A Horror Story With A Surprise Ending

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a long and intriguing (if that is the word) dream, unfortunately I can not remember most of it, but the dream could be made into a movie if only I could remember most of it; and one of the main characters was and/or looked like the actress Uma Thurman.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the best/main parts of the dream and so it will not make much sense & it will not seem as interesting as it really was, and I will have to guess what happened during a few parts; but the dream probably started with a group of young men taking me to a possibly abandoned multi-story house in a field on the outskirts of a neighborhood, the house was located off a road further back across a field, and so it was a private area.

I probably had no idea what was going on, just that the young men said that their were rumors/legends/stories about this house & the family who used to live here/lived here, and they probably slowly told various stories as we walked to the house & went inside the house; and they were probably going to hang-out on the first floor, but some of them took me to an upper-floor and they took me to the attic I think were ghosts & strange things were supposed to be.

Some of the young men said that they had been in the attic before briefly when they were kids and had seen/heard strange things, but even they were too afraid to step into the attic again for more than a few seconds or not at all; and they got me to go into the attic alone, and they ran off in fear.

Some of the stories about the house & family who owned it varied probably: one story probably involved a woman cursing the family with magic & the wife started to have a mental / emotional / supernatural breakdown that ended up destroying their family literally (with maybe almost all of them or all of them dying or being killed) & the wife’s ghost and/or other ghosts/beings now haunt the house, another story probably involved a female ghost/being haunting the house & possessing the wife and/or scaring her into a breakdown that led to her and/or her families destruction, another story might have involved the supernatural and aliens, and there were more stories/versions of the story with the wife (Mrs. Thurman) being at the center of most of those stories.

When I was in the attic something very strange happened that probably seemed supernatural, the things that happened in the attic during this entire dream were very interesting/detailed/complex that I can not remember what happened exactly & even in the dream parts of what happened are unclear even after they happened, and I probably saw ghost(s)/being(s) & flashbacks of some of the things that happened in the house in the past; and after this experience I left the attic to tell the others, and had them take me around the city & maybe outside the city to talk to their families & people who might know more about the history of the house & the family who owned it.

Whatever happened in the attic slowly changed me throughout the dream & I probably went back into the attic several times to learn more, there I communicated with the wife (Mrs. Thurman) & she probably could appear/communicate with me more & more as the dream went on & I could see/learn more & more about what had happened to her & her family, and each time the house/whatever effected/affected me more & more and I became more connected with it/them & it seemed that what happened to Mrs. Thurman was happening to me too; when I first went in the attic I stayed in there longer than I was supposed to & I learned more than I was supposed to, and so now it/they had me to I guess.

During my journey to learn more I met various senior citizens who had lived in the neighborhood and knew some information about the family & the house, these parts of the dream were detailed & also interesting, and I even learned information about the people & families who lived in the neighborhood near the house.

One of the families had a family member who was a young man who had become somewhat famous (maybe a rapper or actor), he was the one of the people who brought me to meet his older family members since they had some information that I needed, and they reminded me of a normal family on Eastside; and they had their own family drama going on, and so I got to see/hear their family drama as I talked with his family members (which was fun & funny, and reminded me of my family).

His grandmother was complaining that they had not seen him in a while since he became somewhat famous, this was his first time visiting them in a while, and she went on & on about this as I tried to get information from her; but the family drama was handled in a fun way.

After my journey to get more information, which also involved various trips back & forth from the house & around the city & maybe outside of the city, I returned to the house; I forgot to mention that during the flashbacks that I would have, it was like being knocked unconscious and/or dream and/or being possessed and/or being effected/affected by an outside source & the visuals and overall experience(s) are too hard & unclear to describe, it was something that you would have to experience yourself to understand but I wish that I could remember more describe it/them.

After all of my investigating & experiences it seemed to be a mostly supernatural situation but it was possible that there were natural explanations such as alien/unknown phenomenon(s) and/or secret Human experiments going on, it was clear that I was now connected to/part of the situation, and I learned a lot from my last communication with Mrs. Thurman who now seemed to physically be in the house; and I think that she had never died or been dead all this time, so she was not a ghost/spirit/whatever probably.

I think that Mrs. Thurman also warned me/told me that it seemed that we both were now in the same situation it seemed but our conversation/flashbacks/supernatural experience was interrupted where something happened where I probably lost consciousness but thought that I was having another supernatural experience; and I woke up in a small room with two or three government-looking people, the main one was a man with maybe a woman assistant and maybe male security person in the corner.

They revealed that the situation was not supernatural probably, but that it was a secret government(?) experiment, and that I was now part of it.

They had implanted a glowing (maybe bluish colored) circular device that reminded me of the device that powers Iron Man maybe in Mrs. Thurman’s chest (which I thought was odd, why not the brain?) years ago and in me the night that I first went into the attic, this device tricked us/controlled us into seeing/hearing/experiencing the things that we saw/heard/experienced probably & they probably briefly mentioned more information about how they implanted it/when/what it could make us do/think, and this angered me that they had done this to us without our permission & they had destroyed Mrs. Thurman’s life/family all for this experiment.

After letting out my anger I started to ask questions wondering what was the purpose of this experiment/device, where did the technology come from (Human or alien, and/or both?), and more; and many questions/thoughts came to my mind (but I was still trying to make sense of things after having been unconscious) but they just listened to my many questions quietly without responding & they paused smiling a bit as the dream ended like a movie with my point-of-view pulling away from the dream as it faded.

The end,

-John Jr


Talking With William Shatner

The night before last I remember part of one dream where I was in a house talking with William Shatner, my dad, and maybe one or two other people.

We walked around the house talking while doing various other things and Mr. Shatner & my dad & the others (if they were there), were talking about the past and how things have changed, and so it was nice getting to listen to their various stories / memories / et cetera.

I would ask questions and join in the conversation at times, but I mostly listened & learned things about the past.

I remember that the dream took place during the day, it seemed to be morning from the windows in the house, the kitchen/dinning room had nice lighting & a view to/from the outside.

I am not sure how this happened, but at some point I walked into a room that looked like the living room of my grandfather’s house; and one or more of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were there along with some unknown people.

My aunt SE was among the group of people and I sat down next to her on a couch to listen to everyone talk, and at some point the conversation turned toward me when I answered someone’s question in a way that made them start asking me very personal questions for some reason.

Here is some of the conversation, which felt more like an interrogation to me, and I was uncomfortable; and everyone was focused on me:

Unknown person: Do you go to church?

Me: No, not any more, but I used to.

Another person: Do you pray?

Me: No, not any more, but I used to.

At some point the topic of Race started, and I told them that I think that we are all one species / Race, and that to me the current Race system is really just a social club / social identification system / social construct that I do not support; and that I only consider myself Human (as far as I know, but I never had a DNA test done to prove that yet 😀 ) and I do not identify with any Race/Social Group, which made no sense to them.

My Aunt SE: So do you think that people treat you differently since your mom has whitish colored skin and your dad has brownish colored skin?

Me: Some people probably do, probably, but I do not have any examples that I know of to know for sure at this time; but one could easily assume that Some people might treat me differently because of that, but it is not something that I focus on or worry about really. *I wonder what is the point of her question*”

They kept asking me question after question, which made me more uncomfortable, and I feared them going any deeper with their religion themed questions; because I did not feel like trying to explain things that they probably could not understand, and we already were not agreeing on anything.

I got so uncomfortable that I accidentally woke myself up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂