Trick Light Bulbs
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I remembered more of my dreams last night but I went back to sleep several times without voice recording my dreams, and this unfortunately caused me to forget some very detailed parts of my dreams and some more interesting and strange parts of my dreams that I remembered until this forgetting them after this.

Now all that I can remember of my dreams from last night is that something detailed and strange happened that I can not remember now, and then I remember possibly driving from another city back to the city of D during maybe late afternoon or evening or night.

I went to The E House because I needed to use the bathroom, I possibly needed to check the house, and I was considering spending the night there.

I went to the bathroom by the kitchen, while urinating I noticed two guns (possibly very short lever-action rifles or shotguns or some handguns)  mounted on the wall, and I noticed two long red shotgun-like shells by them that looked like .410 bore.

One of the guns was partly loose so I adjusted it properly after I used the bathroom, I checked the house, and I thought about spending the night since no one has lived there since my grandfather CE died but I did not because I had not gotten permission so I left.

The next thing that I remember is possibly being in New York inside a multi-purpose airport/station-like building where many people from around the world would arrive and maybe leave from, and some people were selling things in certain areas.

I was with a group of people (men, women, and children) with white skin who were possibly family members of my former male classmate JC, they were possibly on their way to a wedding or something like that but I am not sure, and I have no idea why I was with them or following them (maybe they were helping me by helping me reach a certain place because they knew this area, and I did not).

At least one woman in their group was probably pregnant and had one or more children, and at some point I remember us going to a waiting room-like area that seemed to be under a bridge or bridge-like structure.

There were various people relaxing in this area, including some old men with white skin with white and/or gray hair who were locals who seemed to often hang out here, and at some point after walking from another area back to this area the old men performed a trick with some light bulbs for me.

They each had a light bulb in their hands with the bottom of it touching their palms and they each probably had their elbows touching, and it seemed that their bodies were lighting (providing electricity to) the light bulbs.

I asked them how were they doing this, before I could try to figure it out, one of the old men and/or one of the people I was with showed me some cell (button) batteries and light bulbs with the bottoms screwed off showing that the light bulbs were trick light bulbs that were battery-powered.

They smiled and laughed, they explained that this is a trick that they do to help them sell these trick light bulbs and batteries and maybe some other things, and so they were salesmen.

Some younger men in their family arrived wearing somewhat outdated suits and hats (some with feathers in them), the old men introduced them to me by name and they all had names that sounded similar, and they told me at least one unique thing about each of them that helped to tell them apart.

The old men would work and hang out for a few hours and the young men would arrive to work and hang out in their place for a few hours, they were all friendly and relaxed people, and they talked with each other and the people with me and I.

At some point it was time for us to keep moving so I followed the others to another area, we went through a door and down some stairs into a sunken area that was lower than the other rooms, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Comparing Mad Men Yourself Avatars / Gravatars | Our Neighbor’s Friend Gets Interviewed By Abby Martin And The SonLife Radio Broadcasting Network

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Dream 1

My first dream is really a collection of several connected dreams that I had earlier during the night when I kept waking up and going back to sleep briefly because I could not find a comfortable sleeping/pillow position, and my neck and/or back was/were probably hurting.

I remember dreaming of comparing different Mad Men Yourself avatars / gravatars, maybe some other types of avatars/gravatars as well but I am not sure, and every time that I would briefly wake up and go back to sleep the dream would continue.

I remember something strange happening where two other men and I were comparing our avatars/gravatars at the same time, one of the men was bald and slightly over-fat/obese with whitish colored skin and the second man had whitish colored skin with maybe short blondish/grayish/whitish colored hair wearing plastic frame(d) glasses with a suit, and the three of us were side-by-side with me in the middle.

I am not sure if we really were in the same physical space or not but I know that we were shown to be side-by-side like maybe in split-screen, and we probably communicated with each other as we compared avatars / gravatars.

Eventually I think that I learned and/or assumed that the three of us were really/actually me split into three different people who were really were one person, maybe each person represented a part of me but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this group of connected dreams.

Dream 2

The second/last dream is very unclear and it will not make much sense but I remember it taking place inside a somewhat dimly lit windowless multi-story building, and I remember spending most of the dream on the first floor in a room that was a meeting room/one-floor auditorium/several other rooms combined.

The building was like a college building combined with a college dorm, TV/radio studio/station/whatever, cafeteria, and several other buildings/rooms/et cetera; and I think that my brother GC was going to be graduating soon, and so I went to several meetings on the first floor with students and other people about the graduation and many other things.

I talked with several people including some of my former classmates probably, and one fictional person who I talked to was a man who had a surprisingly attractive almost morbidly obese or morbidly obese girlfriend who had whitish colored skin with orangeish colored hair and who wore a light blueish/greenish shirt/top that showed a lot of the top/upper part of her chest and maybe some cleavage because she had very large breasts.

I am not sure if I got to talk with his girlfriend as well or not but I know that I kept wondering/imagining/visualizing how his girlfriend would look if she lost some of the extra fat, either way I found her attractive, but I knew that she would look a lot better and be a lot healthier if she got rid of some of that extra fat (I have no problem with some fat, but too much fat is not so nice); and I probably spent more time thinking about her and/or talking with her and/or wanting to talk with her and/or talking with her boyfriend about her et cetera than I should have.

Eventually in the dream I went outside and magically I was in my parents’ yard during a nice sunny day going to check the mail but I was greeted by a fictional friend of the son of the neighbors’ who live across the street in the B House, his fictional friend had dark brownish colored skin with his blackish colored hair in long braids/dreadlocks, and we talked about several different topics.

Somehow we ended up back inside the multi-story building but on an upper floor where there was a TV/radio studio/station and the friend of our neighbor talked with Abby Martin about his life, and she asked him if he wanted to be on her YouTube show Breaking The Set for an interview and he said yes; and so Abby Martin interviewed him on her show as I watched from a distance.

After the interview he was approached by Frances Swaggart, maybe Donnie Swaggart, maybe Gabriel Swaggart, and maybe one or two other people from their film/radio crew who had heard/saw his interview with Abby Martin and they had him mention that he was a follower of Christianity who maybe handled snakes during some church services but I am not sure; and so they were interested in talking with him about his religious beliefs on one of their TV/radio/internet shows on their SonLife Radio Broadcasting Network, and he agreed.

I guess they used the same TV/radio studio/station as Abby Martin or their’s was on the same floor, either way he appeared on their show/program with them as well, and eventually I left back outside to check the mail.

My dad was raking the grass/leaves as I got the mail, in the mailbox was a very large/huge almost magazine-like letter and a few other letters, and I remember my dad commenting about how big that one letter was as I walked to bring it inside the house; and I replied back to my dad agreeing with him, but I woke up and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Jimmy Swaggart Center In My Parent’s Yard?

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, which took place in my parent’s yard during the day & night & the next morning, and my parent’s yard was bigger than in real life & it was about the size of a small airport.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the details of the dream, but I know that the Christian preacher Jimmy Swaggart was in the dream, and he had a center in my parent’s yard; and my family & some followers of his ministry were helping him expand the center.

I think that he had a radio tower in my parent’s yard, a small worship building, a small radio / TV / internet station, a small housing building, a small cafeteria, a small area where a small helicopter and/or small airplane could land, et cetera; but I could be wrong, that is a guess.

My family and some other people were providing mostly physical support through laboring & volunteering, but we also probably provided a bit of financial support, probably.

Mr. Swaggart seemed to make all the decisions and the focus seemed to be on what he wanted, I think but I could be mistaken, and I probably found that to be a bit annoying; and I probably felt that he was trying to expand too fast, and that his ministry was not very democratic, as in the followers not having much of a say about what direction the ministry goes, et cetera, but I could be wrong.

It is hard to guess, since I have forgotten almost all the details of the dream.

I remember patrolling in the yard during the night in the dream, like I was checking out the security & doing guard duty, and I was looking for ways to improve the security of the center for some reason, I think but I could be wrong.

It seemed that Mr. Swaggart had a lot of things that he wanted to do with the center and expanding his ministry, and so us volunteers seemed to be working over-time trying to meet his demands/wants/suggestions.

I was just helping out to help my parent’s mostly and since I had nothing else to do; but I can not remember anything else in the dream except vague memories of some meetings led by Mr. Swaggart, various things that we were working on to improve the center, parts where I was outside thinking to myself & doing security duty, et cetera.

I remember seeing something flying in the sky at night during my security duty, probably a helicopter and/or airplane, but I can not remember if it landed in my parent’s yard or not.

That is all that I can remember really.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

8-7-2011 | Dream Journal | The Brothers Good And Bad

Brosnan Pierce at Cannes in 2002.
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The last two days (now three days) in a row I did not feel like typing or thinking about my dreams, and so last night before I got in bed, I Very Briefly reminded myself to try to remember some of my dreams; and I woke up this morning still not feeling like typing or thinking about my dreams, but the feeling was not as strong as before.

I decided to try to resistance this feeling and so I closed my eyes, and I started trying to remember some of my dreams; and to my surprise I was able to remember parts of my last dream, and I once again felt like typing & thinking about my dreams again. 🙂

I remember being inside a private area of a station-like place of some kind and I seemed to be following a husband, wife, and their many kids; and they seemed to be the main characters of the dream at this point, not me.

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