The Artifice Girl

What Is It?

The 2023 or 2022 science fiction mystery thriller movie The Artifice Girl.

THE ARTIFICE GIRL (2023) – Feature Trailer

Here is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:


A team of special agents discovers a revolutionary new computer program to bait and trap online predators.

After teaming up with the program’s troubled developer, they soon find that the AI is rapidly advancing beyond its original purpose.

  • Genre: Sci-fi, Mystery & thriller
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Franklin Ritch
  • Producer: Aaron B. KoontzAshleigh Snead
  • Writer: Franklin Ritch
  • Release Date (Theaters): Apr 27, 2023  Limited
  • Release Date (Streaming): Apr 27, 2023
  • Runtime: 1h 33m
  • Distributor: XYZ Films
  • Production Co: Paper Street Pictures, Last Resort Ideas, Blood Oath


Tatum Matthews: Cherry

David Girard: Amos

Sinda Nichols: Deena

Franklin Ritch: Gareth

Lance Henriksen: Gareth

Ivana Barnes: Funeral Home Director


MT & A FPS & A Sting Operation

Lazy Overview:

This dream involved me riding in an automobile with my mom during maybe the morning, we stopped at a McDonald’s to get some food, and my mom sent me inside to get the food.

Inside the building I saw my former male classmates AS and MT, AS was playing a mobile game as I talked to them, and at some point I remember him getting angry because I was distracting him from his game.