A Survival & Revenge Dream With Steven Seagal & Rihanna?

I only remember part of the end of one dream from last night probably because of interruptions because of diarrhea/gas/et cetera, my memory is unclear so I am not sure if the earlier parts of the dream were on a train or not, but I think that I was traveling with people I know/knew on a vacation trip maybe on an underground subway or building or inside a windowless building.

There were probably other people there as well but I can not remember, everyone was having a good time, and then I think that a group of dangerous mafia-like men led by a little girl or a little woman or a little female being with whitish colored skin with blackish colored hair who reminded me of my dead female cousin AE (for some reason(s) that I can not remember) started attacking/torturing/murdering everyone.


3-8-2013 | Dream Fragments | Getting Attacked By Eminem, Getting Trained By Steven Seagal, Stone Cold Steve Austin Coaching A Basketball Team, And Little Hands

Not Afraid
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I remember part of four dreams from last night with the first dream taking place during the day in a fictional area, I went to a building and a party was going on, and I remember talking with probably a few former classmates of mine like MB; and at some point I was walking carrying something and the singer Eminem bumped/walked into me as he walked with his three huge/tall bodyguards, he got mad & started yelling at me, and I apologized to him even though it was his fault but he kept acting like he wanted to fight me.

I tried to stay calm and tried to avoid conflict but Eminem pushed me, it seemed that it was fight time, and I got angry & I was about to fight back; but his bodyguards had me surrounded, one of them stole my wallet out of my pocket quickly and when I turned to see which one of them took my wallet, Eminem knocked whatever I was carrying out of my hands.

I pushed Eminem back and I started moving around to avoid his bodyguards from attacking me from behind, Eminem seemed to realize that I was tougher than he expected so he seemed afraid to fight me now, and so he started trash talking/insulting me as everyone watched; I ignored him and I found my wallet, one of his bodyguards had thrown it across the room to distract me earlier so that Eminem could punch me from behind, but he had slapped whatever I was carrying out of my hands instead since he was probably afraid to fight me.

I decided to let him keep insulting me to avoid violence since trying to defeat him and his bodyguards at the same time would be too difficult, and violence was stupid in this situation anyway; and at some point him & his bodyguards left and/or I left, and outside some news reporters/camera people asked me what had happened inside the party & I explained what had happened.

My former classmate MB came outside to talk to me about what had happened, but that is all that I can remember of the first dream; and the second dream involved the actor Steven Seagal training some people and I in self-defense, I guess he saw my situation with Eminem & his bodyguards, and so he decided to train some other people & I but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


The Alien Abduction Group?

*I had these dreams at 6:Something AM – 7:Something AM probably, after waking up & voice recording my dream with my MP3 Player, it was 7:Something AM*

Unfortunately I forgot most of the important parts of my dreams from last night but some of them connected into a story line that was movie-like, scary/freaky, and somewhat realistic at times; and they had some interesting dialogue that I mostly forgot, unfortunately.