Dashie (Charlie Guzman) + Ancient Papyrus (Papyri) + A Werewolf Or Werefox Superhero = ?

I assume that this is one dream but I am not sure and my memory of it is flawed and confused, and so it will not make much sense.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it was evening or night, there were things that happened before this part of the dream but I can not remember the beginning until to the middle of this dream, and Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube was playing a video game.


James Bond (007) Or Dr. John Watson Gets Revenge

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it is unclear and incomplete and confusing, and it took place during the day and I probably was not even in the dream.

There were two men with white skin with short yellow hair who were friends.

One seemed to be an investigative journalist and the other a spy (intelligence agent, assassin, et cetera).


Zombie-Like Virus | Conspiracies | Planet Of The Apes?

I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I barely remember part of several dreams, I woke up after the first two dreams feeling sick with a bubbling stomach like something I ate was bothering me, and so I was a bit afraid to go back to sleep not sure if I would get diarrhea and other symptoms, and this sickness probably caused the strange dream or dreams that I had when I went back to sleep.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it involved a mystery that was possibly inspired by the last Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night and maybe Hercule Poirot was in the dream, but I am not sure, and I remember being in the dream slowly solving the mystery; and maybe I solved it, but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A Man Gets Spied On & Caught By His Boss & Forced To Redo A Training / Brainwashing Program

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, I remember the main character of the dream being a bald man with yellowish/whitish colored skin who wore dress clothes; but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not or if I was the man/main character or not.

The man worked with computers inside a windowless building for a company that seemed to probably get contracts/work from governments/intelligence agencies/et cetera, and they seemed to be working with classified information/projects/et cetera.


The United States + Russia + Rooney Mara + Batman = ?

I remember part of a dream (but not the beginning) from last night that had several parts that connected & it had one or more parts of the dream that restarted, so my memory of the dream is unclear in some areas.

I remember being with a group of men during the night who were breaking into a house/mansion in the United States (USA) that was like the mansion of the mafia boss from the film Staten Island combined with my grandfather’s house, I might have been an undercover intelligence agent (CIA maybe) there to learn more about this group of men & about who they were working for but I am not sure (I do know that I had no interest in breaking into a house or committing crimes), and no one else seemed to be in the house at the time; but I am not sure why the men were breaking into this house exactly, I just remember us searching the house & at some point we left and/or made a call & left to Russia I think or they left to Russia.

The next part of the dream started with the actress Rooney Mara playing my role I guess or she had been with us earlier or she was replacing me for this mission, undercover intelligence agent (CIA probably), and she was in Russia at an apartment complex-like building to join the meeting between the men who broke into the house earlier & whoever had sent them maybe (or so we hoped); and Mrs. Mara was in a hallway at some point maybe trying to spy on the meeting and/or giving updates to headquarters, but somehow her cover got blown.

The inside & outside of the building were put on alert to catch/stop/kill her, she told headquarters about the situation, and she ran & hid trying to escape outside so that she could escape back to the USA (which was connected to Russia oddly); and she managed to escape from the men inside the building, but outside there were Russian police and/or Russian military soldiers looking for her.

The situation was worse/more serious/more complex than we had expected, we had expected that only a Russian gang/mafia or gangs/mafias were involved but it seemed that some Russian soldiers & police were also involved with what we were investigating/spying on, and so Mrs. Mara was in danger; but fortunately regular people were walking around outside, which allowed her to sneak among them by wearing a hood to cover her head while moving closer to the border fence with the USA.

Outside the building there was a Russian police/military box/small building & a few police/soldiers looking around for her, once past this area there was a field protected by an automated helicopter drone next to a short double-fenced area made from barbed wire that separated the USA & Russia, and at some point some of the police/soldiers saw her (I might have become her at this point or experienced things from her point of view but I am not sure); and she ran toward the field toward the border fence quickly, the automated helicopter drone was programmed to normally only shoot at people who illegally crossed the fence into the field but it could not shoot at the fence or in the fence area, and so she quickly jumped the fence as the helicopter drone shot at her so that the shot hit the field where she last stood.

Once over the first border fence she was in a small wooded area & she crossed it, and she jumped the second border fence into the USA; and so she was now safe from the Russian side, and she crossed a road to a neighborhood with an apartment complex & some houses but a gang war was taking place & she got caught up in it. (I was probably her/myself at this point)

I remember a lot of men wearing certain colors (orange and/or red) with guns shooting at each other, and people like me who happened to be in the area; and the situation was so bad that when I saw that I could not escape, I accidentally caused the dream to repeat to the part of the dream near the helicopter drone, and I remember some people watching from the drone saw me & they gave the drone permission to shoot at me.

I jumped the border fence as it shot at me, but it could not shoot at me in the border fence area & so I was safe, and then I crossed the small wooded area & I jumped the second border fence back to the USA; and then I walked to the right side of the road around the neighborhood to avoid the gang war in case it happened again, but this time this part of the dream went differently.

I saw/heard no gang war in the neighborhood this time, until I was walking under a small bridge/tunnel, and then there was a small gang battle going on between some automobiles carrying cargo of some kind; and I got caught in the middle of it again in the dark tunnel area, but oddly Batman came & brought an end to it mostly and/or caused them to drive away.

I thanked Batman for the help, though I helped too, and we briefly talked; and he was investigating the situation to, which seemed to relate to the situation that I was investigating as well, and so I joined him as he was going undercover to a party where possibly the person behind/running all of this was going to attend.

This person was connected to the men from earlier who broke into the house, the men in Russia who attacked Mrs. Mara, the gang war in the USA where I was attacked & where Batman was attacked/helped, and this party was also going to be a meeting between certain people possibly; and it was a costume party I think, because Batman wore a sheet over himself like a ghost.

We went to the party & got in somehow, a lot of college people were partying & so we sat around for a long time waiting/looking for information, and at some point the people (some gang members/mafia/police/soldiers/et cetera) we were looking for came finally; and their suspected leader was there too.

The leader was possibly a Russian soldier (officer) who was over-confident & reminded me of Mark Antony from the TV series Rome a bit, he got the party to quiet down to make a speech, and at some point Batman interrupted him & took off his sheet; and Batman gave the leader a warning to stop this crimes/attacks & leave back to Russia/wherever, surprisingly the leader did not have his men kill/attack us, he was impressed with Batman’s bravery but laughed at his warning.

Batman saw that it was clear that his warning/offer was declined and so we left, I might have called headquarters later to update them on the situation, and later in the dream I was on a mission targeting/spying on the leader.

He was in what looked like my grandfather’s yard and/or the house/mansion from earlier in the dream, dressed in his military uniform giving some orders to people under him, and I was spying on him and/or there to stop him; and I think Batman arrived or joined me before or after I confronted the leader when he was alone or mostly alone.

He was a bit surprised that we had the courage to face him, I/we offered him a peaceful end to the situation, but he refused again; but I woke up during our stand-off.

The end,

-John Jr