A Shapeshifter (Face Dancer)?

Dream Fragment 1

In the first dream I was on vacation with my parents and brothers, and we were at a hotel.

At some point I went walking in a nice neighborhood next to a river that had a walkway along the side of the river; it was a very nice sunny day with flowers and maybe a nice breeze.

The Red Inspired Dream Fragment | Spaceships Getting Attacked By The Military Dream

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Dream 1

Last night I remembered part of my last two dreams, with the first dream taking place inside of an apartment and one of my friends was my roommate but he was not there at the time.

Suddenly Karl Urban came into the apartment room playing his character William Cooper from the film Red. 😀

He looked like he had been beaten up and he started searching around my friend’s side of the room, and he seemed to just ignore me at first; it looked like he was planting fake evidence to either cover up my friend’s future murder or to frame him for a crime.

I asked him what he was doing and he started asking me questions as he still continued to plant evidence and search through my friend’s stuff, for some reason I was afraid and decided to answer his questions.

Then suddenly Bruce Willis came into the room playing his character from the film Red as well. 😀

He also looked like he had been beaten up and he came into the room with a handgun, like he had come to murder my friend in his sleep or something, but my friend was not there.

Mr. Willis and Mr. Urban then started to argue with each other over whether to murder my friend or plant fake evidence of a crime that he did not commit. 😀

They both told their stories of how my friend had beaten them in a fight, I guess they each had separately been sent to kill my friend, and they both failed. 😀

I was still afraid and just stood there watching them talk and argue, and then I heard my friend coming to the door, so I ran to the door to tell him that two men had come to kill him and then I ran (after hearing how he had beaten both men before, I was afraid of my friend too, and afraid that he would find out that I answered all of Mr. Urban’s questions 😀 ); I was super cowardly in this dream for some reason, which is not like me. 😀

My friend ran into the room and then Mr. Willis and Mr. Urban ran out of the room like they were running for their lives, it was funny. 😀

My friend was very mad and chased them through the hallways, and then I woke up. 😀

Dream 2

My second dream took place in the afternoon on a gray day that looked like it would rain soon & my dad, my friend from the first dream, and I were walking to my parent’s house; when suddenly about 10 spaceships appeared in the sky and they flew over the neighborhood at a medium height in the sky moving quietly and slowly.

I remember thinking in the dream that they looked like some other spaceships that I had seen before in a dream and I even told my dad & my friend in the dream this, though I did not realize I was dreaming.

I think that the spaceships appeared to look somewhat fake compared to how they normally look in my dreams, they were a somewhat round shape and somewhat disc shaped, maybe a silver-like color with maybe some blue or green, I can not remember exactly.

We were surprised and watched them fly over at a medium height in the sky, and then we saw and heard military fighter jets and a few other types of military aircrafts coming in the sky to intercept the spaceships.

The military planes started to shoot at the spaceships even though I did not see the spaceships attack, so we started to run toward the house; I wanted to stay and watch but I also had a strong feeling that everyone at my parent’s house and I needed to pack up necessary supplies in bags, and be ready to leave if necessary; so I told everyone to start packing up some supplies but only a small amount so we can stay mobile.

I then took a few more moment to see if the spaceships were fighting back or not but I could not see them fighting back, I just saw more and more military planes shooting bullets and missiles at the spaceships as the spaceships dodged the attacks without fighting back; and then at some point I could not see the spaceships anymore with all the shooting and aircrafts flying around.

I am not sure if the spaceships took off or cloaked or what, but I then decided to run into the house to pack my stuff, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

The Planet

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, which I think started with me and a group of people flying in a spaceship, trying to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet.

I think that we needed more supplies for the spaceship such as: food, water, etc; and we needed to make repairs, to make more ammunition for weapons, and make more weapons, etc.

2-4-2010 | Dream Journal | The Obama Doll And Space Dreams And The Mafia Church Battle

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The Obama Doll

The night before last I remembered part of my last dream, which was pretty crazy, it took place at my grandfather’s house and my aunt ME & cousin JE were there.

I think my aunt ME had bought my cousin JE an Obama doll, that I guess was robotic and could walk & talk, and it was probably almost 4ft tall.

My memory of things are very unclear, so I am not sure what happened exactly but I think that JE was sleeping in the middle room with the Obama doll there, and I think I saw the Obama doll moving toward him so I confronted the doll.

The Alien Scheme Corny Dream Fragment

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I only remember the last fragments of my last dream, which was animated, which is rare for my dreams.

All the important pieces of the dream or missing so this will not make much sense, but all I remember is being in some facility with humans and a few different alien species; none of them looked like any common aliens like The Greys, they did not look like any aliens I have ever heard of or seen before really.

We were all working together on something, supposedly we were supposed to be trying to stop something from happening or something.

A group of humans, a few aliens of different species, and I were suspicious of one specie(s) (if that is a word) of alien; something did not seem right, so a few of us started investigating.

At some point our group and some others went on top of the facility which had an interesting metal roof and I am not sure how high in the air we were, but I think the building was up high and maybe on a high place.

One of the aliens that was part of our investigation said that he had finally figured out the plan of that suspicious group of aliens, he said that they were going to artificially create a world disaster that would force us to need their help and it would give them control over the planet.

I think they were going to launch some drill-like device from within the Earth up to their mothership above the planet or something like that (This is just a guess, it probably was more complex), this would give them the ability to possibly destroy the Earth or a lot of it, if we did not follow their demands.

We told the others and we got guns, and other weapons to go stop that/the one group of aliens; but suddenly a giant drill-like device shot up into the air, it looked like the one from the new Star Trek film; somehow they knew that we had figured out their scheme and launched the drill-like device.

So we started shooting at it from the roof and some of us started shooting at some spaceships that the attacking alien group were using, and the rest of our group went into the facility to fight the ones inside & outside.

We were using regular human guns, alien lasers, cannons, artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, anti-tank weapons, and more.

We managed to shoot the drill-like device down pretty quickly and the spaceships in the air, since there were not many, but there was still shooting going on in the facility and on the roof.

I woke up as my group started to shoot at the attacking alien group that was now on top of the roof too.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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