Exploring Warhammer 40K: Creating A Space Marine

Source: YouTube

Yesterday I saw an interesting YouTube video by the YouTube channel The Exploring Series called Exploring Warhammer 40K: Creating A Space Marine:

This video explains some of the steps in the process of selecting and creating and training Space Marines in the lore of Warhammer 40,000.

I was not expecting this much detail and for this much to be involved in that process, that is crazy and interesting, and it sounds like Space Marines would be overpowered.

Thank you The Exploring Series for videos like this because I did not know anything about this franchise until your videos.

The end,

-John Jr


Sleep Paralysis Within Dreams Within A Dream & False Awakenings & A Lucid Dream Within A Dream

I had a lot of short dreams with waking up and going back to sleep, dreams within dreams, false awakenings, false awakenings within dreams, a lucid dream within a dream, sleep paralysis in dreams within dreams (maybe in the real world too, but I am not sure), and more that took place inside and outside at various locations including The BP Library (but I can not remember which dream).

I only very weakly and briefly set the intention to lucid dream as I was going to sleep with the intention to try the Lost Truth (Moment) flying method first, to try to summon Lost Truth second, and to try to talk to the dream world (my subconscious) third.