; and someone looked out of a window, which was covered so the flying machines could not see in, and they saw that all the spaceship-like things were gone.

We all were happy that maybe we could finally stop running & hiding, we all started to silently look around at each other: I remember smiling at the friend & fellow police officer of the main character & giving him a thumbs up and he smiled & gave one back, I smiled & nodded my head at the main character & his son & wife and they smiled & nodded their heads back, I smiled at the woman with the blond colored hair and she smiled back, et cetera.

I am not sure why the spaceship-like things had come to Earth or where they came from or what they wanted or if they killed people or if they collected people or if who ever was inside them wanted to live on Earth after clearing out humans, I have no idea, but it seemed that many humans were gone and/or in hiding.

Now that the spaceship-like things seemed to be gone, we went outside on the roof and some other people came out of hiding to go outside too, and we started to cheer, not many people seemed to be left; but unfortunately, some flying machines came & everyone started to run & hide again.

We got caught off guard and so we all got split up, and I ended up finding some of my family members & former classmates & I followed them to a new location slightly outside of the city.

But I almost got caught and/or killed by a flying machine before that, I am not sure what the flying machines would do to people, and I did not want to find out; somehow I escaped the flying machine, probably because so many other people were running around for it to capture and/or kill.

The new location was an old family property/farm outside of the city, and a lot of people were hiding there, I think SS’s parent’s owned it, maybe; SS, MS, some of my direct & indirect family, and some of my former classmates were there.

The main house was crowed, like a party or something, with all of us new people there; and people were still trying to relax after the surprise attack by the flying machines.

At some point my cousin DE was going to go scouting through the woods while it was foggy, and so I joined him.

In the woods we avoided a few flying machines, which are mostly useless in the fog, but deeper in the woods we came across some living beings who were now searching the woods since the flying machines were mostly useless in the fog.

Most of them were bigger than the average human, looked somewhat like The Incredible Hulk, they had green colored skin & they wore cloths; their type appeared to be there for searching the woods mostly, they had a strong build, and they were better at searching than the flying machines.

My cousin DE and I hid behind some bushes, but one of the large green beings seemed to sense us, he kept sniffing the bushes like he could smell us; and eventually he saw me, and my cousin DE ran to distract him.

Another green being came after me, but a man with a bow started shooting arrows at it to distract it, and I started to run.

Another being, a different & smaller being who was probably female, came after me, but a woman with a dagger attacked it; but more beings were coming, so I grabbed the woman & I ran into a cabin carrying her.

The woman kept hitting me and telling me to put her down, so that she could keep fighting, but we were clearly out-numbered & so I would not put her down; and once inside she started complaining and saying something about she was a princess or something crazy like that.

I heard knocking on the door and the dream basically became an episode of the TV show Merlin, and when I answered the door it was Gaius and maybe Merlin was with him and/or I was now Merlin.

A mouse-like creäture attacked me, it was moving too fast for me to see it, it was a pet of the woman / princess; I kept swinging at it, but it was fast & it kept jumping on me.

Gaius laughed and told me that since I had saved the princess and/or that the way that I had brought her into the cabin, made it possible that I could marry the princess if she wanted to marry me or that made me a possible marriage candidate or something crazy like that; but I was too busy trying to get the mouse-like creäture to stop attacking me.

The princess ordered the little mouse-like creäture to stop, but I woke up thinking that it/something was still attacking me & I might have seen it still for a second or two (since I woke up too fast), and so I checked my bed to make sure that nothing was there & nothing was there. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Family Ritual | Spaceships / UFOs In The Sky

The Family Ritual

The other night I remembered part of one of my dreams, which took place in what appeared to be a mall.

I think there was an old woman, whose husband had recently died, and I guess she was somehow related to me.

She was sitting at a table working on something and a group of several woman came to help her, and the group of women were all family members from my mom’s side of the family; My cousin TM, my aunt CS, my aunt SE, my aunt ME, and a few others.

I walked over to the table to see what they were working on, it appeared to be some sort of decoration with flowers, like a reef (if that is the word).

I walked over to talk with them, but they seemed to be working on something private, and were surprised that I had found them.

They saw that I had seen what they were working on, and they started a short debate on whether to explain the situation to me or not.

I heard one of my aunt’s say that no male family member had ever seen or participated in what they were doing before, but since I had seen the reef they decided to let me join them.

They told me that a group of female family members only, meet up once a year to do what I would call a ritual; I think it had something to do with our dead family members.

I think the ritual consisted of making decorations for the graves of our dead family members, singing, dancing (if you could call it that), giving speeches, and maybe a few other things.

They said that now that I had seen the reefs, they wanted me to be the first male family member to join them in the ritual, and so I agreed.

They started to line up, sing, walk around, clap their hands, stomp their feet, and they walked in a single file line.

Somehow we magically were in the hallway of my grandfather’s house instead of being at a mall, and some of my aunt’s started to say certain words one at a time; what they said was in English, but I can not remember what they said.

Sadly I woke up before I could see more of the ritual (if that is the right word).

UFOs In The Sky

Last night I remembered part of one of my dreams, which started with me and several people who I graduated from high school with, walking to the park in D.

In the field outside of P Elementary I saw a group of people looking at something, and to my surprise they were watching my dad holding a somewhat old-looking man in a choke hold.

They were standing next to my dad’s truck and my brothers D&D were there; I ran up to see why my dad was holding the man in a choke hold, and I saw a small revolver in the old man’s hand.

I took the revolver out of his hands and asked my dad what happened, and he said that the old man had tried to rob them at gun point.

He was holding the man until the police came to arrest him, and oddly I noticed two men wearing police uniforms standing in the crowd of people doing nothing.

So I gave one of the men the revolver and told them to make sure that they note that I had touched the gun, therefore/so my fingerprints would be on the gun too.

Then magically we were at my parent’s house and my dad let the old man go, but the old man started running so my dad somehow had an assault rifle & shot him in the leg, so he could not escape before the police came.

Once again I was magically moved to another place in the dream, the park, and I was with some of my former classmates from high school again.

BH was the only classmate I could remember by name in the dream, I can not remember what happened at the park exactly, but I think we all just talked & walked around.

We all decided to leave the park and go to the store, so we walked into a store and to our surprise there was a whole press conference or something about to start.

There were reporters, a podium, a television screen, other students, other people, and probably security.

Things seemed somewhat formal so all of us sat quietly in the middle section of seats, and then a video started playing saying good things about President Obama.

Then a reporter or someone went to the podium after the short video, and he started talking about bad things he had discovered about President Obama.

One thing he talked about was that some of President Obama’s family members had gotten out of difficult criminal investigations due to the fact that they family members of President Obama; one example was of one of President Obama’s uncles who was being investigated for murder, he somehow managed to get of the investigation without going to court.

The reporter or whoever, then started to bring up some other issues that were more serious and directly related to President Obama.

I heard someone to the right side of the crowd make a noise that displayed anger and they walked out of the building, I believe it was actually President Obama, but I could not see exactly and/or I can not remember exactly. (I definitely think it was him though)

After seeing him rush out of the building, his press secretary walked up to the podium and stopped the reporter from talking before he was finished; the reporter was getting closer to bringing up some serious issues that would have made President Obama look pretty bad.

The press secretary made a fake smile and thanked the reporter for his speech, and then said that there would be a short break before the next speaker begins.

So me and my former classmates left the building and stood outside wondering what to do next, suddenly I noticed a strange spaceship appear in the sky, it looked like it had teleported there or something.

It looked somewhat saucer-shaped like the old fashion flying saucer UFOs, but it had a basket like thing either at the top or bottom that had two spinning metal rings that appeared to be what allowed it to move & teleport.

I told the others to look up at the sky and they saw it too, at first our guess was that it was a top-secret spaceship that the American government was testing, but then suddenly many spaceships started to teleport into the sky; suddenly I started to feel a bit afraid and felt that it was an alien invasion or something.

I told everyone that we must go to the store, gather supplies, and find somewhere to hide in the wilderness/woods.

We all started to run toward Walmart and I told part of the group to start getting supplies at Walmart, while me & the other part of the group went to the gas station.

In the gas station the owners did not know about the spaceships yet; the owner and his daughter (who appeared to be my age) reminded me of someone I knew from India.

The daughter was very beautiful and I oddly felt like flirting with her, even though we were in an emergency 😀 ; I said a few words to her as I paid for gas or something.

Then my group and I left to meet up with the rest of the group at Walmart, and on the way BH & I were trying to figure out where should we all hide after we get all the supplies.

I felt that if there were aliens in the spaceships and if they were going to invade, my prediction was that they would attack the cities first, the country neighborhoods outside of the city second, and finally look for people hiding in the wilderness/woods.

So I felt that the wilderness would be the safest place to hide then, but not in the open, I felt hidden caves or places like that would be the best.

I felt it should be somewhere where trees or something make you harder to see from in the air and somewhere you can easily hide.

I also felt that we should try to keep a low profile and not use tents or any other structures that are easy to see, and that we should not make fires because of the smoke.

The problem was that we were in D, and we both did not know of any caves and we did not  know any specific places that we could all hide at; but I woke up as we were still thinking and walking to Walmart.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂