With My Parents After A Natural Disaster

English: Mansfield, Ohio, September 13, 2007 -- A FEMA Mobile Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) registers homeowners and business owners who suffered damages in recent flooding in the community. FEMA sets up Mobile DRC'c in communities as a quick response. The trucks are equipped with full communication abilities. John Ficara/FEMA
File:FEMA – 32750 – FEMA Mobile Disaster Recovery Center in Ohio.jpg Federal Emergency Management Sign Near A FEMA RV

This dream took place out of town during the day, and I was with my parents after a natural disaster.

We went to pick up supplies that my aunt RE left outside the fence of an area that the government / military set up for disaster response.


Work | Floating & Flying Like Mother

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me working at The BP Library I assume, and I remember that my female coworkers JB and AG were sharing hurricane supplies.

My coworker Mr. JM wanted me to focus on working on something that I can not remember, and my coworker Ms. MB wanted me to help a business with something that I can not remember; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


My Uncle WC Looks Healthier

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is walking during the evening or night with my mom down the street by the stop sign when we saw my uncle WC walking, and so we stopped to talk with him.

He looked healthier and he moved better than I have seen him in years, especially since his stroke, and he told us that he was walking for exercise like his doctor had recommended; and I told him that it was good that he was exercising, and I complimented him about how he looked a moved better.

He told me that he was adjusting his diet, exercising, taking his medicine, and drinking more water like his doctor recommended; and that it was working to improve his health, and he said that his main problem had been his diet.

I asked him what were some of the foods that were a problem for him, he did not have his list with him, but he did name ramen / instant noodles as one of the main foods that he had to remove or reduce from his diet because it had high levels of something which caused those levels in his body to get too high.

I told him to keep up the good work, I probably shook his hand and patted him on the shoulder, and I said goodbye so that he could get back to his walk; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was traveling with a small group of people who were traveling during dangerous times trying to look for supplies, shelter, and a safe place from threats like the dream world was very dangerous like society had collapsed or something like that.

We found a warehouse-like building with several garage-style doors that we started searching for supplies and we were going to consider using it for shelter, at least temporarily, but I remember hearing some sounds so two women with whitish colored skin and I went to go see what it was.

A group of men led by an old man with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair entered the building, we pointed guns at each other until we both realized that we were not threats to each other, and then the other group started quickly looking for supplies as well as the leader talked with us.

Some people from the other group said that some threats were coming so their group quickly grabbed a few more supplies and then they were going to run, the leader of the group did give us some advice before leaving, he told us that they had a slogan/rule that they like to follow:

“If things get too hot, run. or If things seem too hot, run.”.

He recommended that we run but we wanted to get a few more supplies first, he wished us luck and him and his group ran away, and the two women and I started trying to close and lock the garage-style doors to hopefully slow the threats down long enough for us to get our supplies and run.

We warned the others while we were doing this, I remember struggling to lock one of the locks, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Place Called Photographs

I only barely remember part of one dream from last night, part of the dream involved a job but that is all that I can remember of that part of the dream, and another part of the dream started inside a windowless house where maybe some of my family and I lived.

I remember getting a phone call from my uncle CE, at the end of the phone call he wanted some of my family and maybe a few other people and I to bring him some supplies (maybe meat and a few other things) for a gathering, and we assumed that he was going to cook barbecue outside for everyone during the gathering.


The Scavengers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The night before last I remembered part of my last dream, which started
in an unknown area and I appeared to be with a group of people who
were going around trying to survive and scavenge for supplies.

We may have been on the outskirts (countryside) of a city or something and the dream
started with us getting attacked by a few raiders like the ones on
Fallout 3 and the people in my group also looked like raiders, but they
looked less aggressive.

Only a few people in my group had guns and they did not have much
ammunition, so the fight with the raiders was mostly a mêlée battle,
and we won.

We got some supplies and left to find some shelter and more supplies,
and on our journey several other people joined us; so our group had
some middle-aged people, senior citizens, and a few kids.

It seemed that there were not many humans around anymore or something,
like some disaster happened and many people died or left or something,
and so our group moved around a lot for supplies, shelter, and to avoid
raider attacks.

We seemed to have several places that we could use as shelter so we
stopped at two of them temporarily, and then we left to find a new

We found a small lake with a water fall, a cave, and a shack but there were raiders there so another battle started.

This time more of us had guns and this battle was more of a ranged battle, and we won.

We then checked the area, started to gather supplies, and came up with several plans.

I had a gun at this point and me and the other people with guns seemed
to be making most of the decisions, we all discussed things as a group,
but the others let us make the last decisions for some reason.

We had some of the group do guard duty, some of the group were sent to
scavenge, some stayed to repair/clean/cook/ect., and some of us stayed
to try to work out rules and ways to better survive; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂