A Conjuration Class | The Hit & Run Killings (Shootings)

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1).

I had this dream when I fell asleep on the living room couch after watching Toonami.


Nathan (Nate) Fisher Driving A School Bus

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of the dream took place during the day, Nathan (Nate) Fisher from YouTube was driving a school bus with a high school sports team on it (athletes and cheerleaders) down a highway to a sporting event, and the highway somewhat reminded me of the highway and bridge from the city of WL to the city of LC by the beach.

After driving off the bridge to a small exit/road near plants, a cheerleader fell off the school bus, but Nate could not hear or see this because I think that some of the cheerleaders had been hanging onto the outside of the bus; and the cheerleader fell on her feet safely, and she ran behind the bus screaming and trying to catch up.

Fortunately the parking lot for the sporting event was close and so the cheerleader was able to catch up after the bus parked, there were many other sports teams and their coaches arriving, and they heard and saw the cheerleader running and screaming hysterically to the parking lot; and so a few coaches and some athletes followed her to see what was wrong.

The cheerleader approached Nate and he learned what had happened, the coaches and athletes who followed her heard this as well, and the coaches called the police or for help; and so they waited on them to arrive, and then magically I was there and I do not remember seeing Nate anymore.

The athletes with the coaches who followed the cheerleader were some of my former male classmates like my former male classmates AC and PM, I remember talking with them as we waited, and I remember having two jackets/coats with one being my blackish colored pea coat; and I had left them in the driver’s seat of the school bus, and my former classmate AC put one of the jackets on.

I put my pea coat on and then another one of my former classmates started to shock me with static electricity for fun a few times, I remember going to sit in the back seat of a car, and a man who was like The Joker was there with the others and he had a male assistant/follower who looked a bit like maybe a broken/tortured Nightwing who was trying to be like The Joker.

The Joker started attacking me with a stun gun for fun, he was laughing as he did it, and it hurt a bit and it was causing my muscles to weaken and get harder to control; and it was messing with my brain causing me to have a hard time thinking, and I was getting close to loosing consciousness.

He was not going to stop and I was losing control of my muscles and I was close to losing consciousness so I decided to defend myself, I think that someone came to help me as well, but I can not remember what happened; and the next thing that I can remember is something that was like a fictional season of Luther or something that somewhat reminded me of Luther because the actor Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson were in it.

Ruth Wilson was playing an Alice Morgan-like woman or Alice Morgan and her and Mr. Elba seemed to either be an actor and actress going around using disguises and their acting skills to help people and solve mysteries or they were investigators/detectives undercover pretending to be an actor and actress; either way they were trying to help people, and they seemed to be undercover.

They were standing outside during the day, maybe not far from the area where I was and maybe I walked over to where they were, and Mr. Elba was speaking English with an African accent; and him and Mrs. Wilson were trying to help some people, but I can not remember what was happening exactly.

I just know that things worked out in the end, and I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I remember my mom and I standing in a parking lot talking to a male police officer who my mom knew, and some other people.

The police officer had a box of old items from the police station, old clothing (not uniforms) and other things, and he gave some of it to maybe a homeless man; and before my mom and I left by automobile the police officer gave us the box of old stuff for us to keep what we want and give the rest to people in need.

We thanked him and we drove away, later in the day we learned that the police officer who gave us the box of old stuff was dead, and we assumed that one or more other police officers/people had murdered him; and we assumed that it had something to do with the old box of stuff, and we assumed that it possibly contained something that they wanted to keep hidden or have destroyed.

No one had seen him give us the box of old stuff but someone probably saw him give some of the items to the homeless man, if he ended up dead too, we would know that our assumption(s) were correct; and that we were in danger if they found out that we had the box of old stuff.

I woke up as we tried to decide what to do.

The end,

-John Jr


Accidentally Spilling A Drink On Stone Cold Steve Austin

Image Credit: Wikipedia Image Credit: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of my dream from last night is that it took place during the day, in one part of the dream I was at a one-story school/college/dorm-like building where I seemed to be working or helping in an office, and there were BP School Board workers (secretaries, teachers, principals, et cetera) there working with me as well (maybe even my dead former high school principal Mr. G); and at some point they had a meeting, and I guess I was done working for the day so I left outside.

I remember there were people outside eating and drinking, there were some entertainment wrestlers among them like Stone Cold Steve Austin, and when I got my food and drink I went to find a place to sit; and there was an empty spot near Mr. Austin and so I asked if it was okay for me to sit there, and he said yes.

I remember saying a few things to him and I accidentally spilled some of my drink on him, I apologized but he made a facial expression like he wanted to kick me and do The Stone Cold Stunner (finishing move) to me, and he told me that he would let it slide because I seemed nice and I apologized; and I apologized again and I said that I probably should move somewhere else, he agreed with this idea, and so I moved somewhere else.

After eating and drinking I went inside the building again, the building had many classrooms and offices and dorm-like rooms and bathrooms and storage rooms et cetera in the same areas, and I had a dorm room/whatever; and some of my former classmates were there like my former female classmate DC, and she worked in the building in one of the offices.

My memory of this dream is flawed and out-of-order so I probably put some parts in the wrong place and messed up some of the details and I forgot most of the parts that took place inside the building, and so this dream is all messed up now; and I know that there was more to the gang part of the dream, and I came across some of them again outside and maybe inside the building (there was a gang with light brownish colored skin who spoke with Mexican English accents, there was a gang with medium – dark brownish colored skin, and there was a gang with whitish colored skin; and I only remember men being in all of the gangs).

At some point in the dream I rode a kick scooter to a Walmart store and after shopping something happened in the parking lot involving several gangs with guns and maybe a shootout, and I ended up using a stun gun pretending that it was a gun to save myself and stop the shootout maybe or something like that; and then I left on my kick scooter riding down the highway, which was fun, and I remember moving through lanes around traffic and jumping over debris.

There was a man and his two kids riding kick scooters as well behind me at some point and they were going the same direction as me, parts of the dream world were fictional and parts were the city of D like the highway that we were riding on, and at some point we reached the same building from earlier again; and we rode inside it, and I remember talking to them and they lived in the building as well.

I remember commenting about the appearance of the part of the building that I lived in which was a bit more rundown and lower class and dangerous than the other parts of the building (some of the gang members probably lived there as well), I commented that this part of the building had potential if the dangerous people would change or leave and if we could get people to clean and fix it up, but I was thankful to have somewhere to live and it was not that bad.

I walked around trying to find my room but I could not remember where my room was, I came across my former classmate DC again and she walked around with me trying to help me find my room, and I remember us finding a somewhat hidden room behind a corner that had a solid door and then a bathroom-like stall door.

Behind these two doors was a dorm-like room and it seemed that no one lived in it and it seemed like a nice quiet and more private and safe area, we both wondered if rooms like this were open for us to move into and how many more available rooms were there, and so we started looking around for more rooms; but we stopped by my former classmate DC’s office where she worked so that she could as her female boss if that room and other rooms were available for us to move into, and if so which rooms were available.

While she was doing that I waited outside but I wanted to continue searching for more rooms so I told her that I was going to continue searching, and that she could meet up with me when she was finished; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr