An Assassination? | Gold Louisiana Stickers?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside during the day with a crowd of people, and a fictional female politician was speaking to the crowd.

Near the politician was her female aid / assistant, at some point someone in the crowd possibly shot the politician, and some of us in the crowd started to sneak away to avoid the chaos.


College Orientation | A Heroic Military Veteran | Sabrina Spellman?

Several of my dreams were inspired by me watching two episodes of the web television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1):

Dream 1

This dream took place at a shopping mall-like college, and it seemed that college orientation was taking place and I was one of the new students.

I remember having a schedule and attending a brief meeting before we all left our separate ways to met our advisors, visit our professors, find our classes, get our on-campus jobs, find our dorm rooms, et cetera.

At some point I went to a hall-like area with small mostly clear cubicle-like rooms that seemed to be dorm rooms, I remember going inside one of the rooms and looking at my schedule planning what to do next, and next I went to find my advisor who was a woman with dark-color skin with short black hair who was named maybe Ada.

Ada probably assigned me an on-campus job and maybe sent me on my next task, I remember seeing a group of new students who needed help and so I started helping them, and we met some people who seemed like some characters from the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a building, probably very similar to the one from the previous dream, maybe the same building.

I was on my way to help some students and there was an attack or something going on, and an action hero Tom Cruise-like military veteran (former soldier) ran to help stop the attack by joining up with some other people (maybe some soldiers) who were trying to stop the attackers.

The military veteran and his group had assault rifles et cetera and were about to deal with the attackers, but a group of armored and assault rifle carrying special forces-looking soldiers arrived led by the actual Tom Cruise.

The military veteran and his group feared that the special forces soldiers would attack them by mistake so the military veteran tried to hide quickly as they approached searching the area, and him or someone on his team got spotted by the special forces.

The special forces soldiers attacked the good group mistaking them for the attackers, a shootout began, and the good group tried to let the special forces soldiers know that they were friendlies.

One of the special forces soldiers got hit by friendly fire from his own team and was downed immediately, and the explosion sent him flying and maybe the military veteran when flying from the explosion as well.

The special forces soldier who got hit was a man with light-color skin who was basically a super manly action hero-type with maybe a mustache, he was barely alive and he was missing some body parts, but he got up and he kept moving using pure manliness I assume like a scene in a movie; actually most of this dream seemed like a movie.

The military veteran either started waking up and got up or his status was unknown before I woke up, I am not sure which, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly involved a magic school, a fictional version of The BP Library, and maybe something else; and I was with a Sabrina Spellman-like woman or it was her from the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1).

The very end of the dream involved us being at a fictional version of The BP Library where I work, I remember us finding a chart with heights and weights with stickers with initials and names of our coworkers who had put their stickers where they line up properly with their height and weight on the chart, and I saw a sticker with initials like mine and I saw a paper that said John but I was not sure if it was mine or my coworker Mr. JM’s.

I was also not sure if I had put my sticker in the correct location, so once I felt confident enough that the sticker and paper were mine I moved them to hopefully the correct spot, and I remember talking with the Sabrina-like woman during this.

At some point we left to maybe the magic school or to get something for a school assignment from the magic school, it was day, and I remember us walking across the field behind where The HD Head Start school should be.

We were going to a certain location to maybe collect something, and maybe there was a small structure out there.

I remember us walking and talking and the Sabrina-like woman explaining things, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Moving & Disappearing House?

Dream 1

This dream took place at The BP Library and I was at work, and I was walking to the break room carrying maybe a orange / yellowish mug / cup upside down.

When I entered the break room I saw my coworker Mrs. SS walking toward a fictional very short female coworker or former coworker whose face was lighter on one side than the other like maybe she had been burned or something in the past; and my female coworker KE was sitting at the table on the left side at the back of the table.


President Obama Returning From A Celebration

I can only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, I had more dreams and there was a lot more to this dream, but the longness and the many details probably led to me almost forgetting every thing as my mind focused more on the end of the dream.

I think that part of this dream (probably part of the dream that I can not remember) was inspired by film 3 or part 3 (Ghost Tears) of Ghost In The Shell: Arise which I watched last night.

One of my dreams or part of this dream involved me talking with my former male classmate DH and maybe his mom Mrs. CH during the day, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

The end of my last dream took place during the day at a nice modern or near future college where I was a student, earlier in the dream I probably had talked with my former male classmate JC, but now I was walking alone on sidewalks and catwalks back to my dorm room.

The White House was near or on this college campus (I could not see it, but I knew that it was near) and The President Of The United States was Barack Obama, and he had a fictional adult son who lived near or on the college campus and he was possibly also a student at this college and his fictional son possibly had a wife (maybe he had just gotten married) but I can not remember.

I also remember being told during the dream that his fictional son had people who did his housekeeping and other things like that, maybe the college was providing this special treatment for him because his dad was the president, but I am not sure.

I think that things were going well for me and this was a nice and quiet modern or near future college and it was a nice day with a clear sky and this college looked nice with natural areas combined with unnatural areas that blended well together as other students walked around and relaxed, and so I was walking and enjoying the outdoors and ready to relax in my dorm room.

I crossed a building to reach another sidewalk and my dorm room was in a quiet corner near this building connected by another sidewalk on the left side, and people walking from this building could somewhat see my dorm room because all the walls and maybe even the ceiling were made of glass which made it look a bit futuristic but it lacked privacy.

As I was walking toward my dorm room I noticed what looked like a man and woman wearing underwear in a sexual position on my twin-sized bed which was against the wall facing the walkway where everyone could see my bed, the woman had long reddish colored hair with pale whitish colored skin and she probably looked a bit like Amarna Miller but I can not remember what the man looked like, but when I got closer I realized that it was just a slightly larger than life-size sticker of a woman and man wearing underwear in a sexual position.

I assume that the person who used to live in my dorm room had put this sticker on the wall to give them some privacy when in bed, and as a joke to make people think that a man and woman were having sex in the bed; and even though this sticker was a bit larger than life-size, it looked pretty real from a distance, and so it could trick you until you got close enough to see better.

I noticed that the glass door to my dorm room was already open as I walked inside, my dorm was a two-person shared dorm room with a bed against the left side of the wall and a bed against the right side of the wall, and we shared the middle of the room which was a living room with a couch and some other furniture and a television; and we both had some other furniture on our sides, but the room was open with no privacy and probably no bathroom.

My part of the room was on the right side, the left side seemed unused like I had no roommate yet, and in the middle shared living room I saw my former classmate JC sleeping on my couch with a pile of clothes next to him and a bottle of liquid laundry detergent like he had washed his clothes and/or my clothes.

I had no idea how he had gotten into my dorm room without a key, and so I assume that it was unlocked already and I made a mental note to make sure that it was locked in the future because I did not want people being able to just go into my dorm room like that and I was worried about someone stealing my stuff.

My former classmate JC looked a bit rough like he was having a hard time and was still suffering from the death of his mom and some other things, I assumed that he needed a place to stay for a little while, and I felt bad for him; and so I was going to let him stay at my dorm room for a little while because I did not seem to have an official roommate yet, but this was against the rules so we would have to be careful or we both would get in trouble.

I greeted my former classmate JC and he woke up looking tired, I asked him if he was okay and if he needed anything, and he mumbled something that I could not understand probably because he was just waking up; but my translation of what I assumed that he said was that he was having a hard time and that he needed a place to stay for a while, and so I said yes even though I was not sure if this is what he had said.

I told him that it was against the rules and that we needed to be careful and cautious to prevent others from finding out, he agreed to this, but then we got interrupted by the sounds of aircraft flying above us in the sky.

My ceiling was probably made of glass or there was no ceiling because we could clearly see the sky and we saw Marine One carrying US President Barack Obama back to The White House being escorted by several aircraft, possibly two surveillance drones (UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles), and a small whitish and maybe reddish colored airplane pulling a whitish colored banner with words on it that probably mentioned a celebration that US President Obama was returning from (maybe his fictional son’s wedding, but I have no idea).

My former classmate JC told me to be quiet and still because the surveillance drones were possibly able to see and hear us, he was probably afraid that they would see him and realize that he is not a student at this college anymore, I forgot to mention that my former classmate JC used to be a student at this fictional college but he had not finished and he was not currently a student; but he hoped to return to college to finish one day.

The aircraft quickly passed to land at The White House and we continued our conversation about trying to avoid people finding out about him not being a student and about him temporarily staying at my dorm room, and I remember asking him if he still had his old student ID or if there had been a student ID; but I do not think that we had student IDs for this college because they did not have that or require that.

The plan was for him to avoid being seen as much as he could and for him to maybe sleep on the couch instead of the empty bed on the left side so that if anyone saw him sleeping, they would just think that he was a friend visiting briefly, but I woke up as we continued our planning because I wanted to help him until he could recover and maybe start college again soon.

The end,

-John Jr


A Class About UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty good again and forgot most of my dreams, but I do remember part of one dream that took place at a fictional college during the day.

I am not sure if it was the beginning of the semester or not but I do know that I was a student, and I went to several classes during the dream; and there were different areas of the college that I went to.

One area was like the upper-floor of my former high school and I remember having a class with one of my former classmates EC, and I remember going to the bathroom in the dream where I had a common bathroom dream theme take place but I can not remember what happened exactly; but I do know that it involved some of my former classmates like BJ (MP), MJ, maybe MW, TC, and maybe a few others who came into the bathroom.

In my class that had EC in it, I think that he stole something from me or tried to steal something from me for fun, which is something he used to do/practice for fun in real life when we were in school; he was pretty good at stealing stuff. 😀

I know that I went to several classes in different areas, but I can not remember most of the details other than that I know that one of my teachers was a woman with brownish colored skin with shoulder length black colored hair.

At some point in the dream I looked at my class schedule and I had signed up for an interesting class on/about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), and I was surprised that a class was offered on/about that topic; and so I decided to take that class, and it was located outside in a strange area compared to the rest of my classes.

I remember walking outside to the outskirts of the school near a bridge where there was a small opening for/to a cave that you could barely see unless you walked and closely examined the area, in fact I did not see it at first since it was well hidden, and I think that there was a sticker on the outside of the cave opening that let you know the number for the classroom which matched the number on my class schedule.

I slowly ducked (since the opening was not very high) and I entered the cave opening which was a bit dark, and I saw some sharp crystal-like formations that seemed to form a wall blocking further access into the cave; and so I went back outside confused and I decided to wait for the teacher.

Slowly other students arrived and some of them glanced in the cave and then came back outside to wait for the teacher with me, we all were confused and wondered if this was the correct place or not, and after a long wait the teacher finally arrived; and the teacher looked a bit like my Biology 101 teacher from college, she had short somewhat dark blondish colored hair with glasses wearing a men’s long-sleeve button shirt tucked into men’s pants with a dark-colored belt wearing maybe even men’s shoes.

Our teacher apologized for being late and she showed us how to enter the cave properly, there was a way around the sharp crystal-like wall, but it was hard to see it since it was a bit dark; and she led us on the correct path to enter the classroom. *This entire sentence seems/sounds symbolic to me and if so I have my idea of what it might mean 😉 *

The cave was divided into several parts: the entrance area with the sharp crystal-like wall, maybe a small traditional classroom area with desks and a chalk/marker board, and there were two or three areas next to/connected to the left & right & maybe back side of the traditional classroom; I think that one of these rooms was a stadium style classroom, one might have been a more open room, and I can not remember the third room.

I know that this cave was pretty amazing and I remember being surprised and wanting to explore it, our teacher gave us a brief tour, and then we started class.

Our teacher started teaching in the style of my former Biology 101 teacher from college by standing in front of the class lecturing while writing and/or showing things on the board, pointing out things in our book to read/write down/remember, asking questions, answering questions, and being pretty professional in her presentation.

She was not treating the UFO topic like a joke and she was presenting it in a neutral/professional/factual way, and she started with factually recorded information in history involving UFOs.

We started with the facts, not the unknowns, and I remember being surprised how professional this class seemed to be so far; because I was expecting us to mostly be trying to guess the unknowns.

Starting with the facts would be a bit more boring, but still interesting if you are interested in the topic; and it would allow you to build your knowledge of the facts first, before even attempting to explore the unknowns.

I was glad that I picked this class and I still wanted to explore the cave once class was over, and I probably even felt like living there since it felt secure/cool/private/et cetera; and my class had a variety of interesting people, even though it was a smaller class than average, and I like smaller classes so that was a good thing.

I can not remember what all we learned, talked about, asked the teacher during class; but I know that there was more to this dream learned and more shared about the cave and the teacher shared some interesting things with us before and/or after class and/or during class, but I forgot those details unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂