Daenerys Targaryen Destroying King’s Landing | Attending College Orientation

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Dream 1

This dream was inspired by Episode 5 (The Bells) of the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 8).

This dream involved Daenerys Targaryen riding her dragon Drogon while burning / destroying King’s Landing.

I am not sure if I was there or not, if I was there I am not sure if I was outside the city or inside the city, unfortunately I possibly did not record this dream after I had it.

So that is all that I can remember of this dream now unfortunately other than me remembering how amazing / scary / disturbing it was seeing / hearing / experiencing the destruction as Daenerys rode Drogon as he flew around destroying things / people with fire.

I am not sure if the next dream is part of this dream or not, and so I will type it as a separate dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me going to a college, I was a new student, and I was attending student orientation.

Us new students in student orientation did not have dorm rooms yet, they were going to be assigned to us during orientation, and so they had some beds set up for us outside and maybe some inside.

I remember having a bed outside, maybe it was a semi-outdoor area connected to a shopping mall-like area that was part of the college, and maybe I got to sleep there and maybe I woke up the next morning but I can not remember.

I just remember that someone made up our beds, well I made up my own bed, and some of the beds had pillows stacked up high to form play castles; I assumed that some of the other new students did that for fun.

I then left to follow the orientation schedule hoping to get my dorm room soon, during my walk to orientation I literally bumped into my former male classmate MJ, and I apologized to him.

We stopped to talk, and I remember him asking me how much time did I have left at the college.

I told him that I was just starting and that I was in student orientation, I told him that I had went to college years ago but I never finished, and now I was back to hopefully finish college this time.

He seemed surprised by all of this, I told him I was not sure how many or if any of my previous college credits would be accepted, and so I was not sure how much time I had left at the college.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I had more dreams and there was more to the dreams that I remembered, but I did not record them.

The end,

-John Jr

College Orientation | A Heroic Military Veteran | Sabrina Spellman?

Several of my dreams were inspired by me watching two episodes of the web television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1):

Dream 1

This dream took place at a shopping mall-like college, and it seemed that college orientation was taking place and I was one of the new students.

I remember having a schedule and attending a brief meeting before we all left our separate ways to met our advisors, visit our professors, find our classes, get our on-campus jobs, find our dorm rooms, et cetera.

At some point I went to a hall-like area with small mostly clear cubicle-like rooms that seemed to be dorm rooms, I remember going inside one of the rooms and looking at my schedule planning what to do next, and next I went to find my advisor who was a woman with dark-color skin with short black hair who was named maybe Ada.

Ada probably assigned me an on-campus job and maybe sent me on my next task, I remember seeing a group of new students who needed help and so I started helping them, and we met some people who seemed like some characters from the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a building, probably very similar to the one from the previous dream, maybe the same building.

I was on my way to help some students and there was an attack or something going on, and an action hero Tom Cruise-like military veteran (former soldier) ran to help stop the attack by joining up with some other people (maybe some soldiers) who were trying to stop the attackers.

The military veteran and his group had assault rifles et cetera and were about to deal with the attackers, but a group of armored and assault rifle carrying special forces-looking soldiers arrived led by the actual Tom Cruise.

The military veteran and his group feared that the special forces soldiers would attack them by mistake so the military veteran tried to hide quickly as they approached searching the area, and him or someone on his team got spotted by the special forces.

The special forces soldiers attacked the good group mistaking them for the attackers, a shootout began, and the good group tried to let the special forces soldiers know that they were friendlies.

One of the special forces soldiers got hit by friendly fire from his own team and was downed immediately, and the explosion sent him flying and maybe the military veteran when flying from the explosion as well.

The special forces soldier who got hit was a man with light-color skin who was basically a super manly action hero-type with maybe a mustache, he was barely alive and he was missing some body parts, but he got up and he kept moving using pure manliness I assume like a scene in a movie; actually most of this dream seemed like a movie.

The military veteran either started waking up and got up or his status was unknown before I woke up, I am not sure which, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly involved a magic school, a fictional version of The BP Library, and maybe something else; and I was with a Sabrina Spellman-like woman or it was her from the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1).

The very end of the dream involved us being at a fictional version of The BP Library where I work, I remember us finding a chart with heights and weights with stickers with initials and names of our coworkers who had put their stickers where they line up properly with their height and weight on the chart, and I saw a sticker with initials like mine and I saw a paper that said John but I was not sure if it was mine or my coworker Mr. JM’s.

I was also not sure if I had put my sticker in the correct location, so once I felt confident enough that the sticker and paper were mine I moved them to hopefully the correct spot, and I remember talking with the Sabrina-like woman during this.

At some point we left to maybe the magic school or to get something for a school assignment from the magic school, it was day, and I remember us walking across the field behind where The HD Head Start school should be.

We were going to a certain location to maybe collect something, and maybe there was a small structure out there.

I remember us walking and talking and the Sabrina-like woman explaining things, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Dream Inspired By The Purge: Anarchy | College Freshmen Hazing

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I voice recorded barely part of three of my dreams from last night but I accidentally deleted my voice recording of my first dream when I was trying to delete my older voice recordings from yesterday, and so now I only have voice recordings for part of two dreams and I can not remember that dream whose voice recording was deleted by accident.

Dream 1

The first dream of the two dreams that I barely remember was partly inspired by the film The Purge: Anarchy, which I watched last night, and it was better than I had expected and it was probably better than the first film.

All that I can remember of the dream is that it seemed that I was in the film shortly before the start of The Purge, somehow several random people and I did not make it back to our homes before the The Purge started, and so we got trapped outside during The Purge; and we had to survive until it was over, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The end of the dream took place during a nice day in the wilderness at a pond/lake that has possibly been in one or more of my past dreams, I remember standing by the water talking to a man who was about to go fishing in his boat, and we talked about old fishing stories and about fish and fishing and other things; and he probably showed me around his boat, and at some point he left in his boat to fish while I stayed on the shore.

Eventually I found my uncle CE along the shore cleaning/scaling/cutting/gutting fish that he had caught so I started talking to him about various things including fishing and the fish he caught and old fishing stories, and eventually he asked me if I got his note that he left a few weeks ago; and I was not sure, but I vaguely had a memory that I possibly did find a note from him but I could not remember what it was about.

I started explaining this to him and trying to find out what the note had said, he seemed a bit annoyed like he assumed that I had read the note and that I had decided not to respond, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second/last dream took place during the day at a college that looked like L College in the city of L at a college dorm that looked like the one I stayed at during college orientation, and I was there talking to a male college freshman with medium-brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who was explaining to me the hazing process that freshmen had to go through.

Freshmen could not have automobiles the first semester or first year and the older students had other hazing rules for them like every morning the older students would put pieces of carrots on the ground outside, and the freshmen had to eat the pieces of carrots off the ground every morning; and there were cameras in this area to make sure that they did this, and he showed me where the cameras were.

I can not remember the other hazing rules but I remember telling him that I did not agree with that and that he/they should refuse the hazing and report it if necessary, he did not follow my suggestions, and next I remember walking into some of the college buildings where classes are held.

Several times I came across a well-dressed upper-class male student with whitish colored skin with blackish-colored hair who somewhat reminded me of the character Dandy Mott from the television series American Horror Story: Freak Show except that he was more stable and not murdering people, and he was a smart student who was either about to graduate or was almost done with this semester.

Before leaving three different classrooms I saw him use a blackish colored permanent marker to draw something near the doors, and somehow no one seemed to notice this except me; and he drew some symbols, designs, some words that looked like maybe Latin, and then a quote or poem in English under this.

When I saw him doing this in the third classroom I remember recommending that he not do that because that was not a good idea, it was illegal, he could get in trouble and kicked out of college, it would probably be considered graffiti, and he did not get permission first; but he did not follow my suggestion.

We started talking about how it was interesting/strange that no one else seemed to notice or care about this yet, he started to explain what he was drawing and what it meant, and he read the quote/poem to me; but it still did not make much sense to me even though it was in English because it was very poetic/whatever, and I started asking him what did the Latin-like words and the symbols/designs mean but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

College Orientation Again | Spending Time With My Indirect Family At My Grandfather’s House

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I had four dreams last night but I forgot the first two dreams after I woke up to use the bathroom, I did not bother thinking about them, and I went back to sleep & forgot them; but I do barely remember part of two other dream fragments that I had later.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day and until the next day, I went to a two-day (really one day & a morning) college orientation for a fictional version of L College probably (I went to college orientation at the real version of this college many years ago), and I was probably the oldest person there & I was probably the only other person there who had been to this college orientation before.

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Three Survival Challenges?

Last night I had a dream that had at least three parts to it, but I can only remember parts of the dream, so it is not that clear.

Part 1

I think the first part that I remember took place outside in some unknown place near some old ruins that had some water not far from them.

I was with a group of other people and I think we were doing some sort of challenge as part of some new student orientation or something for college.

The ruins had an ancient Roman / ancient Greek style to them and the area was pretty nice for some old ruins and we were split into different sections of the ruins.

We were all placed in a certain part of the ruins based on which country we were citizens of, then we were asked to pick a country, I picked France so I was moved to another section all alone.

There was grass and some other plants in some areas and my area was nice & quiet and closer to the water.

On the ground you could barely see shapes in different colors, which represented countries, and my country France was in blue.

I guess our mission was to try to conquer as many countries as we could or at least defend our country from getting conquered, I am not sure, I just remember the challenge beginning.

It was like the Total War video game series, certain spots on the ground were the game map, and I/we were the leaders making the moves on the board.

We could even enter the game map, like it was a real world, it was interesting.

Since no one was in my area, my plan was to conquer all the countries in my section as quickly as I could and then start preparing to defend or invade some of the other challengers.

I went into the game map and was actually in my country France, but it was a small country and was in an almost Middle Ages (Dark Ages)-like period.

I quickly asked a few of my generals about the country next to us and asked if we could invade them now, they said yes so I told them to start the attack now.

I went back above the game map as the battle started to watch and the other countries army was about the same size, actually I do not think any of the countries near me were actually countries, I think they were just settlements that did not belong to any country.

The battle started and the battle was going pretty evenly, so I looked for an opening on the battlefield and then jumped into the battle to lead my military to a quick victory.

I told the generals about a weak spot I saw and order them to attack there with part of our forces while I attack from the front lines, and so the new attack began.

The other military quickly broke ranks and the front line troops & I forced them to retreat, then I told the generals to finish securing the area and prepare for the next battle, and I went back above the game map.

I wondered if my military was strong enough to conquer our area in time before some of the other challengers came with their militaries, and I worried about a possible battle with the United States (USA).

They had the most challengers and the biggest country that I had seen before the challenge started, and their country was in the area next to my area & I was with their team until they asked if we wanted to pick our own country; before I could scout out the next place to attack, the dream switched to another scene.

Part 2

Now some of the challengers and I were in the field near my parent’s house and our next challenge was to live in this makeshift cabin, and survive or something like that.

I can not remember this part of the dream much at all, I think we all had to work together for food & supplies, but that is all I remember; then the dream switched to another scene.

Part 3

This scene was the worst, me and a few other people appeared to be in a cave out in some snowy & icy area like Antarctica or something.

Our challenge was to survive for a certain amount of time and once again I believe it had something to do with college orientation or getting into college like the other parts of the dream.

I think there was two women, a man, and me at first but one of the women gave up & left.

The weather was terrible it was cold and snowing hard, and we were forced to stay in the cave due to the storm.

I remember going to sleep and waking up with a bad wound on my leg, which caused me to have to walk with a limp, and I had no idea what had happened.

The other guy left shortly after we woke up to go find supplies or something, and so me & one woman were left.

We talked about how we all might not survive and how our situation looked pretty bad, and we had no idea where we were or what had happened to my leg.

We needed food and other supplies, so I started to think about preparing to scout the area outside if the other guy did not return, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂