New Black Mirror Episodes | Alice Morgan Returns | Shopping At Walmart

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Dream 1

This dream is unclear now but I remember finding some fictional new episodes from a fictional new season of the television show Black Mirror, there were at least 3 episodes, and they were at least 15 minutes long.

I probably watched some of the episodes, I am not sure if I became part of an episode while being unaware or what happened, I just know that the next thing that I remember is being at my parents house either early in the evening or late in the afternoon.

Outside the living room windows I noticed light at the back of The Abandoned House, I noticed several automobiles, a thin man with light-medium color skin, and two dogs in the back yard of that house; and the dogs went into our alley, and the alley gate at the end by the field was gone and there were some pulled up bushes / trees near where the gate should be to keep dogs / people out.

In the windows to the left I noticed maybe Afro Dog Man and maybe the owner of The Action Packed House on the right side of The Action Packed House, and the house was pinkish and smaller and the yard was cleaner than in real life.

I went to tell my parents what I saw, my dad walked with me outside for a closer look, and we went into the alley but everyone and all the automobiles were gone including the dogs oddly.

Eventually my dad went back inside, but I stayed in the alley walking back and forth looking around trying to figure out what was going on.

Eventually a woman with dark-color skin driving a white sport utility vehicle (SUV) or van drove up the alley toward me so I moved out the way as she turned sharply and she parked, and she got out looking around.

The woman asked me if I lived at The Abandoned House, I said no but that I had seen some people there earlier, and then she looked at my parents house and she asked if I lived there and I said yes.

The woman falsely assumed that I owned the house and she was impressed, but I told her that I live there with my family.

We then noticed an 18-wheeler with possibly several connected long containers in the back yard of The Abandoned House that reach into the field, somehow we missed this at first or it just appeared magically, and I recommended that she go to the front door of that house if she was trying to find who lived there.

I walked away somewhat as she was possibly leaving to do this, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by me watching episode 1 of the television show Luther (Season 5) before going to sleep, I had no idea that the new season was about to be released and that it had started, and I found out by accident because no one that I follow mentioned this anywhere.

In the dream Alice Morgan showed up at wherever John Luther was staying, Luther was surprised to see her alive, and he let Alice inside so that no one would see her.

They talked about both of their situations, I can not remember the details, and Luther was going to help hide Alice; and maybe Alice was going to help him, but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me shopping at the Walmart in the city of D for the first time since the Christmas holidays, I was walking around hoping that they had restocked their supplies of the things that were sold out when I last shopped there, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Someone In The City Of D Tries To Shoot / Assassinate Hillary Clinton?

I am assuming that this is one dream or at least several connected dreams so I will type it like it is one dream because I am not sure, I did not voice record my dreams, and I can not remember most of them; but I will type what I remember.

All that I can remember of the dream is being in a fictional trailer park-like area during the day in what seemed to be a fictional version of the city of D, I remember my brother GC and I living in maybe a nice mobile home that was nicer and larger than you would think and it did not look like a mobile home really, but I can not remember if the rest of my family lived there as well or not.

Something strange happened at some point but I can not remember what it was, my guess is that strange and bad weather started causing some chaos, and my brother GC and I took shelter inside our house; and I remember other people running outside, to their houses, to drive away, and to take shelter in a town hall/restaurant/bar/recreational/et cetera multipurpose building in our trailer park.

After the chaos/storm/whatever my brother GC and I went to the multipurpose building because a town hall meeting was taking place to talk about what had just happened, we got there to find that it seemed only be people with brownish colored skin who identified themselves as being part of the so-called African-American/black race having a meeting first, and then the people with whitish colored skin who identified themselves as being part of the so-called Caucasian/white race were going to have a meeting next.

This annoyed me because I am one of the few people who does not believe in race or support race among us modern-day humans so I identify as human only and I refuse to identify as any race or races and even current science supports that the current race system is false/fake/incorrect and is just a failed social construct/creation as far as I know (but if real races are found one day among us modern humans, then I will change this belief if you can prove this scientifically, and give me a test to let me know what race or races I supposedly am so I will know without a doubt), and the community was not only divided by so-called race but as you would expect racism was a large problem as well (which can be expected when people create a fake system like race to separate, divide, identify, label, et cetera themselves and others; and it is adopted into mainstream culture, unfortunately.).

All the workers had whitish colored skin and seemed to treat everyone with brownish colored skin worse, I probably talked with some of the workers and people about this, but everyone seemed set in their race-based and racist ways; and they were focused more on that than the emergency situation that we just had/were still probably in, which made it even more annoying/confusing/illogical to me, they could not even come together to discuss our emergency situation because of their race based and racist beliefs.

This annoyed and angered me a bit but I am somewhat used to it because that is how it somewhat is in the real world unfortunately even though people try to hide it and pretend that their raced based and racist beliefs do not effect/affect them and our culture/society/et cetera consciously and subconsciously in ways that they can and cannot even realize/notice/know, and after their meeting most of the people with whitish colored skin showed up to have theirs; and I tried to talk to them as well, and they were even more aggressive/close-minded/racist/et cetera so them and the workers treated me even worse and did not listen to me and did not want me around so my brother GC and I left at some point.

Most of the next part of the dream focused on a woman with whitish colored skin with medium-length dark-colored hair from The United Kingdom (British) who was opening a business in the city, she had one or more dogs, and she wanted to help the homeless in the city by hiring people who were homeless; and she was going to start by hiring a person who was homeless to watch her dog or dogs at her business while she works, and if her business did well enough she would hire more people who were homeless for other jobs.

This part of the dream was possibly me watching a news story on the television in our fictional house/mobile home, so they were interviewing the woman and showing video of her and her business, and she seemed like a nice person who wanted to make a positive difference in the city; and it seemed that her long-term goal was to give people jobs, training, education, et cetera so that they could become independent eventually.

The last part of the dream was probably inspired by a not so funny SNL skit that I saw on YouTube last night called (Hillary Clinton Cold Open – SNL) and this part of the dream involved me possibly walking on the sidewalk in downtown D or I was watching a video clip that made it seem like I was there during the day, automobiles and people were moving around normally, and Hillary Clinton was riding in a blackish colored SUV (sport utility vehicle) in the middle passenger seat on the right side next to a window with security/bodyguards driving and in the other seats.

I was surprised to see this because I never expected to see someone like Hillary Clinton in the city of D, the windows were only lightly tinted so she was smiling and waving at some people as they rode by, and as they were driving near the restaurant before you get to the turn by the Council On Aging I saw a sudden spark hit Mrs. Clinton’s window like someone had shot it; and I saw her flinch/jump a bit and so did one of her bodyguards, but they continued driving like nothing had happened mostly.

Mrs. Clinton and one of the bodyguards did seem a bit confused like they were wondering what that was but they either tried to act calm or they assumed that it was probably nothing serious, either way someone inside and outside the automobile was recording video and caught video footage of this from both views, and some people like myself witnessed/saw this; and I assumed that someone shot the window with a gun, but I did not hear a gunshot and when it hit the window it was too quiet so even I was confused so I assumed that maybe the window was bullet resistant and that is why the impact was quiet and why the window did not take much if any damage.

The news media was showing the video clips, interviewing people, and debating and investigating the incident trying to figure out if someone had tried to shoot/assassinate Mrs. Clinton or not; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Wildfires At PW Elementary

I only remember part of the end of one dream from last night, I remember riding in a dark-colored or black colored SUV (sport utility vehicle) with a woman with whitish colored skin with short blond colored hair, and she was driving; and we were driving during the day toward the four-way stop near the PW Elementary bus stop.

We saw a large pine tree / tree on fire near the PW Elementary 4th grade playground, we stopped to call the firefighters/emergency services & to try to figure out how to warn the school about the fire, and I stepped out of the automobile to feel the air to see if the fire might be a wildfire started by dryness & heat; and the air was very dry & hot, and I could feel it.

I knew that the situation was dangerous & that more fires could start, so I was going to warn the woman that we needed to get to a safer distance, but a fire stared behind me in the bushes; and so I tried to get inside the automobile but I saw flames/fire on my back from a reflection on the windows of the automobile.

I moved away from the automobile, I stopped, I dropped to the ground, and I started rolling trying to put out the fire on my back as the woman continued to try to call for the firefighters/emergency services; and she continued to try to warn the school, and she was trying to let me know if the fire on my back was out or not.

Some of the fire on my back went out but when I got up some of it was still burning or started back burning, fortunately I could not feel it, and I had two layers of clothing protecting me; and while this was going on more fires were starting in a few other places around the area near the school.

At some point I jumped into the automobile hoping the fire was out because it was too dangerous to stay in this area, but I woke up as we drove off to a safer distance.

The end,

-John Jr

State Troopers On The Highway

I slept pretty well / deep(ly) last night, so I only remember the end of one dream.

I was driving on the highway to LC maybe, and I was going about 70mph.

I as I neared a curve near or on a bridge, I noticed a State Trooper car sitting on the side of the curve, and it turned on its lights in front of me; and it started to move on the road.

I then saw another State Trooper car with lights coming toward us, and then two State Trooper SUVs (sport utility vehicles) came toward us; and they were around me in a box-like formation as I tried to slow down & pull over.

I was not sure if they were trying to go to an emergency or pull me over, either way, I slowed down as I tried to pull over to the side of the highway; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

A Messed Up Shotgun

Dream 1

I barely remember part of my last two dreams from last night, with both dreams taking place at my grandfather’s house during the day, and my uncle CE was in my grandfather’s yard in the first dream; but he left at some point, and I saw my cousin ME at some point but he left too.

I went over to my grandfather’s house to check his mail & get his newspaper for him and I noticed a sport utility vehicle (SUV) parked in the street & next to his house, and I thought that it belonged to my cousin ME or my uncle CE; and so I decided to drive the SUV in my grandfather’s yard so that it will not be in the street blocking traffic, the keys were already in the SUV.

After moving the SUV I started to wonder if it was really for my uncle CE or my cousin ME, and I started to worry a bit; but since it was close to where it previously was, I stopped being worried, knowing that who ever it was for would find it easily.

Dream 2

I am not sure if the next dream was connected directly to this dream or not, but I remember walking toward my grandfather’s yard and maybe someone called me to ask me to check my grandfather’s house; because a few strange automobiles were at his house, but I am not sure if someone really called me or if I felt that something was wrong.

Either way, I remember walking to my grandfather’s door which was open but the screen door was closed, and the house was dark; and I felt that someone was robbing the house and/or that my grandfather was in danger, and somehow I had a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun & I sneaked into the house to face who ever was in the house.

I entered the house quietly like I was trained in clearing houses & I was not afraid, I checked my corners, and I decided to clear the right side of the house first since I heard noises on the left side of the house; the right side of the house was clear, and so I crossed the middle room to the left side of the house next to my grandfather’s room, and down the hallway I heard voices.

I hid partly behind the doorway of the middle room pointing my shotgun down the hallway, and then I saw a man with a gun who seemed to be stealing stuff, and so I told him to stop what he was doing & to drop his gun & that I had a gun & that I did not want to hurt them but I would shoot if they did not stand down.

Instead of following my advice the man tried to shoot at me and so I went to shoot him, but the trigger on my shotgun was hard to press & it got stuck like it was messed up; the man fired a shot at me, but then I finally shot him, but then two or three other men ran out of the room shooting at me.

I tried to pump the shotgun action to release the shell but the action would not release the shell like it was messed up/stuck (I was shocked that the pump-action shotgun was messed up like that, since they are usually more reliable, and easier to un-jam), and so I had to run outside as the men chased me shooting at me (which was messed up, since I could have killed the men inside if it were not for my messed up shotgun, everything was going great until that point); and I wanted to move them away from my grandfather’s room (I am not even sure if he was in the house or not, but I did not want to risk them finding him, even if he was sleep), since they had not checked it yet.

The men ran outside through the hallway door toward their automobiles, and there were more men with guns with them by the automobiles; and they all looked and sounded like your stereotypical racist, country, militia, gun obsessed men.

I ran outside across from them by the mail box, and a short shoot-out began; but my shotgun was still messed up, and so I only was able to shoot one or two of the men, before my shotgun broke completely.

I was now unarmed, out-numbered, and afraid as the men yelled racist & angry things at me (yes they had annoying country accents) while trying to shoot me to death with pistols, rifles, and maybe a few shotguns; and so I ran inside of my grandfather’s house trying to throw things on the ground to slow them down, as I ran up stairs trying to find some of my grandfather’s old guns.

Unfortunately, the men reached the second floor before I could find a gun, and so I climbed to the roof to escape; and outside my grandfather’s yard I saw my dad doing yard work & I saw a fictional dog that I somehow knew, and so I yelled for my dad to get into my grandfather’s truck because some men with guns were trying to kill me.

I jumped off of the roof to the ground and I ran into my grandfather’s truck in the driver’s seat & I told the dog to jump in, the dog jumped in the truck took like he could understand me, and somehow my dad had the key to the truck; and so I cranked the truck up in a panic, and I started trying to reverse the truck to the street as the men ran outside shooting at us.

In my panic I accidentally woke myself up from the dream, after waking up I wanted to go back to sleep and fight the men with my dream powers if I could manage to go back into the dream as a lucid dream, but I could not go back to sleep since I had already slept long enough.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂