Looking For Coffee

I had a dream last night inspired by/related to the Japanese OVA (Original Video Animation) Hellsing but I can not remember that dream, but I do remember part of the end of my last dream; which took place during the day in a fictional city probably somewhere in L or another state in the South.

I think that I arrived in this city and maybe some of my family arrived in the city as well like we were on a trip, and I/we stopped near a tourist center-like area that had trees with moss & older style wooden buildings with a colonial appearance.

There were some other tourists there as well and I remember walking around looking for a bathroom and/or the main tourist center building, and I came across my brother CC; and we heard someone (maybe an obese woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair with a young daughter & son who both looked like their mom except they were thin/skinny) mention free coffee, and CC wanted some coffee & so we walked off to look for the free coffee.

There was another man/tourist walking with us who was bigger than us and he had dark brownish colored skin with black colored braided hair, he wanted some coffee too, and so we walked & talked while trying to find where the coffee was as we followed some other people who were also looking for the coffee.

At some point we walked to a road but I saw some automobiles blocking the road with a group of men with shotguns & rifles wearing hunting camouflage & they had rebel/confederate flags on their automobiles & some had symbols of that flag on their clothes, and they looked like hunters taking a break from hunting; but I did not feel that it was safe to keep walking that way & I did not feel that we would find coffee down this road, but CC & the man kept walking & so I joined them.

The group of hunters stared at us angrily and one of them approached us, and he started annoying us & saying racist things toward us; and the man with us got angry & got in his face, but the hunter flipped/threw the man to the ground to our surprise.

I was surprised that he was strong enough to do that to a man that big, so this worried me even more, and my brother CC was about to challenge him; but I pushed CC back and I helped the man off the ground, and I pulled them away telling them that to let it go & that we need to walk away.

I reminded them that we were out-numbered and that all the hunters had guns, I kept looking back at the hunters to watch our backs as I pulled CC & the man away as we walked, they still wanted to fight; and so I had to pull CC & the man by the arm as we walked to stop them from going back to fight.

I talked to them trying to calm them down as we walked, and eventually they calmed down; and we talked about what had happened while still trying to find where the free coffee was, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr