The Revenge (Hit) List

Source: Wikipedia

I decided that I better type my partial dream fragment to help stop my failing dream recall before it gets worse. 😀

I barely remember part of one dream where a woman who had been kidnapped, tortured, rapped, beaten, humiliated, striped, et cetera but survived; decided to make a revenge (hit) list listing all the people who she wanted to get revenge on, and how she was going to get her revenge on each person & she might have even blogged some of her revenge list.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, but I remember thinking and/or saying that was not a good idea to blog about your revenge list and to blog about how you killed/murdered the people on the revenge list.

I felt bad for the woman, who had suffered a variety of horrible things repeatedly over various periods of time (she had these things happened to her more than once and by more than one person, it was like sometimes she would be targeted for various horrible things on different days), but I did not think that her trying to get revenge was the right thing to do.

I can not remember what the woman looked like or who she was, but I do know that her list contained a surprising list of people, some of whom were doctors, scientists, maybe police/intelligence agents, gang/mob members, politicians, and few other people with jobs that would surprise some people; their jobs seemed to fit together in a sort of conspiracy of people working together to do & cover up these horrible things, maybe that is why she saw revenge as her only option to stop them.

The woman did not just want to kill/murder them, she wanted them to feel/suffer from some of the things that they did to her, and so her revenge list had detailed plans for each person; and I think that she actually killed/murdered several people on the list during the dream, and she might have blogged a bit about one or more of those but maybe she deleted those posts after realizing that it was not a good idea (maybe after hearing what I said or thought, if I was even in the dream, which I am not sure).

I think that some of the people on the revenge list started to worry when they lost contact with some of the people on the list, and some of them began to get afraid/paranoid; which is what the woman wanted, and she would stalk her targets & future targets watching their reactions & patterns & looking for a chance to strike/attack.

She was going to bring the entire list of people down, they were not going to harm her or anyone else again, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂