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Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a country that was maybe a bit like Thailand or Vietnam or The Philippines where you could travel by boat to reach some areas, and we had to use a boat to reach some areas.

I am there with my brother CC and either one or more of my brothers and/or several other people, we are looking for a dangerous man/criminal who probably raped and killed people among other things, and our job was to arrest him and bring him back to another country so that he could face trial et cetera.


The DEA And ICE Are Hiding Surveillance Cameras In Streetlights

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I read an interesting news article by Quartz called The DEA And ICE Are Hiding Surveillance Cameras In Streetlights:

I wonder how many hidden cameras are hidden around the world (not just by those mentioned in the article) that we do not know about?

Who are some of the people with access to these hidden cameras, what is the purpose of these hidden cameras, and what is done with the data collected by them?

The end,

-John Jr