Work & An Experimental Anti-Speed Force Suit For A Speedster

All that I can remember of my dreams from last night is that one dream or one part of the dream involved me working at The BP Library, I remember my female coworker JB being there as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

The last thing that I remember is that some superheroes were testing out a new suit for a male speedster, who was basically The Flash, that they hoped would stop or limit the effects of The Speed Force on time & on the environment & on living things.

ID Checks | Getting Tangled

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was on a mission in another country with several women, I was wearing a suit but the women were dressed normally, and we separated during our mission.

The security kept ID checking the women but not me, one of them became wanted and the security were after her, and the other woman possibly started trying to run too when approached by security.

Martin Sheen Or Michael Douglas Changes Into My Dead Grandfather CE?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I could not tell what time of day it was because of the colors (maybe pinkish, reddish, light purple but who knows because I did not pay attention) and probably dream-like appearance or haze or cloudiness or fog or whatever of this dream world, maybe it was late afternoon or early evening, and this dream seemed to be taking place at maybe a nice resort by water.

An older version of either the actor Martin Sheen or Michael Douglas, in their old age they look too similar for me to tell them apart sometimes and in this dream he was even older than in real life so it was even harder to tell which of them it was but I assume that it was maybe Martin Sheen, was wearing a suit while sitting in a wheelchair on an upper area with mostly glass walls of the assumed resort to meet two women who had a girl with them.

The two women and the girl seemed to be from Japan (Japanese) but I am not sure and they all had probably black hair with light-colored skin (maybe yellow/white), the two women had a lot of make-up (cosmetics) on (maybe a combination of traditional and modern which made them look paler) and they were wearing strange maybe modern/traditional hybrid maybe Japanese clothing that looked like something from a fashion show like they were fashion designers or models and/or into art, and the girl was wearing maybe a more traditional Japanese outfit.

They greeted and presented Mr. Sheen or Mr. Douglas with a gift, I know that the girl drew or wrote some symbols and/or text and/or something (maybe calligraphy?) on Mr. Sheen’s or Mr. Douglas’s white dress shirt, and there was one pattern drawn or written down the middle of his shirt and a second pattern on the left side of his shirt and a third pattern on the right side of his shirt.

He somewhat confusedly thanked them and he asked them what did the symbols or drawing or whatever mean, I can not remember if they responded or not, but I do know that he was hard to understand now in his very old age and he needed the wheelchair to get around so his health was probably not very good.

This upper area had a nice view of the assumed resort, there were different parts to this building with balconies and areas that connected that allowed you to explore around the building and all the way to the dock-like area by the water, and then maybe the girl left and the two women pushed him in his wheelchair on their way outside to eat and drink near the water at an outdoor eating area (café or restaurant).

This was a nice-looking place, there was something medical that I can not remember that needed to be done  to him every so often, and his health was probably pretty poor so he needed extra care.

As the two women pushed him in his wheelchair something happened at some point in the dream (maybe they had some difficulties with his constant health needs during their meal, but I can not remember) that I can not remember where at some point they ended up somehow having me temporarily hold the wheelchair with him in it, I assume that this was supposed to be only briefly while they got help or got something, and then the dream changed to where he was now my dead grandfather CE who was alive again and who was also in poor health and he seemed to be at the end of his life.

I now seemed to be stuck with taking care of him like the two women had just left him with me and did not return so I pushed him down to an area that was owned by a family, this area somehow was related to the Fallout 4 video game DLC (add-on) called Vault-Tec Workshop (maybe part of it was underground and maybe it looked like Vault 88, and so this part of the dream was probably inspired by me playing this last night.

I was going to have to try to deal with his immediate health needs it seemed, I remember talking with a man with white skin who was one of the family members of the family who owned this area, and he agreed to let us enter this area under certain conditions that I can not remember and I remember this encounter being somewhat negative as I tried to ask for permission to use this area to maybe try to get my grandfather CE some help.

The man walked off to maybe talk to his family about the situation, while I waited something happened where my grandfather CE ended up falling out of the wheelchair somehow, and I picked him up and put him back in the wheelchair but he was unconscious or sleep.

I yelled for some help and my aunt DE (who works as a nurse and who is his daughter) ran over to check my grandfather CE and ask me questions about what happened, and I remember her checking his pulse and maybe blood pressure and listening to his heart with a stethoscope et cetera.

My grandfather CE would not wake up but he was breathing, he passed all the medical checks that my aunt DE did, and he probably looked peaceful like he was just sleeping so my aunt DE said that he was probably okay and would wake up eventually so we did not need to take him to the emergency room at this time.

My aunt DE then walked away telling me to let her know if his condition changes, but then I woke up shortly after this as I tried to figure out what I was supposed to do with him now .

Oddly earlier in the dream I did not notice his change from Mr. Sheen or Mr. Douglas to my dead grandfather CE, I just know that the two women probably asked me to hold his wheelchair for a moment, but they never returned so I was not sure what to do or where to go or how to deal with his medical problems.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Unexpected Guests

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Unexpected Guests, and the question was:

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

Wearing A Nice Suit In A Shopping Mall

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I only barely remember part of one interesting dream that probably had transitions, layers, possible dreams within dreams, experiments, and more that were sometimes controlled and taken over/interrupted by several different groups including possibly several different groups of aliens in the dream; but I did not voice record the dream, and so I have forgotten most of it unfortunately.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the dream now is several unclear and out-of-order dream fragments, one dream fragment took place during the day in maybe my parent’s yard, and I noticed that one of the automobiles in my parent’s yard had a flat tire; but that is all that I can remember of that.

Dream 3

Another dream fragment was normal as well but I can not remember the details, later I remember wearing a very nice suit and I looked good and professional and rich (I guess I saw my reflection on a window, I had a clean shave and a haircut, and the suit was a light-to-medium color that was maybe blueish gray or some color(s) that I can not remember), and my former male classmate JC was with me but I can not remember if he had a suit or not.

We went to a fictional shopping mall during the day, I remember us walking in less crowded areas around the outer ring of the mall, and I remember getting a lot of positive attention because I was wearing such a nice suit; and so people would glance at me, smile, nod, et cetera which was pretty cool even though I do not like getting attention.

I think that my former classmate JC and I were going to use this to our advantage to possibly walk through areas of the mall that are normally restricted but I am not sure, I remember us walking around somewhere without being bothered like people thought that I/we were high-level people who possible owned the building or some of the businesses, and there was more that happened but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

Another dream fragment or several dream fragments were confusing and unclear, I think that several people and I were transitioned between dream worlds and dreams and various experiments controlled by one or more alien groups and/or other groups and/or entities, and at first it started small with normal hide-and-seek and/or tag games and other things like that; but then things slowly got more dangerous, and they added threats that could kill people.

I remember being outside during the day at E Manor, we were sneaking around, and an unknown threat was killing people; and I remember seeing Aaron Chiz from YouTube, and both of us joined forces to sneak around; and when we were about to sneak inside E Manor we heard people getting killed by an unknown creäture, and so we had to sneak away from the door as a maybe shadowy or dark creäture left the house to search for us and the other survivors.

I think that the aliens and/or whoever else was running these experiments were watching us from somewhere else where we could not see them but I possibly would sometimes see clips of them in my mind watching us from maybe a dark room with monitors, and when Aaron and I were sneaking by my dead grandfather CE’s boat to avoid the creäture who was close to finding us an alien or another alien group and/or something like that interfered with the experiment trying to stop the other aliens/whoever from experimenting on us maybe.

Suddenly everything in dream world went black like someone turned out the lights, complete darkness, and I thought that I was blind for a moment and so I whispered to Aaron asking him if he could see anything and he could see nothing either; but then things went back to normal, some other things happened, but I can not remember.

I think that maybe the other alien/aliens/whoever gave us an opening to escape from this experiment to another dream world/dream, maybe to another dream/dream world from earlier, but I can not remember; but I think that this is what happened, and I probably moved between several layers and dreams and dream worlds avoiding one or more alien groups/whoever and/or trying to undo some of their experiments.

This dream was more interesting and detailed than this but I can not remember the rest now unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr

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