Traveling To The Moon Where The Elites Live?

English: Lunar Gateway Logistics Sources Sought Notice (1/2)
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This dream was probably partly inspired by a YouTube video that I watched yesterday about the movie Elysium called Elysium — When A Movie Has The Wrong Story | Anatomy Of A Failure by the YouTube channel Filmento:

Elysium — When A Movie Has The Wrong Story | Anatomy Of A Failure

Part of this dream took place during the day in the city of D, and I remember being at the shopping center by W Park and across the street from it where Napa is.

I can not remember the details now, unfortunately, various things clearly happened in this dream, but I forgot most of the details when I woke up suddenly.

I just know that I was outside in this area, there were other people around too, and the dream jumped to the future.

Space & Another Dimension & A Female Entity

Dream 1

This dream took place in outer space, there were at least two humans traveling in a spaceship, one was maybe a woman with light-color skin, and the other was maybe a man with dark-color skin.

They encountered a humanoid female entity or female alien, I can not remember if she had a spaceship or not, probably not, she was possibly somehow able to travel in space without a spaceship or spacesuit.

The Ultimate Weapon Of The Trisolarans | Three Body Problem Series

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Ultimate Weapon Of The Trisolarans | Three Body Problem Series by the YouTube channel Quinn’s Ideas:

The Ultimate Weapon Of The Trisolarans | Three Body Problem Series

Here is the description for this video:

It’s not every day that I encounter a series of books that I just love.

Especially science fiction.

Since I read The remembrance of Earth’s past aka the Three-body problem series last year, I have not stopped thinking about it.

The scale of this series is enormous, the ominous mysteries it invokes are intriguing and chilling to the core.

In this video, we discuss some major events detailed in book two of the series, The Dark Forest, The Great Ravine, and the Trisolaran invasion of the Solar System.

By Year 205 of the Crisis Era, humanity at large believed that they had nothing to fear from the Trisolaran Fleet, which had more than 200 years before it would reach the solar system.

Fear of the Trisolarans, whose sophon technology had crippled humankind’s understanding of physics, and allowed the aliens real-time knowledge of events on earth, had once nearly destroyed humanity, plunging them into the devastating period of time known as the great ravine.

One might be tempted to compare the great ravine to the great depression of 1930, but the great ravine in no way compares to the depression…it is far worse.

In the year 1930 there were about 2 billion people on earth, at the start of the great ravine there were 8.3 Billion people on earth, and when there was no more food, billions starved.



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Secret Space UFOs: Rise Of The TR3B

Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B

What Is It?

The 2021 documentary movie Secret Space UFOs: Rise Of The TR3B.

Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

This is how The IMDb describes this documentary:

The legendary TR3B is said to be the very first Alien Reproduction Vehicle that the military built secretly for space exploration.

History of triangular UFO sightings and top secret military aircraft is discussed by the best and brightest in the research field of UFOs and spooky military aircraft.

Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10 YouTube fame discusses the long history of military involvement building triangular aircraft and mysterious sightings from around the world.

Richard Dolan discusses the facts of space secrecy and the likelihood of a secret space program run by many United States defense and intelligence agencies.

Jim Goodall discusses the credible history of spooky classified airplanes and possible non-human UFOs sightings.

Alara gives her testimony on her incredible TR3B sighting.

Jeremy Rys discusses the history of the fabled TR3B and the man that first discussed its origins, Edgar Fouche.

Dr. Jack Kasher discusses UFOs seen from NASA Space mission STS-48 and how it seems that Earth is at war with something in space.

This TR3B documentary is the next in line of a series about TR3B sightings and UFOs in outer space, starring Tyler Glockner.

— Darcy Weir

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (Season 1)

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is it?

The 2021 Netflix documentary Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (Season 1).

Here is how The IMDb describes this documentary:

Though claims of extraterrestrial encounters have long been dismissed, many believe the existence of UFOs is not just likely, but a certainty.

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