10-3-2009 | Superman Public Enemy The Dream

Superman confronts Lex Luthor at LexCorp Tower
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Last night I remembered parts of my last dream, which may have been my longest lucid dream yet, well the dream did not go lucid until the middle of the dream; the dream was inspired by the film Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, which I had watched with my brothers before going to sleep.

Yesterday I practiced a few techniques to help myself have a lucid dream such as:  looking at my hands several times throughout the day and asking myself if I am dreaming, reminding myself before I went to sleep to keep rubbing my hands together once the dream goes lucid to help stop myself from waking up, and I reminded myself to remember the dream after waking up several times.

To my surprise the techniques worked, my last dream started without me even in the dream, but I could see every thing like a camera person.