Getting Ambushed And Holding Hands With A Stunt Double / Actress

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I did not get enough sleep last night because I went to bed too late but I did sleep well and I probably slept pretty deeply, but I had to get out of bed quickly to get ready for work so I did not have time to organize my memories of my dreams so now I barely remember part of maybe one dream from last night.

Several parts of this dream or these dream took place at probably the same fictional college campus on the outskirts of the campus where there was a parking lot by a field with some buildings, and each part of the dream or each dream took place starting from the day until the evening or night.

My parent’s were probably in one part of the dream or one of the dreams that took place in the parking lot during the day, but I can not remember this part of this dream.

In another part of the dream or another dream maybe during the afternoon there was maybe a semi-indoor / outdoor one-story building between the field and the parking lot, and I remember walking through this building which probably had some shelves and various obstacles and turns.

Inside the building in the distance I saw a woman with light-color skin and her overweight teenage(d) son who also had light-color skin who seemed a bit suspicious, and they were walking around also so I tried to keep them in my sights.

At some point they were in a blind spot when I made a left turn at a corner and the woman and her son were waiting for me to ambush me, and the boy had a spray bottle with a clear liquid that he tried to spray in my eyes but he missed or I dodged it.

One of them then tried to attack me (probably with a weapon) but I blocked or dodged the attack because their alcohol in my eyes attack had failed, and once I realized that they were not joking around I quickly and easily defeated them but I can not remember if I killed them or not as I defended myself.

I just remember learning that the clear liquid in the spray bottle was rubbing alcohol, and that this mother and son were probably responsible for various random attacks on people in the city that was reported in the news but no one had known who was carrying out the attacks.

I assume that they would kill people, I have no idea why they were doing this, but they seemed to enjoy this and they had their own strategies for attacking people but they made a mistake when they decided to attack someone like me who has better defensive skills and awareness than the average person.

The next parts of the dreams are unclear so I am not even sure if I was myself or not during parts of this, during the next part or the part after it I was possibly a Tony Stark-like man, but I can not remember.

I just remember the previous attack on me being reenacted by maybe some actresses and actors and stunt doubles, and so I am not sure if I was myself or if I was a Tony Stark-like man who was part of the reenactment of the attack on me that was being filmed and was probably going to be used on the news to show what had happened during the attack on me.

The actress and / or stunt double playing the mother was fitter and shorter and smaller and thinner than the real mother, I or me as the Tony Stark-like man joined the reenactment, and I remember body slamming (scoop slamming) the actress / stunt double who played the mother during the reenactment (she was okay, it was part of the reenactment).

After we finished the filming of the reenactment of the previous attack on me, I remember talking with the actress / stunt double who played the mother, and we both seemed interested in getting to know each other so she probably invited me to an event so we got dressed up in formal wear (she had a nice long white dress) and she walked me to another part of the campus where an outdoor event was taking place during the evening or night.

Everyone was dressed up and some important people were there so this was a formal event, I remember seeing a woman with medium-color skin with short hair who I later learned was the mayor of the city, and I remember a helicopter dropping someone off at the event.

The actress / stunt double and I held hands as we walked around talking at the outdoor event, we both seemed to be interested in each other, and we were having a good time and a good conversation.

At some point the woman told me that she wanted to show me something, and she led me to a one-story building that was in the field near the event.

I needed to defecate so when we got inside the building I asked her where the bathroom was so that I could defecate before she shows me whatever it is that she wanted to show me, and then she led me to a room that she said was the bathroom and there was a toilet in this room so I sat on it to defecate and she left (maybe to the lobby or wherever).

As I was defecating people started walking into the room, first it was probably the mayor who looked at me like maybe the actress / stunt double had set me up and led me here on the mayor’s orders for a meeting or something, and the mayor probably said something to me or looked at me smiling before either leaving the room or staying.

I quickly learned that this seemed to be a college classroom and that students and their professor were arriving for class, and they probably started their class as I sat there on the toilet defecating.

I wanted to leave but they had caught me in the middle of defecating and I had no privacy, and so sitting there until maybe they leave or until I finished seemed to be my best option.

I wondered why was there a working toilet in a classroom, and I wondered if the actress / stunt double had really lured me here as a set up for the mayor and why would the mayor and / or her want to embarrass me like this.

This was a pretty uncomfortable and annoying situation, I was a bit angry, but I actually handled it well as I sat there trying to figure out what to do next but I woke up.

So for the second night in a row I had a toilet dream with feces, strange.

The end,

-John Jr

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I woke up to use the bathroom a few times last night but I did not voice record my dreams during those times, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day in a fictional place at a small one-story semi-outdoor concrete building in a field; but I can not remember the beginning or the middle of the dream, and so most of this dream is missing so it will not make as much sense without those missing parts.

It seemed that I was on vacation or something like that and so I was going to stay inside the semi-outdoor concrete part of the building which had no front wall/doors/windows and so it was completely open to the outside from the front and the only source of light was probably from the sunlight from the open front of the building.

The inside of this part of the building was one open room, except for the bathroom which was a closed/walled room at the back of the open room on the left side, and inside the open room were a few beds/benches/et cetera so basically it was a shared living space like a military barracks/housing area during basic training or something like that.

There were a few other people who were going to spend the night in the open room as well, a few of them were boys who were brothers with whitish colored skin with medium blondish colored hair and there were a few adults there as well, and I chose a bed near the open entrance on the right side and I sat my stuff near or on my bed; but suddenly rectangular/square metal military transport containers and/or vehicles started to fall from the sky and/or fly and/or land and/or drive in the field near us like a military training exercise was taking place or something like that.

It seemed that I was not surprised almost like I knew that this might happen maybe, the containers and/or vehicles opened to reveal/show groups of male soldiers in combat uniforms with body armor and helmets with backpacks and assault rifles et cetera, and they started running out together in combat formations like they were simulating landing on enemy territory and clearing a way for the rest of their military.

The soldiers from one of the containers and/or vehicles walked into the open part of the building with us and they started picking beds, some/one of the soldiers picked my bed and the area where I was going to sleep even though they/he saw my stuff there and I was sitting on or near my bed, and I decided not to argue with them/him and so I moved my stuff to find a new place to sleep; but the soldiers took all the beds, and so I was going to have to sleep on the concrete floor near the steps by the bathroom.

I was a bit annoyed about how crowed the room was now and about having my bed/area taken and having to sleep on the floor but I somewhat expected that this would happen once I saw the soldiers walking to the open room, I am not sure where all the other soldiers went but it seemed that the other soldiers continued their training exercise or whatever probably, and eventually I noticed that my former male classmate CW was one of the soldiers and so I greeted him.

My former classmate CW and the other soldiers were joking around smiling/laughing/et cetera, we briefly talked but it was a pretty empty conversation because my former classmate CW did not seem interested in talking with me at all really, and so I went back to my corner by the bathroom; but then a door on the left side of the room near me and the bathroom opened, and a woman who was about my height or slightly taller and older than me with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who seemed to be the owner of the building walked into the open room with us carrying a chemical-like spray bottle (the kind usually used for chemicals) of probably poison/a chemical.

The owner walked near the bathroom where there was a crack in the wall and she started spraying whatever was in the spray bottle on it and then she started walking back to the door but her pet dog (a German Shepherd) ran into the open room with us trying to attack one of the boys sitting in a chair at a table, the German Shepherd tried to bite the boy in the groin but it bit the chair by mistake, and I ran to help but the owner grabbed her dog with one arm by the throat in a choke-hold and she lifted her dog in the air while she held the spray bottle in the other arm; and she took her dog and the spray bottle behind the door, and she closed the door leaving them both in the other room.

I was amazed/impressed by the owner’s speed, strength, flexibility, reaction time, balance, grappling skills, multi-tasking skills, and I thought that she seemed interesting and attractive; and the owner apologized to the boy, and she made sure that he was okay.

I greeted the owner telling her about how impressed I was and I complimented her, we started a conversation and I was probably flirting with her a bit, and it seemed that she was single and she probably ran the building by herself; but I woke up as we were still talking.

The end,

-John Jr

2-21-2014 | Dream Fragments | My Uncle CE Working In A Cafeteria At A Naval Academy? | Aidan Waite And My Former Classmate WG Trying To Help Me Find My Book Bag

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Last night I went to bed so congested that I could not breathe out of my nose and so I had to breathe through my mouth when I went to sleep, I had difficulty sleeping and I kept waking up feeling weird with my heart beating a bit fast and a few other symptoms probably because I was having difficulty trying to breath out of my mouth and snore at the same time or something like that, but eventually my congestion improved a bit and I slept pretty well/deeply for the last few hours I slept; and I only woke up one or two times and I had some interesting dreams, but unfortunately I can only somewhat remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

It seems that I slept pretty deeply a few times or at least it felt that way in a few of my dreams, unfortunately I had some interesting dreams that I can not remember and I can not remember certain parts of the two dream that I can remember part of, but I think that part of one dream involved a place/building and/or an Alice Morgan-like woman from one of my past dreams that had an Alice Morgan-like woman named Alice and a rebel group near a college-like campus; and maybe I saw my former classmate JC in the dream, but I can not remember.

I do remember a dark blueish/blackish maybe foggy place that felt deep like I was sleeping/dreaming deeply maybe, I was outside the bottom of a large Navy-like ship that was docked and on water I assume even though I can not remember water because of the darkness, and there was a hidden door on the bottom of the ship; and I went inside this hidden door into a small lobby/room that had a computer built into the wall on the left side of entrance/exit door (the door was in the right corner of the room/lobby), there was a small office with an open door across from the computer, and there were a few other closed secure doors with keypad entry systems that were restricted to higher level sailors/soldiers in the Navy I guess.

Somehow I knew and/or remembered that maybe I had a username/password/whatever to log into the computer system and so I tried to log into the computer system from the computer that was built into the wall, and it accepted my username/password/whatever; but then I heard the angry voice of a man who was the Navy officer in charge of this area coming from the small office with the open door and he yelled my last name asking me what I was doing, and he caught me by surprise and I became afraid of getting in trouble for being in a restricted area and I started to stutter and/or pause a bit as I tried to respond to him by telling him that I was trying to see if I could log into the computer system and I said Sir at the beginning of my sentence but not at the end.

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