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Dream 1

This dream involved my mom, my male cousin DE, a few more family members from my mom’s side of the family, and I traveling in a fictional Lake Charles-like city.

DE was either staying at a small self storage building or a small place by it, maybe he was already living here & we were visiting him.


A Conjuration / Summoning Competition?

Skyrim Summons Ranked Worst To Best

The end of this dream took place at a building / house-like place, and I was there with some of my family & some of my family members & some other people.

We had a video game-like competition against some people where we possibly used some The Elder Scrolls-like summons to battle each other, if your summons won, then your team won; at least I think that is how it went.


A Futuristic Virtual Reality Dream Sharing Machine?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Berenger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, and Ken Watanabe in Inception (2010)
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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that some people were talking about the mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey, and at some point Ronda Rousey showed up surprisingly to give a brief press conference.

Ronda Rousey acknowledged her loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, she even actually said something positive toward Amanda Nunes and how she won their fight that I can not remember (I am not sure if she really meant it though, it somewhat sounded like something people just say because it is expected, and so it sounded a bit empty and scripted), and she said that she wants to fight again in the UFC one day in the future so she is not retiring yet.

But she said it in a way that sounded like it would be far in the future before she fights again, like maybe she would take another year break from the UFC or something, and then she probably ended the press conference.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

Unfortunately I can only remember part of this interesting dream from last night, and in some ways this dream somewhat reminded me of something from the film Inception.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it seemed to take place in the future and I was with a group of fictional people who probably knew one or more of my brothers, and I went with them to a somewhat futuristic room inside a somewhat futuristic building that probably belonged to a certain corporation.

Inside this room was a woman with whitish-colored skin wearing futuristic gray with white trim and maybe one or more colors clothing that somewhat reminded me of something that might be worn in the Capitol from The Hunger Games films except that it was practical and not as flamboyant but her hairstyle and futuristic accessories and appearance was slightly flamboyant and futuristic, who seemed to be a futuristic employee/scientist at this assumed corporation who was a somewhat high-level employee who seemed to be in control of this room and part of the assumed corporation, and she had one or more assistants.

There were some futuristic chairs scattered around the room and some equipment that was probably somewhat like a more advanced version of the Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous Device (PASIV Device) from the film Inception, maybe it was wireless but I am not sure, and there was a screen that allowed them to see what was going on in the virtual reality (VR) dream worlds or whatever that you would all connect to using their equipment and they could control some things in this virtual reality dream world or normal dream world or whatever.

Basically it seemed to be a virtual reality dream sharing machine that allowed people to all connect to the same virtual reality dream world or normal dream world at the same time, and the people I was with probably brought me along so that I could help them because of some of my dream abilities and my experience from my many dreams so I was probably going to be playing a support and adviser and head of security type role maybe or just be an important asset to the team.

We sat down in the chairs and the woman and her team probably got us all set up and connected and calibrated to their equipment, which was possibly wireless but I can not remember, and she probably explained some rules and warnings before we all connected to a virtual reality dream world or normal dream world.

I am not sure if this was a virtual reality dream world created by their equipment or if we all connected to one person’s dream in our group or if this was some kind of shared dream that our combined brains/minds created with the help of the equipment, either way we were all in the same dream world, and it was a pretty bare gray dream world.

We were in a parking lot next to a sealed off building, almost like a small shopping center where you could not enter the building(s), and to the right there was a narrow and small dark alley and corner while there was probably an empty street along two other sides.

The woman and the people controlling the equipment probably sent some generic fully armored and well-armed SWAT-like/military/special forces-like to attack us for a bit of action and fun I guess for us, and so using one of my dream powers I think that I summoned some generic well-armed fully armored military/special forces-like dream security for my team and they were dressed in either a dark-gray color or black while the attacking group was either dressed in gray or black.

The attacking forces and our dream security were very basic and generic and were not very good, so they were not really a threat for us and our dream security was not very good, and this was just a warm up and to make things a bit more exciting I guess.

When I summoned our dream security I did it very quick without effort and I did not really care to make them with detail and skills or to lead them, they were just meant to be distractions mostly so that we could relax during the fighting, and I did not even summon a head of my dream security (the last was probably a tall Brienne Of Tarth-like woman with whitish-colored skin with short yellow hair who was the strong quiet loyal and dedicated soldier/bodyguard-type like my own weak version of a Fish Speaker from the Frank Herbert Dune books) so they did not fight with good skill or tactics like my average dream security does.

Things were probably going well and my team and I were probably having a bit of fun until something went wrong, I can not remember what happened exactly, but I think that it possibly all started during the fight when a male dream character with whitish-colored skin who somewhat reminded me of an android from the Alien films started to act strange and robotic like he was malfunctioning and he walked in the dark alley in the corner so I followed him and I talked with him trying to figure out what was wrong with him and maybe his eyes turned red briefly and then my dream security probably started attacking us like something went wrong and was controlling the dream characters and/or causing them to go rogue or malfunction and it all started with this one dream character.

My team and I were forced to start fighting all the dream characters, including my own dream security who I could not control now, and so we were fortunate that they were all generic and not very tough.

My team was confused and were yelling at me to control the situation, I let them know that I did not know what was happening and that I could not control it and that I had never had this happen before, and I explained how this all started while we fought all the dream characters.

I calmed my team down and let them know that we could at least defeat the dream characters and then I had to take lead of my team, but then the woman and her team removed us from the dream world.

The woman was angry and was yelling at her assistants trying to figure out what went wrong, and then she started questioning us as her and her team tried to figure out what caused the dream characters to malfunction and refuse to respond to their commands.

The woman felt that something must be unusual with one of the people on my team so she started doing some scans of us looking for anomalies/abnormalities, and she noticed some anomalies/abnormalities when she looked at my scans.

It seemed that something was unusual about me, I am not sure if it was my brain or how it functions or what it was exactly, whatever it was had the attention of the woman and she seemed very interested and like this information could help her and her corporation like this had potential to led to a scientific discovery or improvements in her research and dream sharing equipment/machine/whatever.

She clearly wanted to study the scans and do more tests on me, I did not want to be a test subject really especially for a corporation with unknown motives, and so she probably decided to distract us while she studied my scans by letting her team connect us back into the dream world and maybe she was hoping to observe me and maybe try to copy some of my memories or my entire brain without me knowing it through the dream sharing machine as well but who knows.

We returned to the same dream world in the parking lot, things were probably under control again and my dream security and the attacking forces were probably gone, and when I went to the dark alley and corner there was a clip that showed a male mixed martial artist in the UFC who was alleging that he had been in a coma for three days after trying to prepare for a fight that ended up being cancelled.

He possibly went into a coma after an accident where he was probably dehydrating himself to make weight for the fight, and it probably happened when he was taking an ice bath or something.

Him and his trainers showed an image of him from behind that they alleged was of him after the ice bath when he went into the coma, they did not provide any other proof, and so some people did not believe them and assumed that this was part of building hype for the now fail fight and trying to improve his image/reputation.

This video or scene was possibly being projected on a wall in the dark alley/corner and after this ended I walked back to the parking lot with the others, but I woke up as we talked about what had happened earlier in the dream and as we tried to decide what to do next in this dream world.

The end,

-John Jr


A Man Testing Out Skyrim Summons

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I had a somewhat long dream that I remembered part of when I woke up needing to use the bathroom, I waited a moment to try to remember more before getting up to use the bathroom, but I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording the dream and without using the bathroom; and so now I only remember a few random pieces of maybe two or more similar or connected dreams.

The dream or dreams took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D, I was possibly living in a dorm or apartment at a school or college that somewhat reminded me of D High School, and so some parts of the dream or dreams took place at the school and/or college and the dorm and/or apartment.

At some point I remember walking away across the parking lot and walking across the city until I reached an area past downtown past the I Theater, I remember there was a man there testing out summons from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and some fictional summons like: Conjure Dremora Lord, Conjure Wrathman, and two fictional summons of two women with yellowish/whitish colored skin with short blackish colored hair. (This part of the dream was inspired by Gopher’s Lets Play Skyrim (Chapter 3) : Dawnguard playlist)

The man was trying to figure out which summon was the best overall, he wanted to rank them, and he probably wanted to know which summon was best in certain situations; and so he was comparing what he assumed were the top four first, and then he wanted to do a tournament/test of all the summons next.

The two fictional summons each were of women who looked basically the same (maybe twins), one had a magical attack that rained a large blackish colored block and maybe some other things down on her opponent, and the other had a sword; and I watched him summon each alone, against other opponents, and then against each other.

He was hoping for a summon that had close and ranged combat and that was balanced enough to be used in a variety of situations against even powerful enemies, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr


Moving Between Several Dream Worlds / Dimensions From A Villain / Male Dream Character

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Unfortunately I forgot most of my main dream from last night, it was long and confusing and complex, and I slept a bit too long; and so I forgot the important parts, and so it will not make much sense.

I think that the dream involved a male dream character and I being in a video game-like dream world that was maybe similar to The Elder Scrolls video games, the male dream character was probably tall & thin & wore eyeglasses (glasses) & he reminded me of my cousin SC / CC, and we both knew a bit about this dream world / video game / dimension; but he knew more.

We probably somehow escaped the video game-like dream world to another dream world when we were running for our lives, we met a group of people, and we probably went between several dream world during the entire dream.

The male dream character kept going back to the video game-like dream world since there you could have superpowers / magic / et cetera, and eventually he became stronger; and he probably somehow learned how to bring his powers from that dream world to other dream worlds, and he became a villain and / or brought a villain into our world by accident or on purpose.

I remember being in one dream world on Eastside near the post office in the fictional area where the A Plant should be where there is usually extra trails & a company / construction going on & places to explore go inside of, I remember being in another dream world where there were hill-like areas & I helped a group of people move back & forth from this dream world to others for their safety, and I remember being in another dream world with a shopping mall & an outdoor area connected to the mall; and in the dream a group of people, the villain and/or male dream character, and I moved back & forth between dream worlds often.

The villain and/or male dream character kept attacking us/taking us hostage/taunting us/chasing us and he/they were too powerful for us to stop, and so I kept moving a group of other dream characters to different dream worlds for their/our safety.

I was probably the only other person who could also try to figure out how to bring my powers from the game-like dream world & get more powerful, but I was too busy saving people & running & hiding & defending against the villain and/or male dream character to focus on figuring out how to do that to stop him/them.

It was unfair since we had no powers / magic, and he/they could use powers / magic & break the natural laws of other dream worlds; and so we kept running, hiding, defending, being taken hostage while trying to survive.

The villain and/or male dream character seemed to be just playing / toying with us to show off / test his / their many powers (he/they became/were large & powerful & wore dark scary daedric-like armor with a helmet & could float/fly & probably could summon entities / creatures to fight for them/him), and I remember talking with him a few times as he boasted/taunted us; but I can not remember the details or most of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr