Steve Harvey Leaves An Interview

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Unfortunately my memory of my dreams from last night faded very fast after I woke up as I was trying to organize them in my mind, and so I was only able to barely remember part of each dream before I could voice record them.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I remember one part of the dream taking place in the day and this was possibly the only dream that I can remember possibly being in (I probably was not in the other dreams, which is odd if that is correct), I think that this dream involved traveling, and maybe there was a woman in the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was probably inspired by a news article that I read yesterday that was similar to this article by The New York Times called: Steve Harvey Defends Telling Staff To Avoid His Dressing Room.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and it involved a young man with light-color skin who was the main character of the dream who was a YouTuber who made videos on YouTube and maybe he did some other things like that online on maybe some other services, and one day he was somehow being interviewed by Steve Harvey in a small studio that I assume belonged to Mr. Harvey.

Mr. Harvey would ask him a question and as he would be answering the question Mr. Harvey would often interrupt him, besides that the interview was going pretty good until something happened where the young man used the word N###a or N####r, and Mr. Harvey stopped and sat there for a few seconds looking shocked and angry before walking away angrily.

The young man made a mistake using that word but he did not use it in a negative way, and he tried to apologize and explain this but Mr. Harvey did not stop or say anything and he just kept walking away until he was gone.

The young man sat there feeling terrible and asking if the interview was over and he was apologizing and asking Mr. Harvey to come back to finish the interview but no one responded, and so he sat there alone hoping that Mr. Harvey would come back to finish the interview.

At some point it was clear that Mr. Harvey was not going to return so the young man walked outside the small studio, which was in a nice field of grass and maybe some flowers, and it was a nice day outside.

I remember the young man thinking out-loud to himself about how stupid a mistake that was et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream is unclear and confusing but I think that it involved a small animated possibly floating and flying talking creäture who was the main character of the dream, the dream world itself was not animated, but some or most of the dream characters were animated.

I remembering this creäture floating and / or flying and / or walking around through some indoor and outdoor areas during the day, including a house that looked like The E House and the yard of The E House and some fictional areas past the yard, and the creäture was traveling with some other animated creatures.

Along the path there was / were one or more entities who involved death, maybe some kind of grim reaper(s) and / or reaver(s) and / or some other type of entities that involve death, and the creäture wanted to avoid it or them because it or they could turn you into something like them which would then make you an entity involving death.

This was somewhat explained in the dream because the small creäture seemed to know a lot about this dream world and about the other dream characters but I can not remember the details, one of the death entities or creatures had a male voice, and the small creäture briefly said a few things to this death entity.

The small creäture told the death entity that he knew who and what he was, and that is why he was avoiding him because he did not want to get turned into a death entity or deity or whatever they were.

The death entity probably smiled and laughed and said a few things that I can not remember, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a man with light-color skin who was playing a simple video game and / or who was using a simple program.

This dream possibly took place in France or Canada somewhere else where French is spoken, the man in the dream probably only spoke and thought in French but the dream was mostly quiet, and so this dream was in French but there was not much French because not much was said or thought in this dream.

Part of the video game or program involved changing dates, I remember the man changing between different months, and this was possibly reflected in the dream like this video game or program would actually change the date and month in the dream so it was possibly like the dream world jumped back and forth in time depending on what date and month he set.

The last month that he went to before I woke up was September, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


On An Alien Spaceship? + Visiting A Family + True Detective? + A Casino Scam + Refereeing A MMA Fight | A Card Signing Tradition & A Multi-Purpose Building

Dream 1

I still do not feel like typing my dreams but I will try to add a super lazy overview of my dreams from this/that night instead of taking the time to type everything that I remember, and so I will probably skip many details of these long and detailed dreams that I had; I slept very well last night.

In the first dream I remember being on and/or waking up on what looked like an alien spaceship and/or an underground alien facility (the inside somewhat reminded me of the Derelict Spaceship (LV-426) from the movie Alien (1979) if the lights were working), I guess the aliens realized that I was awake or free, and so they sent robots shaped a bit like guns/cannons/et cetera after me; and I remember running through a mostly metal room into another room where the robots were looking for me.


A Russian Spy / Assassin?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams except for part of one, due to being awakened by people being annoying as usual, and I forgot the beginning of the dream.

I just remember being in a fictional mall-like place that has been in one or more of my past dreams, and I was on the upper floor that over looks the first floor of the mall; and in the dream I recognized this place from my past dream(s) and I even walked around comparing my past memories with how it looked now, and it looked about the same but I do not think that I realized that I was dreaming or the dream just did not go lucid for some reason.

I even saw my former classmates CS and his fictional girlfriend who were in the last dream of this place, and I greeted them & I briefly talked with them & then we said goodbye, and then I went down one of the stairways and/or escalator(s) to see the first floor to see if it looked about the same; and it looked how I remembered it.

I then went back to the upper floor area to go to class, I was in college and one or two of my classes were on an area connected to the upper floor, and I remember knowing where to go & having past memories of some of my classes; but I wondered what my schedule was & where it was, and I wondered if the semester was just starting or not, because I felt that I had not been to one or two of my classes in a while & I was worried about failing that class or those classes.

I might have went to one/another class first, but I can not remember, but I do remember going to one or another class somewhat clearly; and this class felt more realistic than classes normally do in my dreams, usually classes in my dreams are very short & not much of the class is shown.

In this dream I got to class and sat down with my fellow classmates and the teacher came in a few seconds after I did and he introduced himself to the class, and I think that he looked like the comedian Steve Harvey (but I could be wrong).

I remember thinking about if I had a class schedule or not somewhere in my book-bag and wondering how did I know which classes to go to and I wondered about the one or two classes that I was afraid of failing since I had no memory of going to them in a while, as I listened to the teacher introduce himself, and then I got my notebook ready to take notes; and I remember the teacher lecturing/teaching as I took notes, and then he would stop sometimes to tell us helpful life advice & he would allow us to ask questions & comment.

I think that I asked a question and/or made a comment, and I joined in the classroom discussion of whatever life topic the teacher was talking about; and I remember enjoying the class, and being impressed by how the teacher combined education/comedy/class discussion/life advice so well.

The class ended at some point and I might have briefly talked with the teacher telling him how I thought that he did a good job, and probably asking him if I was failing his class or not; I think that he said that this was the first day of class and so I was not failing, yet, jokingly.

I then said goodbye to him and I might have started a conversation with a classmate, and the two of us walked & talked all the way outside; and outside we were in a fictional city during the day that has been in a few of my past dreams I think.

We walked & talked between a somewhat wide alleyway with concrete everywhere between buildings that had a canal/sewer drain/water run-off/whatever you call it on the right side, and this area was nice & quiet away from the streets.

In the canal we could see fish that were bigger than normal, in my dreams fish are usually bigger than normal for some reason, and it was nice seeing so many big fish in the canal.

At some point there was a man walking ahead of us as we were about to cross a street to a sidewalk headed toward a park-like area, but then another man came from behind us & he passed us quickly like he was trying to catch up with the man in front of us; and they both disappeared behind a pillar that was blocking our visibility, so that we could not see them, the first man did not even know that anyone was behind him.

Once we got around the pillar we saw the first man on the ground dead, and the second man was trying to walk off like nothing had happened; but I stopped him to ask him what happened, but he pretended to have not seen the dead man or what happened.

I did not trust him and I noticed that he had one hand in his coat/jacket pocket, he was wearing a sport/soccer/rugby-like zip-up jacket with two front pockets, and in the pocket I could see the outline of a pipe/pen-like object that I was guessing was a single shot pen/pipe-like gun that used air/pressure to shoot quietly; basically an assassin weapon, and I felt that this man was probably a Russian spy/assassin for some reason(s).

I asked the man what was in his pocket and he lied & he said that he had nothing in his pocket, and so I took the object out of his pocket; and I was correct about what it was, and so I grabbed him & told the person with me to call the police / campus police.

I held the man and his weapon until the police or campus police arrived, they handcuffed him, and took him to a small storage-like building; and then they went back outside to the crime scene as the ambulance came, and I told them to call the FBI and/or CIA and/or The United States Department Of Defense since I felt that this man was a Russian spy/assassin & so they did I think.

I remember waiting in the storage-like building with the man, because no one was watching him & he kept trying to escape, and I was afraid that he would kill me and/or my family and/or someone else if he escaped; and so I kept stopping him from escaping, and the police or campus police were acting like they did not care/were lazy/were bribed to let him escape/or something.

After waiting & stopping the man from escaping for an hour or more, time jumped so I am not sure how long I waited, an older man arrived who seemed to be a CIA interrogator/torturer; I was afraid that he might torture the man, which is against my beliefs, but he was probably CIA so I was not going to get in his way unless I saw him torturing the man.

I went outside or something, time jumped a bit, and then the CIA interrogator/torturer-looking man came outside; and he told the police/us that he would be back later or something like he had failed to get any information/like he did not care/like he was really a Russian/or whatever country spy as well/or something, and so I went back in the storage-like building to check on the man.

He looked like maybe he had been lightly tortured, nothing too serious, but I was not sure; and he once again tried to escape, so I had to keep stopping him as usual.

I remember feeling that I did not trust the police or campus police or the CIA-like man or the possible Russian spy/assassin, and that it seemed that maybe they all were working together/in on it; and so I wondered if I should leave, and the man would escape since no one was watching him/cared but I still feared for my safety & the safety of my family since I knew what had happened & I feared that they would kill me/us because of that information/knowledge.

I considered making a deal with the man, asking him to agree to not have me or my family or anyone else killed & for him to leave the country & not come back, and I would leave/not stop him from escaping/(maybe not publicly talk about the murder/assassination that he did, but probably not since that is against my beliefs normally).

Before I could finish thinking about my deal idea, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr