A BB Gun Standoff | The COVID-19 Pandemic And Teleportation

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a building that had a variety of BB guns and pellet guns, most were based on assault rifles, and my male cousin ME was there; and maybe some other people were there too, but I can not remember.

I just remember that ME kept looking at me like he was worried about me grabbing a BB gun or pellet gun and attacking him, and so he grabbed one of the guns; and then I grabbed a gun because he was acting like he might try to shoot me.


She / I Was Almost Killed By A Falling Building

Jean Smart in Watchmen (2019)
Source: IMDb

I fell asleep on the living room couch again, this time by accident, I had a variety of dreams but I am not sure if this is one dream or several dreams so I will type them as one dream.

This dream was partly inspired by Episode 3 (She Was Killed By Space Junk) of the television show Watchmen (Season 1).


Feeling Rejected By My Coworker JB | A Multi-Purpose Product | Bandits With A Sniper?

I had some dreams when I fell asleep on the couch and I had some dreams when I got in bed but I only barely voice recorded part of three dreams after waking up for the day, and so most of my dreams are forgotten now and most of the details from the dreams that I remember part of.

Dream 1

This dream took place either during the night or early in the morning when it was dark at a fictional version of The BP Library which was inside my parent’s house, but there were a few minor fictional changes to the house and it had a bit more space.

I was there at work and some of my other coworkers were there too, I probably was not working at first or I was working or doing something possibly outside in the backyard but I can not remember, I just remember maybe entering the house from the back door at some point.

As I walked through the living room I noticed most of my coworkers talking in and near the kitchen or where it should be, and I noticed my female coworker JB for the first time because I did not know that she was there previously.

Only some of my female coworkers (none of my male coworkers) were working on this day it seemed like JB, Mrs. CH, maybe TR, maybe KE, maybe Mrs. RB, and maybe one or two others; and so I was the only male employee there it seemed.

The entire dream so far I had not seen any patrons to my surprise, and so I walked over to greet the others and ask them if we had any patrons so far et cetera.

I remember JB looking and acting and talking like she was not in a good mood and maybe she directed some negativity at me in her responses (body language, facial expressions, tone, what she said and what she did not say, lack of eye contact, et cetera) that left me feeling rejected, hurt, sad, and some other negative feelings.

JB responding like this really bothered and hurt me more than if most of my other coworkers had done that, she was not super mean or anything but her responses were not so nice and hurt me, but I did learn that no patrons had visited the library so far.

JB’s responses left me feeling bad / negative / sad and like an outsider so I walked away feeling rejected while they continued talking, but I probably woke up or that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is super unclear now, part of it was possibly work related again but I can not remember, I just remember being inside a dimly lit area that possibly felt somewhat underground and cave-like / building-like, but I can not remember.

Something happened that involved one or two products that were possibly made of fabric, one of them or both of them were white and black, and it or they had multiple uses including maybe medical and fashion and oddly even sexual.

Some of these uses were being demonstrated maybe on a video on a screen that was on an upper area, soon it became pornographic with a pornographic actress and several others having sex or something, and the pornographic actress came through the screen or something to continue demonstrated various uses of the product or products in person.

She walked down closer to us, I remember her wrapping the product around part of her body to show us one of the uses of it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly was partly work related as well, maybe part of it involved a fictional version of The BP Library that was possibly in a fictional area that reminded me of a smaller version of The D High School and a smaller fictional rougher version of the neighborhood that it is in, but I can not remember.

I just remember that the very end of the dream took place during the day and I was with some of my family, two regular library patrons who are an older mother with light-color skin with maybe white / gray hair and her adult son with light-color skin who both speak with a Southern accent, a tall Russian-like man with light-color skin, and we were leaving a building to get into The BV which was in the parking lot so that we could drive away in it.

Some men with light-color skin who were criminals / bandits or something suddenly appeared out of hiding from on top of the building and maybe next to it, one of them was a sniper with a scoped rifle on the roof, and they went to attack us.

The others were already in The BV but the male patron and I were not inside yet so I had them drive away up the street in front of a house for cover while the male patron and I catch up, I somehow had a rifle (maybe I pulled it out of the vehicle before they drove off, and I covered them as they drove away.

We started to run to avoid the sniper et cetera who started shooting at us, when I turned around I saw that the male patron had gotten shot in maybe the stomach and he had fallen, and I was going to try to save him but the sniper had me pinned down so I ran to take cover behind a house.

The others were not far away and were still in The BV, they were parked in the street on the right side in front of a house, and I kept peeking around the corner with my eyes and with my rifle (maybe an old style rifle, maybe even a lever-action, but I can not remember) trying to find the sniper but I could not find him.

I did manage to keep the other bandits / criminals from approaching the male patron who was still on the ground, I was not sure if he was dead or alive, but I hoped that he was alive and could make his way to me enough so that I could cover him and help him if he got close enough.

There was a brief standoff between the bandits and I, I managed to force their sniper to stay hidden, and amazingly the male patron was able to get up and get close enough to me for me to start helping him reach The BV.

The male patron had a gunshot wound on his stomach, but I could not see it bleeding oddly but the blood was possibly under his shirt but I did see the hole in his shirt and maybe some red in the wound on his stomach.

While I was helping him we were exposed to the sniper, and so we moved quickly.

Amazingly we did not get shot, we reached The BV, the Russian-like man moved to another seat to give me room to help the male patron lay on the floor in the middle, and we were going to rush him to the hospital.

I woke up as I was trying to help him inside while also watching out for the sniper.

The end,

-John Jr


A Voice Talking To Me From Behind During Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

This happened to me after I went to sleep on the living room couch while sleeping on my back.

I was sleeping and maybe dreaming when I woke up or I started dreaming of waking up before really waking up (I was definitely awake at some point because my brother GC confirmed that he did walked into the living room during this experience and it matched what he did when I saw him during this experience), either way I was awake on the couch laying on my back, but I was paralyzed.

I assumed that I was having sleep paralysis because I could not move, I then felt a presence in the room behind me and like the last two times it did not feel negative really, and then I heard a voice talking right behind my head where I felt the presence.

The presence seemed to literally be behind me like I was laying on top of it with it talking right behind my head, at first I thought that it was a soft peaceful female voice, but then it seemed like a male voice as it got a bit louder.

Now it did not sound as peaceful and soft, it was still softer like someone talking quietly because they are right behind your head, and now it sounded and felt a bit like it was trying to scare me a bit like it was probably smiling and having a bit of fun.

I felt only a slight bit of fear or concern as I tried to move so that I could turn around to see who or what was talking to me from behind my head, but I still could not move.

I assumed that this was a auditory hallucination which happens sometimes during sleep paralysis, and I wondered if it was my subconscious communicating with me and / or if my mind was making up a fictional voice and / or if it was my brain thinking out-loud and / or if I was possibly becoming mentally unstable and hearing voices and / or if something else was going on.

I can not remember what the voice said but it spoke in clear English that I could understand, it possibly said my name and it possibly responded to me responding to it with a thought but I can not remember, but it did address me and it was talking to me and maybe it was taunting me for fun a bit or something but I can not remember.

I just remember hearing someone entering the living room, I could not move but I could move my eyes, and in the corner of my eyes I saw that it was my brother GC entering the living room to turn off his computer.

I was glad that he was there because I was hoping he could tell me whether he saw and heard whoever or whatever was talking to me from behind my head, but as soon as I heard my brother GC entering the living room the voice stopped immediately and a second or two after my brother GC walked past me and glanced at me I was then able to finally move.

I then turned around to see if anyone or anything was behind me on the couch but I saw no one, and then I went back to sleep.

Later I asked my brother GC if had walked into the living room to shutdown his computer and if he had glanced at me, and I asked him if he had seen or heard anything / one.

He told me that he did walk into the living room to shutdown his computer and he did glance at me, but he did not see or hear anyone / anything besides me laying on the couch.

Dream 1

I had this dream when I was still sleeping on the living room couch, and it involved maybe some of my family and / or some other people and I going to maybe a fictional version of the city of LC or an LC-like city.

We needed somewhere to stay either during our visit or until we could find our own place, someone knew someone who would let us stay with them, and so we went to a one-story house in a neighborhood to the right of the main road possibly near were L’s Restaurant should be.

I remember us sitting in the living room talking with an old woman who lived there, there were some windows with a view to the outside, and eventually some other people who lived there joined the conversation.

One of them was an obese woman with light-brown color skin who reminded me of a female patron who was going to be visiting maybe Guatemala soon, I remember her telling me that she did not like it when people try talking too much as she is talking about something, and I asked her to explain this further and to give me some advice to help me avoid this and to help me with being a better listener and better at conversations with women in particular.

I remember her explaining this to me and then we all went walking through the neighborhood to go shopping et cetera, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I remember being inside, I remember helping a man with light-color skin with something on a computer, and while doing this something pornographic was possibly found that maybe a previous user of the computer had left or visited online.

The man was possibly looking for something and at some point he left, then I was on the computer, but then my male cousin DE needed help with something on the computer so I helped him.

At some point DE needed me to drive him somewhere so we left in my automobile, we were in a fictional LC-like city, and I remember driving along a fictional version of the highway and bridge near the main beach.

DE was a bit mentally unstable and he could not remember where he needed to go so I kept trying to help him remember, and I reminded him that I used to live in the city of LC when I was in college so I knew my way around some parts of it.

We possibly stopped at the beach and several other places as I continued trying to help him remember but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

Dream 3

This dream involved the armed robbers from the 2017 movie The Ritual, and it involved me maybe imagining two different scenarios involving these armed robbers if I had been there alone with them and the female cashier in the convenient store instead of the main character from the movie.

The first scenario involved me entering the store, then at some point I realized that the two male armed robbers had already attacked the female cashier, and they were still in the process of robbing the place so I hid for a moment so that I could get my mobile phone / plastic mobile holster with clip out so that I could pretend that it was a handgun.

I then yelled freeze or something like that to trick them into thinking that I was a police officer, I pointed my fake gun (mobile phone in holster) around the corner telling them to put their weapons down and get on the ground, and my plan worked so then I was able to do a citizen’s arrest of them.

I had the robbers lay face first on the ground with their eyes closed and I told them not to look up, I tied their hands behind their backs with something, and I called the police with my mobile phone still trying to sound like I might be a police officer.

When the police arrived I moved behind a shelf to talk to one of the police officers to avoid the robbers seeing me, and I waited until they were outside to talk to the police officer.

The second scenario of this was a bit different because this time I grabbed some objects off a shelf to use as weapons and I made some noise to lure the robbers to me and I jumped out, and I asked the robbers to surrender but as expected they did not and the first robber attacked me with a blunt metal melee weapon.

I dodged the attack and I tripped him while disarming him, and I stomped him on this head / neck until he was unconscious.

The second robber tried to attack me with his melee weapon but I blocked his attack with his friend’s melee weapon as I disarmed him, and I beat him unconscious with his friend’s melee weapon.

I then called the police, the two robbers were probably in a coma when the police arrived, but they woke up eventually and recovered eventually and they served some time in prison.

Years later when they were out of prison I was walking along a sidewalk one day when I walked past one of the robbers, we both recognized each other, and he ran so I ran after him just wanting to talk to him.

He ran into an alley, when I got there he pulled out a handgun on me and I pulled out my mobile phone / mobile phone holster with clip pretending that it was a gun again, and he thought that I was trying to attack him but I explained my intentions were just to talk.

We had a standoff, I reminded him of what happened to him last time, and I warned him that this time I would kill him if he tried to shoot me; and I asked him if he was really ready to throw his life away.

This scared him enough to put down his gun so that we could talk, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Barely Winning A Total War-Like Battle | A Vampire (Vampirism) Virus Pandemic?

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a building in a somewhat narrow area with some shelves, some small old-style (swords, spears, shields, cavalry, et cetera) military-like force being led by a man were trying to escape, and some people were watching as I used a larger old-style military force of cavalry and spearmen (maybe with spears and shields, and maybe they were more hoplite-like but I can not remember) to stop the small military force from escaping.

This was like a battle from a Total War video game except it was taking place in the dream world and I was part of it so it seemed real but still felt somewhat video game-like because some people were watching me, but I was mostly just in command instead of fighting but I was on the battlefield with my soldiers.

I expected this to be a very short fight so I did not think that it was worth me fighting unless things went wrong, I got overconfident because I had a larger force, and it just appeared to be an easy quick win.

I was thrown into this situation suddenly without time to plan really, I wanted to split my soldiers into balanced groups but I did not feel that I had time, and before I could do anything the other army and their leader started to move quickly forcing me to act.

I did something that even I knew was risky but I was overconfident, which is not like me, and I sent all of my spearmen to attack the other army head on.

The leader of the other army was smart, he acted before I could, and he used the narrow space and the shelves to his advantage; and he had several different types of units instead of just spearmen like I sent at his army.

I made a stupid move that cost the lives of most of my spearmen by sending them all in like that, and then I ordered my spearmen to surround the other army but by then their numbers had dropped so I stretched them too thin.

They were having some success but my first command had ruined things, being stretched this thin allowed the leader and his army to eventually push through in some areas, and I made another stupid move by sending all of my cavalry to rush them except for one group that I left behind with me.

My cavalry were too close to get a good charge, the environment still favored the other army, and what was left of my own spearmen probably got in their way and my cavalry force probably was damaged by my own spearmen by accident.

It was some of the worst military blunders that I have ever made because I was making quick overconfident risky decisions, my larger force was now losing and was almost wiped out, but the other army was almost wiped out too.

The leader of the other army was still alive and him and the last of his army were finishing off or had finished off the rest of my army except for me and the cavalry group that I left behind, and the leader and his few soldiers were about to charge to escape through the opening to the hallway that me and the last of my cavalry were guarding.

I felt so stupid, I had failed my soldiers and most of them had died because of me, and so I ordered the last of my cavalry to charge and finish off the leader and his soldiers and I joined them.

They literally ran down the leader with their horses sending him flying, he probably died, and most of his soldiers were dead as I arrived after the first charge.

My soldiers were finishing off the last few survivors as we started checking the battlefield (which was just a room with shelves, they had entered from the other side, and we were guarding the other side which had a hallway with a path to the left and one to the right) for survivors and as I tried to locate the leaders body.

We won the battle but at a huge unnecessary cost, it was embarrassing, I should have listened to my instincts and my usual common sense and cautiousness.

I thought of how this battle could have gone much better with minimum losses, but I woke up.

Dream 2

Some of this dream is confusing because it seemed that it started at a hotel or apartment-like building that I was moving into, I was to get some roommates and / or suitemates, and so I was waiting on them to arrive.

We did not know how many or who would arrive, at least one showed up, and some kind of vampire (vampirism)-like virus was spreading around the world it seemed like some kind of pandemic; and so we were trying to survive.

I think that people were nicknaming the virus or whatever it was that because of some of the symptoms et cetera.

The news probably recommended staying indoors et cetera, and so that is what we were doing and we had some guns.

At some point in the dream we wanted to go outside because we probably needed to go get supplies et cetera, instead of being in a hotel or apartment we were in a small house in the city of D during the day along the road to The BB Grocery Store on Southside probably before you get to the BP School Board Credit Union Bank, and when we walked outside with our guns a male neighbor with light-color skin and his bodyguard was outside.

We were new to the house and the neighbor did not know us and we did not know him, they went to point guns at us, and so we pointed guns at them and we had a standoff.

We managed to talk the situation down, we found out that we were neighbors and that none of us were infected, and we briefly talked before either me and maybe my roommate left.

We went to The D High School, I remember walking through the building seeing some people who were infected, and some were at various stages of the infection.

At first people would get sick, slowly they would start to look sickly and different, they would start to get more mentally unstable as their bodies would slightly transform to look slightly different and paler and scarier (somewhat vampire like), as it gets worse they would mumble and talk to themselves and act a bit zombie like and not like themselves (almost like they are possessed), and then during the final stage they will go crazy and just attack people probably biting them et cetera like they have rabies / like zombies / like crazed vampires / like wild mentally unstable people.

I saw a female student with dark-color skin, well she was paler in the face now, who was mumbling to herself and walking zombie-like down the hall and she was about to reach the final stage very soon it seemed.

As I got further up the hallway she probably reached the final stage and I heard her going crazy and attacking people, I kept moving as chaos broke out, and maybe another person started going wild.

Eventually I went to another building where maybe I went to work, my supervisor Ms. JM was there and she was still my supervisor, and she let me borrow maybe some nail clippers that I used and then I cleaned and I gave back to her.

I remember talking to JM after thanking her, we probably talked about various things, including the vampire (vampirism)-like virus, and then I continued working or whatever.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr