Hiding From The Police With My Family

Dream 1

Throughout part of this dream from last night I remember seeing/experiencing various scenes of people being angry that Donald Trump is now The President Of The United States and those people also being angry at supporters of President Donald Trump, and I got to see/experience how supporters of President Trump felt and responded to that anger being directed at them.

So throughout the dream at random times I would see/experience short scenes of people ranting against President Trump and his supporters, arguing with and threatening and pressuring supporters of President Trump, alienating supporters of President Trump, et cetera.

Basically they were making supporters of President Trump feel like hated outsiders who were being banished from society, and they were doing what they could to pressure and wear down and harm supporters of President Trump.

This caused social and mental and emotional damage and reactions to some supporters of President Trump, and some of them felt afraid and alone and alienated and paranoid and under attack and in danger and like outsiders et cetera.

I can not remember most of this dream now but at some point in the dream during the day I was with all of my family except for my brother CC and his family, and we seemed to be in maybe a city in T visiting and/or vacationing with my brothers KD and TD.

We were possibly in a college-like building when something that I can not remember happened, the police were coming to respond to whatever had happened, and whatever happened caused my family and I to think that the police would be after us so we left to avoid and hide from the police.

We left outside on our way to hid at a hotel that was currently closed so no one was supposed to be on that property, so going there would a crime because the hotel was restricted property at this time, but we felt that the police would not look for us there so that is why we went to hid there until the police left and we felt that they were not looking for anyone anymore.

On our way to the nearby hotel we found a young girl with light-colored skin with dark-medium-t0-dark-colored hair whose family was probably from Mexico (Mexican), she seemed to be lost from her family and we did not want to leave her there alone outside, and so she went with us to hide until we could help her find her family and then we would leave.

We sneaked into the hotel which was furnished and clean, it seemed like a hotel that was only temporarily closed for some reason, and so no one was around which allowed us to hide in one of the hotel rooms on the first floor that had a window.

My family, the girl, and I hid in the room quietly as we waited and we probably quietly talked sometimes (the girl could speak English, and probably Spanish) but I woke up while we were still doing this.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D on 4th Street almost across from Mrs. MB’s house, and my dad was going across the street to a house along the edge of the street where maybe one of our female cousin’s lived so I followed him.

The house was so close to the street that we had to partly stand in the street while my dad knocked on the door and/or rang/rung the doorbell, and so I kept looking around to make sure that no automobiles were driving up the street so that we could avoid getting ran over.

This seemed dangerous to me and I remember saying so, no one was answering the door at first so I was ready to go and I suggested that we leave, but my dad kept trying.

At some point the door suddenly opened, I went to see who opened it but I do not remember seeing anyone so I was confused, but then I woke up as my dad was about to enter the house.

The end,

-John Jr


A Supporter Of President Donald Trump Starts An Argument With My Family

I did not voice record or think about my dreams at first this morning so my memory of my last dream is fading fast so I have forgotten t a lot of it, and so it will not make much sense and important details are missing.

During part of the dream and/or when I was waking up from the dream I remember hearing the song Pilots by Goldfrapp being played (sung/sang):