10-11-2011 | Dream Fragments | Where Did The Pool Water Go?

A swimming pool.

Last night I barely remember a few blurry dream fragments, which I think took place in a fictional version of D, and I remember going to a fictional version of the Dollar General store several times.

I remember my brother CC and his fictional girlfriend returning by automobile from a fictional mall, and CC had a tan female Chihuahua dog that he bought from the mall as a house pet; and they stopped in a fictional tunnel to hang out with some friends, and later CC decided to take the dog back to the mall.

At some point I remember something to do with a video game maybe and I think I was in the game at some parts & playing the game at other parts and/or some parts were not a video game but this part of the dream is very unclear & confusing & complex & blocked out, and I found a secret level that I have seen in a dream before; and the secret level was a puzzle & maze-like place with various threats & secrets to unlock.

I can not remember the specifics but there were secrets and/or special relics to unlock/find & special beings to meet in certain levels, and I remember maybe an angel-like statue and/or angel-like being at some point who looked female.