11-13-2011 | Dream Fragment | A Game Store In A Mall

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Last night I barely remember my last dream, which I think took place in a mall, and the dream mostly followed a few characters who worked at a game store in the mall, I think.

A few men & women worked at a game store on the first & second floor of the mall, the game store was located in a short corner on the top/front right side of the mall, the mall was shaped like a rectangle, near a bathroom & several small shop spaces that led to an escalator.

There was a man who was one of the best/main workers at the game store, and the dream mostly followed him & a few other workers who worked with him; but something strange that I can not remember, happened to him and/or several workers at the game store.

I was in the dream but I was not a main character, and I only went to the game store maybe once; and I spent most of my time in the quiet areas near the game store, and so I often saw the workers during & after work.


Getting Shocked / Tased At A Store

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Last night I only remember part of my last dream, which took place in a fictional version of D, and I drove back into town to reach a store before they closed.

The store was where the BB on the West-side should be, and the store was a small business ran by a family that included: a wife, husband, son, daughter, and maybe one or more family members.

I got there near closing time and an American Football team was there ordering something and so I waited with them in line, and I talked with some of them; and they were wearing their football uniforms & some of their football pads.

For some strange reason I was wearing a cheap life jacket, the kind you use when on a boat, that made it look like I had some football pads on; and so I made a joke about being on the football team, and I asked if I could be the kicker. 🙂

We started to laugh and we made a few more jokes about me playing on their football team, but then it was time for the football team to leave, and they said good-bye.

The owners were starting to clean up the store but I think that they were going to let me shop, but I think that I went to use the bathroom first; but this part of the dream is unclear, and I just remember walking in the store, not far from where the owners were cleaning.

Then the owners son, who looked like my former classmate JC, walked toward me grinning/smiling with a sinister/negative facial expression, and he pulled out a taser or a strange device; and then he started to shock me with it.

It hurt and I started to scream in pain as I fell to the floor, because my muscles were starting to tense/tightened & I got weaker, and he kept shocking me off & on as I was on the floor screaming in pain; and I could not get up to defend myself, since my muscles were being shocked, and strangely the owners did not seem to notice this since they were busy cleaning & some shelves were blocking their view.

I had no idea why the owner’s son was shocking me, he seemed to enjoy it as he grinned/smiled in a sinister/negative way, and I might have even begged him to stop & I might have even asked him why he was shocking me; but he did not respond, and he kept shocking me as I was on the ground screaming in pain.

Since he would not respond or stop, I decided to try to resist the shocks, and I started to scream louder trying to power-up/build the strength to get up; and I started to resist the shocks a bit, and my muscles started to un-tense/un-tighten a bit, but I still could not get up.

Then the husband/father came walking over, so the son stopped shocking me & he pretended that everything was normal, and he asked if everything was okay; and the son lied and said yes that everything easy was okay, and I lied and said that everything was okay & that I had slipped & fell or something like that. (Probably because I was afraid)

My body was in pain as I still was on the floor, since my muscles still were not ready to work properly, and so I started trying to gain the strength to get up; and eventually I got up, but my muscles were sore & weak still.

I then had to use the bathroom again and the son & father & another man who looked like MT’s brother CT followed me, and I walked into the bathroom nervously has they followed me for some strange reason.

They stayed near me talking, as I used the urinal & they used the urinals next to me, which was strange & a bit uncomfortable; and I was wondering if one or more of them would attack me again, and so I nervously listened to them & I talked with them.

But then I woke up as we were leaving the bathroom.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Snake Eats Another Snake

Lazy Overview:

I barely remember my last dream last night and I remember it taking place in the day, and mostly inside a building.

I remember some of my former classmates and various other people being inside this building, which seemed to be a multi-purpose building, and it may have had a hotel, a store, a restaurant, and maybe something else.

I remember talking to my former classmate RG mostly and I remember talking about some characters in a martial arts game or something, at some point, and I predicted that the character with a fencing / Muay Thai style would win; we were not playing a video game exactly, but I remember seeing these characters from an old arcade machine or something in a hallway, and they were projected in the air like holograms or something strange like that.

At some point I remember RG, several other people, and I had some guns; mostly shotguns, and I remember having a sawed-off double barrel 12 gauge side-by-side or over / under shotgun.

I asked RG was it a side-by-side shotgun or an over/under shotgun, but he did not answer my question.

I remember going outside with RG and BH, and we were walking through some grass toward a small pond but BH & I saw a snake.

BH tried to grab the snake, but it was already dead and it was missing its head; and as BH was walking off, I saw a snake behind him that was still alive.

BH was going to try to catch the snake, but then I saw another snake near by, and so I told BH to back up to where I was standing.

Both snakes started to move toward our direction and RG wanted to shoot them with his shotgun, but I told him not to; and I noticed that one of the snakes seemed to be chasing the other snake.

To our surprise the snake that was chasing the other snake,  swallowed the other snake whole, and so we started to back away; and then I think that I told the others that we should go back to the building, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Zombieland Inspired Dream Fragment | My Mom & I Own A Store?

A Zombieland Inspired Dream Fragment

I had this dream fragment last week, actually both of these dream fragments, but I have not been feeling like typing them due to illness and thoughts of actually ending or making my dream blog private or moving my dream blog to another blog website; during times like this I even start forgetting most of my dreams, which has happened the last week or two, it seems that my dreams become less important in times like this and so they are forgotten.

Anyway, the beginning of this dream fragment is too unclear for me to explain but it had something to do with three women, maybe sisters, hiding from the police at some abandoned apartments.


Zombies In The City Of LC

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I will begin this entry with a dream fragment from last night, I only remember the end of the dream.

I was in a fictional version of downtown LC walking on the sidewalk to a store, everything looked very similar to my other dreams with a fictional downtown LC, there were not many automobiles & the place seemed to be designed more for walking.

In the store I saw my mom, which was a surprised, so I stopped to talk to her and then I remember leaving the store to go to a building that I think was a school.

I must have been to this building before earlier in the dream, because I knew there were zombies in it probably, so I opened the door slowly.

Inside I saw a men’s restroom on my left, down the short hallway was a door that led to the main parts of the building, and on the left of that was a corner which was hidden from my view.

Everything was silent and so I quietly went into the bathroom to check for zombies before I used the restroom, but as I started to look around the bathroom for zombies, one crawled halfway into the bathroom from outside the door but it got stuck.

I put some stuff by the door to stop it from getting all the way in, the zombie was ugly and appeared to have broken legs; it was slow & weak.

I was more worried about more zombies coming and worried that some might have hidden in bathroom, so I started to look for a weapon, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂