STRINGS (2015)

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What is it?

The 2015 short film STRINGS:

What is it about?

This is how UnbundledUnderground describes this short film:

A woman is kept sedated by a cold-blooded kidnapper, but her free will is something worth fighting for.

An Unbundled Underground Production
Written & Directed by Jimmy Loweree

Her – Georgia King
The Suit – Roy Elghanayan
The Man – Matthew Simmons
Guard – Travis Warner

Producers – Kyle Marvin, Nick Lane
Executive Producers – Michael Covino, Sam Kretchmar

Director of Photography – Zach Kuperstein
Editor – Micah Wolf
Original Score – Josh Grondin

First Assistant Director – Sacha Smith
Script Supervisor – Rachel Ermatinger
Production Coordinator – Marina Mastros
First Assistant Camera – Carlos Medina
Second Assistant Camera – Mike Gravesen
Ronin Operator – Cody Moore
Gaffer – Chris Williams
Key Grip – George Saldana
Production Designer – Jessica Garrison
Art Director – Carlos Urbina
Costumer – Lisa Anne Fullerton
Sound Mixer – Sara Sandoval
Hair & Make Up – Cali Mazareigo
Hair & Make Up – Gina Ribisi
SFX Make – Cali Mazareigo
Fight Chorepgraphy – Roy Elghanayan
Stunt Coordinator – Matthew Simmons
Stunts – Giovannie Dixon
Post Production Supervisor – Micah Wolf
VFX – Mike Hedayati
Sound Design and Re-recording Mixer – William Tabanou
Foley Mixer/Artist – Greg Mauer
Foley Artist – Jim Bailey
Color – TXL


Final Thoughts

This short film has surprisingly good fight choreography.

The end,

-John Jr



The Boss (Rick Ross song)
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Lazy Overview:

I forgot most of my dreams due to being awakened suddenly, and so I only remember a few pieces of three dream fragments.

Dream 1

One dream took place during the day in D at C Elementary School at the bus stop, and there were a few fictional sidewalks facing the road; and a group of my former classmates were lined up on both sides of a sidewalk.

I walked down the sidewalk greeting various classmates by name, shaking hands, saying nicknames, doing special handshakes & hand gestures, and having a good time walking up the sidewalk.

If felt a bit real, it was like being a general greeting the troops or a leader greeting the citizens or being honored by my former classmates; it was nice.

I clearly remember seeing my former classmate RB and I greeted him by name, and then I loudly said his nickname in a fake Rick Ross-like way: “Boss!”.

RB, a few other classmates, and I started laughing & shaking hands; and then we started talking about what we have done all of these years since we graduated from high school, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had a dream before this that took place in a fictional area at a fictional house, but I can not remember the rest.

Dream 3

After my second dream I had a dream where an unknown person and I were at a fictional dock-like place or something, and we got into a fight with two other people; and later the dream became like a movie where we would do different fight scenes in various locations.

We would sometimes stop a fight and re-do the fight, most of the fights were from a distance, where we would throw stuff and/or shoot stuff and/or use powers or something like that while hiding behind things for cover.

My mom & someone else were our opponents during the end of the dream, none of the fighting was real or serious, it all was for fun/show; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂