A Security Booth | A Hospital Job & A Superhero & Library Events

Dream 1

Spell check or something messed up my notes for the last sentence of this dream, so I am not sure what happened at the end of this dream now.

The end of this dream took place during the day outside in front of one of The D High School parking lots.

There was a security booth with some male security guards handling a checkpoint to park, and they said that I was clear to enter the parking lot.


A Woman Shopping For Mobile Phone Cases Online

Fosmon STURDY Shock Absorbing Dual Layer Hybrid Holster Cover Kickstand Case for LG G3 Review
Source: YouTube

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a woman or young woman with light-color skin with orange or red hair who possibly used to be a Watchmen-like superhero/superheroine who had an accident that possibly left her unable to walk or stand (if so I am not sure if it was temporarily or permanently).

The woman or young woman was inside a building or house sitting down at a computer looking at/shopping for hybrid mobile phone cases with holsters at a website that was probably Amazon, which is one of the things that I was doing in the real world before going to sleep because I finally bought new mobile phones (the Motorola Moto G7 Play when it was on sale for $150) for most of my family and I, and there was another woman in the room as well who was somewhat older.


My Super Ex-Girlfriend

What is it?

The 2006 American superhero comedy movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

My Super Ex Girlfriend Official Trailer!

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

A regular guy finds out just how hard breaking up can truly be when attempting to call it quits with a clingy female crime fighter who doesn’t want to let love die in director Ivan Reitman’s super-powered romantic comedy.

Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) was looking for love when he first met pretty brunette Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), and at the time it seemed as if he may have finally actually found it.

Jenny isn’t just your typical girl, though, because despite her outwardly normal appearance, she is actually a powerful superhero dedicated to ridding the streets of crime.

Her outward strength betrays a deep-rooted


A Walking Trail In A City With Dave Batista And My Former College Dorm Desk Monitor MM

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of the end of one dream and part of a semi-dream.

Dream 1

The end of the dream involved me leaving an apartment in a fictional city during a nice day and there was a walking trail near my apartment building that was in a nice wilderness area, and the walking trail/wilderness separated one part of the city/neighborhood from our part of the city/neighborhood & so you could reach the other part of the city/neighborhood through the trail if you wanted to.

It seemed that this city probably had nice natural areas like this connecting different neighborhoods, they were like parks almost, which was nice.

I probably was walking and talking with someone else and the dream seemed to be taking place during the fall, because there were different color leaves on the ground & on plants/trees which were loosing some of their leaves, and there was probably a pond and/or river near the trail on the right side; and there was an area to the left of the trail that was sunken/lower than the trail & there were fields and/or farm-like land on that side.

It was nice walking through the clean, quiet, natural, and beautiful trail/wilderness with the wind blowing a bit; and at some point we came across a group of men who I somewhat recognized, and so I stopped to greet them, thinking that I knew them.

One of the men reminded me of / was my former college dorm desk monitor MM from Bolivia, one of the men was the WWE professional wrestler Dave Batista, another man was a combination of a person from my former college who was from Turkey mixed/combined with someone else & he seemed confused not knowing if he really knew me or not, and the fourth man I did not know & he probably did not speak English.

We briefly talked, I remember briefly talking with MM about what he/we had done since we left college & I asked him if he went back to Bolivia or not, and I briefly talked with one or two of the other men like Batista; and then I and who ever might have been with me continued our walk, but I woke up & then I somewhat went back to sleep & I had a semi-dream.

Dream 2

This semi-dream was a constant interruption of three different fictional YouTube channels & the people who ran them, the channels & some of their videos & the owners of the channels would play one at-a-time randomly interrupting each other, and it was a bit annoying since they kept interrupting my thoughts/dream.

One channel was owned by a fake Hulk Hogan-like man or the real Hulk Hogan, the second channel was owned by Vin Diesel or a fake Vin Diesel-like man, and I forgot who owned the third channel.

Random videos from each channel would play and sometimes the dream would jump to the owners talking about their videos and/or talking with other people, I would try to make them stop playing/interrupting my dream, but I kept failing to stop them.

*Warning Reader Discretion Advised, Sexual Content*

I only remember one of the several videos that played, it was from the Vin Diesel or fake Vin Diesel-like man, and it was called Thigh Sex; and it involved him dressed in a goofy masked superhero costume laying in a small bed with a woman who was also wearing a goofy masked superheroine costume, and the room was mostly dark.

The man and the woman started making-out/kissing/et cetera in their goofy costumes, and they started basically having fake sex with all of their clothes/costumes on; and then the man started basically humping her thigh(s) acting goofy and the woman seemed to enjoy it, and it quickly ended with a goofy laugh.

All of this was confusing and annoying, I just wanted all of it to stop, and I wondered if that was the real Vin Diesel or not since he was acting so goofy; and fortunately I eventually woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂