New Street Lights | Tennis Man & Orphans & Playing Against Justine Henin In A Tennis Tournament?

Dream 1

I did not remember this dream until I woke up and started exercising, it seemed like a real memory until I realized that it was a dream, and this dream took place during the morning shortly after waking up and my brother GC told me that he thought that he saw someone walking by The G House so I went outside to see what was going on.

By the electrical pole in front of The G House I saw what looked like an electrical truck with its mechanical ladder and box at the top of the electrical pole with a male worker with whitish colored skin wearing a safety work uniform and hard hat in the box setting up a metal zip-line that went to the electrical pole behind Mr. RD’s house on the next street, and at the top of that electrical pole in another mechanical ladder and box was another male worker and he had dark brownish colored skin.