An Automobile Accident + Salusa Secundus + Rimuru Tempest + Flack + Dermasil Lotion = ?

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Dream 1

This dream involved someone getting chased by some people, I possibly somehow got involved and they started chasing me instead by mistake, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during a gray day and I was riding in an automobile with some of my family like my mom, maybe my dad, and maybe one or more of my brothers.

My mom was driving, we were driving along a highway with forests on both sides of the road, and we were in a storm that got worse and worse.

There were other people driving in front and behind us, one automobile was driving way too closely behind us, and at some point their reckless driving and the wind of the storm caused an accident where the wind lifted our automobile in the air and it pushed the automobile in front of us off the road into the forest on the right side.

When we landed the reckless driver behind us possibly caused us to drive off the road into the forest on the right, and the wind blew us the rest of the way and we possibly had to jump out of the automobile.

Some automobiles possibly collided, maybe there was an explosion, but I can not remember.

Amazingly no one was hurt, not even the man in the automobile in front of us who had light-color skin, and we probably had a brief argument with the reckless driver who had been behind us who was a man with light-color skin who was somehow acting like this was our fault.

After checking on everyone and briefly talking we waited on emergency services to arrive, we waited in the forest, and we possibly heard police sirens but then things got quiet.

I felt that something was not right, I sensed that maybe the police and SWAT were about to raid the area falsely thinking that a terrorist attack had taken place or something, and so I went warn the others and I let them know to keep their hands up where the police can see them and follow their instructions if I was correct about this.

Suddenly at the opening of the forest I heard and saw something being dropped from above, I assumed that these were stun grenades, and so I yelled for everyone to look away and to not run and to keep their hands up because it was probably the police / SWAT.

I heard explosions behind me, I was the closest to the blast, and then I saw and heard SWAT roping down and yelling at us.

They were wearing camouflage military style uniforms and were fully armored (helmets, body armor, elbow pads, knee pads, and hard knuckle gloves) with everything having a matching military camouflage pattern (a MultiCam-like pattern) and they had black assault rifles (AR-15 style).

Thanks to my predictions and warning the others, no one was impacted by the stun grenades and everyone followed my recommendations so no one got shot, and I quickly let the police / SWAT know that this was simply an automobile accident / storm related accident so there were no threats here.

The police / SWAT calmed down after a quick search of the area and as I explained the situation to them, they called for assistance, and a somewhat tall female doctor / scientist with light-color skin with long maybe somewhat curly black hair wearing a white lab coat and maybe glasses arrived to check us for injuries as they waited for the fire department and a tow truck et cetera.

The female doctor / scientist was from the planet Salusa Secundus from the Dune franchise, she looked human but I wondered if she was human because I did not know that any humans were living on other planets especially not a planet like that which is that far away, and so I went to ask her about her planet and what other planets were inhabited and how many other sentient species had she met.

I can not remember her responses, I just remember my former uncle DE and maybe my male cousin ME showing up, and I remember briefly talking to them.

The next thing that I remember is possibly no longer being completely myself, I was possibly combined with the character Rimuru Tempest in human form from the anime television show That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and He / I went to a multi-story college / local government / multi-purpose-like building in a city.

He / I went up an alley to a side entrance on the right side of the building, some people happened to be going that way and let him / me in, and this was a special part of the building that only certain people were supposed to use.

The next thing that I remember is Rimuru / me returning to this same building and area, he / I was wearing maybe a white cap and gown (academic dress), and we entered an auditorium style classroom / political-looking room filled with other people wearing white cap and gowns and blue ones.

They were taking turns giving speeches in the center first floor area and having maybe political debates, Rimuru / I waited for our turn, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was inspired by me watching part of episode 1 of the 2019 television show Flack before going to sleep.

The dream involved the main character Robyn (played by the actress Anna Paquin), and she was still working in public relations (PR).

Another part of the dream involved me thinking about trying some Dermasil lotion to see how good it is, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream once again possibly involved me being combined with the character Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and he / I were gathering together different sentient species to meet in a building in the wilderness near some corn / wheat fields or just fields of tall plants.

There was a small road that led to this building and dirt roads through the fields, and Rimuru / I seemed to be trying to get all the species to come together to form an alliance.

A group of small humanoids wearing white and black pinstripe suits approached the main road, they were led by a man / male whose appearance changed throughout the dream, with him having light-color skin at first and then medium-color skin and then dark-color skin and his height increased each time as well until he and the others were human-sized.

They seemed like a mafia or something, their leader acted like he wanted to kill Rimuru / me and take over the alliance and / or figure out another way to remove Rimuru / me from being the leader of the alliance, and so they seemed to be setting up their plans and secretly spreading their people around.

At some point the leader came to one of the meetings, he was taller now and had medium-color skin, and he was representing his people / species / mafia / whoever; but he just watched and listened and schemed quietly.

Later in the dream when the leader was maybe ready to try to overthrow Rimuru / me, he leader was taller and had dark-color skin with black hair, and he looked like the actor Mahershala Ali.

He was riding on the back of an old tan convertible four-door car, maybe a Lincoln or Oldsmobile, and he was riding confidently in a convoy of automobiles slowly sneaking up the road to the building to probably try to kill Rimuru / me when most people were gone.

Rimuru / I had saw them approaching, he / I did something but the dream jumped in time so that I did not know what he / I did, and as the convoy approached they noticed some bloody human-looking bones and then some larger non-human bones that eventually blocked them from reaching the building.

They sensed a possible trap but they turned through the dirt roads between the fields, they were on high alert, and Rimuru / I was sneaking around hiding and watching them to see if my plan to get them to leave would work or not.

They saw some people between the fields doing normal stuff, but they possibly heard a strange non-human animal sound in the fields (which was possibly something that Rimuru / I had set up) so they assumed that it was the sounds of whatever had left those bloody bones to they decided to leave and cancel their plans for today so Rimuru’s / my plan worked.

Something was going to have to be done about that mafia group though.

The next thing that I remember is being myself again and I was with my coworkers from The BP Library, and we went to the building that Rimuru used for the alliance meetings but all the other species were gone so it was just us.

We seemed to be on a work trip, we were in the main meeting room that had pews for seating and we were sitting down talking, and I remember one of my female coworkers mentioned a fictional male celebrity and then my supervisor Ms. JM responded: “That she hated that f####r!” and then everyone started laughing loudly in shock and then things got quiet as everyone wondered if our director Mrs. EC would say something and if Ms. JM would get in trouble for cursing like that.

Mrs. EC did not say anything and Ms. JM did not get in trouble, and so everyone continued talking and Ms. JM explained why she did not like that male celebrity.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Watching Slow Cookers For My Mom

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Dream 1

I did not get out of bed to use the bathroom and voice record my dreams so I forgot most of my dreams, I remembered part of this dream when I woke up later, but I forgot most of it after I focused on trying to remember my second dream; and so all that I can remember of this dream is that part of it took place outside during the day.

I remember driving down a highway that reminded me of the area on the highway to the city of LC near the SB School, maybe I was on my way to a job that I got making/putting together toys for a large toy company, but I am not sure; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was confusing and illogical in some parts of the dream, it took place inside a multi-story building, and during one part of the dream there were threats in the building; and I started helping the police / SWAT team deal with the threats, and another person and I figured out a special stealth technique that we could pass on to other people.

This stealth technique was probably partly inspired by stealth in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in the dream we were crouched and sneaking around the building, and the stealth technique allowed you to do extra damage to opponents when sneaking and some other things; and you could pass this technique to others by doing a weak stealth attack on them.

So we sneaked around doing weak stealth attacks on the police and SWAT team to pass on this technique to them, and they/we used this on the threats to defeat them as we cleared the building; and at some point I let them finish clearing the building while I helped my mom do some cooking on one floor of the building in a hallway-like area near stairs.

My mom probably left some slow cookers and some other things going/cooking and she went somewhere while I watched them, and I took this time to start back putting together toy automobiles and toy guns for a large toy company who I was working for it seemed (probably the same one from the first dream).

I got interrupted by my aunt SE, my female cousin ME, my female cousin RE, and a group of unknown women who came to learn from and cook with my mom using some of her slow cookers and other equipment combined with the equipment that they brought with them; but my mom was still gone, and so they started trying to cook using some of my mom’s recipes until she got back.

I probably tried to somewhat help them but I remember us being interrupted when a man and woman started arguing, the woman tackled the man sending them both falling down the stairs bouncing as they hit the stairs very hard, and the woman was under the man each time that they hit the stairs; and so she was taking the most damage.

Eventually the reached the bottom on the somewhat long almost spiral stairs, they were both unconscious and the woman was probably in a coma, and I had to help move their bodies so that some of the women could rush them to the hospital.

After this I stayed behind with my aunt SE, my cousin ME, my cousin RE, and some of the unknown women; and we had to clean up some of their food and equipment that got knocked over and broken when the man and woman fell down the stairs.

Missing some of the equipment I remember them trying to cook some pizza, I was cooking one, but the equipment that they needed for their pizza was broken so they tried to cook it on a hot plate or something on the stairs; and I remember that not working out so well, and I heard my aunt SE mention lice getting on their pizza.

I took my pizza out when it was done, it cooked well, and I told them that they could try to cook their pizza in the equipment that I had used if they felt that their pizza was still edible; but it was not, and so they gave up on that idea.

I remember needing to urinate and so I found an open bathroom across the room maybe or in the room next to this hallway area, there was no privacy except for their being some stalls with no doors, and my aunt and my two cousins and some of the women were in a higher area where they could see the bathroom; and many of them were watching as they talked.

I remember a few of the women going to use the bathroom too, I kept trying to find a more private part of the bathroom but I could not, and so I waited until most of the women left before trying to use the bathroom; and I decided to try to urinate in a toilet with no stall, and it was very strangely designed.

There was a closed non-functional toilet in the air connected to another functional toilet connected to it under it, you could use the second toilet which was also high in the air, and under both of those toilets to the right was another functional toilet; and so these three toilets were connected in a L-shape, and there were several of these near the stalls.

I climbed up to the first toilet but it was not functional so I climbed down to the second toilet, one of the toilets had soft fabric on top of the lid, I remember touching it and I could feel it; and I remember worrying about it being contaminated, and so I climbed down to use the third toilet that was closest to the ground like a normal toilet but I can not remember if I used the bathroom or not because that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Hostage Situation At A School | My Uncle CE And My Cousin ME At My Grandfather’s House

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I had several dreams last night but I was not able to voice record them and I woke up a few times, and so I barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the afternoon in a slightly fictional place that seemed to be near where the Head Start School should be in the city of D or a fictional place similar to it, and supposedly a hostage situation was taking place inside a school that was in this area; and my brothers KD & TD were inside the school among the hostages.

Somehow my mom, my brother GC, my former classmate TT, the police, SWAT, several other people, and I were in an area near the school; and for some strange reason the police and SWAT did not surround the entire school and they only covered one side of the school with snipers/shooters, and so the hostage takers could escape if they wanted to (I even talked to them about this, but they did not seem to care).

Supposedly a group of people with guns entered the school and took the entire school hostage but the situation did not seem right and it did not make sense as I asked more questions, and as I observed the behavior of the police and SWAT; and they acted like they were waiting for something/someone (maybe the FBI and/or an order for someone), they seemed to be acting/faking/pretending, they did not try to communicate with the hostage takers and the hostage takers did not try to communicate with them, they did not secure the area, they seemed ready to dangerously raid the school once the order was given, and I started to wonder if this was a false flag-like event or a practice drill or something like that.

My former classmate TT was dressed like Sherlock Holmes from the BBC TV show Sherlock, he even had the same hairstyle but his hair is a lighter brownish color, and he even was acting like him and making facial expressions like him as I went investigating the situation; and at some point I got tired of the police and SWAT and I did not trust them, and so I decided to sneak into the school with my brother GC and several other people to save the teachers and students.

We entered the school but it was oddly quiet and eventually we found a room where only a few students were, including my brothers KD and TD, but there were no teachers and most of the students were missing; and there was one or more hostage takers there, but I do not think that he or they had weapons and so we arrested him or them.

The hostage taker or the hostage takers told us various things and we asked him or them various questions but the situation still did not make any sense, and we still did not know where the teachers and other students were; and so I sent some of the people with me to take the students and my brothers KD and TD outside to safety and to tell the others about the situation inside the school, and we continued searching the school for the other students and the teachers and the other hostage takers but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place at my grandfather’s house in the morning I think, and my uncle CE and his son my cousin ME were at my grandfather’s house and I was there as well.

I remember my uncle CE talking about various things and showing off, and I remember him talking about various things that he thinks should be done at my grandfather’s house and/or repair projects that he might try to do at my grandfather’s house; but I was focused on helping my grandfather, cleaning up his house and yard, and trying to show them things that they could do to help my grandfather too and how.

My uncle CE’s repair plans were mostly things there were not necessary or needed and things that he would probably never fix, and so I kept trying to suggest practical/necessary/needed things that he could fix now instead; but my uncle CE and my cousin ME did not seem interested, and they just wanted to talk mostly instead of help/do/clean/fix/et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


John Jr’s Baby | JF Gets His Eyes Injured During A Sports Match

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I had at least three dreams last night but I forgot the first dream, I forgot most of the second dream after waking up to use the bathroom & going back to sleep forgetting that my dream recall is not as good as it was so I am still slowly improving it again, and I remember some of the third/last dream.

Dream 1

The second dream was interesting but unfortunately I forgot most of it, in the dream I had a baby, not literally; but I was taking care of a baby that a woman and I had together, but I am not sure exactly who the woman was and I can not remember if the baby was a boy or a girl (maybe / probably a boy).

My memory is unclear but it seemed that the baby was a surprise/not planned, I was not married to the woman who had the baby (which bothered me), the woman who had the baby was not even in the dream, and so I was trying to figure out who the mother was exactly so that I could contact her so that we could take care of our baby together & get married soon since I did not like that I had somehow had a baby with a woman without marrying her first (which is not something I would do, so this confused/bothered me that somehow I had a baby with a woman without getting married and not even knowing who the mother was).

The baby and I were in D and my aunt DE & uncle EE were visiting my grandfather and they came to see my baby, but I am not sure what house I was in exactly since it was fictionalized but it was near my parent’s house & grandfather’s house.

Taking care of a baby and bringing a baby into this World is a serious thing to me and so this was a serious situation to me in this dream, I was not sure how or why I would somehow do something like this, but my focus was taking care of my baby & finding the mother & connecting with her so that we could raise our baby together.

In the dream I was taking care of the baby the entire time, so it was pretty realistic, and I was doing a pretty good job & the new responsibility of taking care of a baby was very inspiring; and gave me something to help me focus & inspire me, so I was going to do what it took to fulfill my responsibilities like getting a job, taking care of the baby, marrying the mother, getting us a place to live, et cetera.

I remember thinking of NF as possibly being the mother of my baby, even though it did not seem likely since we are in different countries and she is dating someone, and so I was tried to contact her in the dream or was going to try to contact her.

My plan was to find my baby’s mother, take maybe 1 – 3 months working/living with her taking care of the baby & trying to see if we should get married or not, and get married hopefully in only a few months or less than a year or a few weeks if NF or someone else I knew was the mother.

As I was taking care of the baby and trying to remember think about who the mother was/contact NF and trying to remember how did this all happen, I woke up.

Dream 2

I only remember the end of the third/last dream that took place during a nice day/morning that looked like it took place on a Saturday in a fictional place at a fictional house, and I was outside at some point in an automobile listening to music; and my brother CC came into the automobile at some point, and it started to rain outside & get darker.

CC started to play Chrono Cross somehow on the music player of the automobile, the faceplate was somehow also a screen, which was surprising/confusing but amazing; and the game graphics/cut scenes looked a bit better than in real life.

I remember talking to CC about this and about my memories of playing that game years ago, and I told him some of my memories of older video games & other old memories.

At some point I walked into a building nearby where a sports match, probably basketball, was taking place in a gym; and there were mostly women playing, but my former schoolmate / coworker JF was playing too.

The other team had a female coach who was old with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing a dark suit with a light-colored dress shirt, but I can not remember the coach of JF’s team.

At some point JF and another obese player who was a woman got into a grappling match, which seemed to be legal somehow like they were grappling over the/a ball, which was surprising to me; and the two grappled for longer than I expected.

JF was winning and used his weight and strength to get on top of the woman who was laying on her stomach, I guess she still would not let go of the ball, so they were at a stalemate almost; but then the woman turned her body and managed to start getting up, and she started to get rough using dirty tactics.

As she was almost free of JF’s grip/hold, she scratched/stabbed JF in the eyes with her fingernails but the referees did not see it I guess, and then she ran off with the ball; but JF was hurt and so her own coach told the referee to stop the game to help JF.

Two strange medical workers who looked like strange SWAT members put something over JF’s eyes and stapled it to his face with a staple gun to keep out the light & protect his eyes I guess but it looked a bit painful, they then stuck a knife-like tool through the corner of his eye or something back into the skull in away to avoid the main part of the brain & you could see that JF could feel it & it looked so disturbing that I could feel it & it bothered me so much that I had to look away & I started to accidentally wake up.

They pulled the blade out and then I guess went to load JF on a stretcher to take him to the hospital for more medical care, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Having Blood Taken By / Being Tested By Scientists / Doctors / SWAT / Vampire Authority-Looking People?

Last night I had several short dreams, I had one or more false awakenings that made me think that I had typed my dreams but I was really still sleep, so some of those dreams I will probably not be able to remember or I will not remember much of them.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember took place in an office-like room that felt hidden in a building at a job of some kind that had two long tables that were back-to-back or connected that had partial dividers, and between each partial divider was a desk area with computer/electronics/work equipment for each worker.

My wild guess is that it was either a job for a business or a secret government/intelligence office or something, but who knows?

For some reason I might have had two desk areas, because I was organizing two desks, and trying to pack up the things that were mine so that I could leave; I guess that I was leaving the job for some reason, but I am not sure.

When I was almost done packing my stuff a group of people entered the office room from the left side of the building where the front desk was and there were SWAT team-looking people with assault rifles & body armor, some people who looked like members of the Vampire Authority from the TV show True Blood (I am not sure who or what they were, they looked like normal high level people (men & women) dressed up, but for some reason they reminded me of the Vampire Authority from True Blood but I am not sure who they were or what organization/government/intelligence agency they were representing), and some scientist/doctor-looking people.

They told everyone to not move & to put our hands where they could see them, and for some strange reason they walked across the room to me first even though I was across the room; and all of this seemed pretty realistic and my body was in a bit of a fight-or-flight response, so I was a bit scared & so were the other workers in the dream.

The SWAT team-looking people pointed their guns in/at my face while some of the scientist/doctor-looking people used various medical/scientific devices on me/to test me, as the Vampire Authority-looking people watched.

I remember that a female scientist/doctor used a device that might have pricked my finger to test some of my blood & it might have scanned my finger prints, she ran a device over/near my head/skin that probably tested my body & skin temperature & oxygen levels/et cetera & scanned my face/eyes & I remember her telling the Vampire Authority-looking people that my temperature or something was rising, she also said that my pulse was 111 – 120 or higher & rising & that my blood pressure was rising or something like that.

I joked/told them that was a natural fear reaction to having people point assault rifles in my face, I tried to joke sometimes to help myself feel better & to pretend that I was not so scared, but I had to be careful to not move much to avoid getting shot by the SWAT team-looking people & my jokes were met with silence & neutral facial expressions from the people; and so I had my hands in the air, I stayed still mostly, but I tried to look out of the corner of my eyes to see what the scientist/doctor people were doing to me.

I remember the female doctor/scientist person seemed to be worried about my elevated pulse, blood pressure, temperature, et cetera/whatever; but the Vampire Authority-looking people told her something like: “Do it anyway!” or “Just do it!”

She replied: “But…..” *And then she started to do whatever it was that they commanded.*

I remember joking/asking if I could pull up my pants/shorts, because my underwear was showing, but either they did not respond or they said no (and they never said who they were or what they wanted or why they were there); and then the female doctor/scientist poked a needle into the side of my butt, and I could feel the needle & the pain felt realistic.

At first I thought that they were taking another blood sample and/or injecting me with something, but she did not take the needle out; and so I looked out the corner of my eyes, and I saw that the needle was connected to a cord or something that might have been connected to an empty blood bag or something, like they were going to take one or more bags of blood and/or they were injected me with a bag of something.

Either way, I knew that it would take a while and I hate needles/blood taking, especially if it is not quick, and so I started to panic a bit; and I asked them what they were doing to me and what did they want from me in a slightly panicked voice, but they did not answer me.

I started to get my real world negative reactions to needles/blood taking, this all felt real & I could feel the needle in the side of my butt & a bit of pain, and I probably let out an angry/panic/struggling yell/shout/sound of resistance; but then I suddenly woke up during this panic.

I woke up at 6:00 AM or 6:Something AM still feeling everything for a second or two, I was hot, I was uncomfortable, my body was in a slight panic, I heard a loud voice or voices outside but I could not see who or what it was in the dark without my glasses, and I heard dogs barking at something outside for a while; and I later found out that the phone & the internet was down/not working at my house or for the neighborhood, strange.

Dream 2

I had another dream that I can barely remember that took place at a hotel/restaurant/bar/club/store/something else; and I remember exploring the building, but you had to have something/show something that I can not remember to enter the building/get past the front desk.

I remember sitting down eating/drinking, listening to/watching a musical and/or comedy performance and/or film and/or people dancing; and I remember talking to a few people.

I left the building and came back a few times, but I can not remember the details.

I remember that there was a main lobby area in the building with a sunken area that had some nice furniture/fountains/plants/et cetera, and there were people dressed up talking/drinking/et cetera.

I remember going to the front desk a few times, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I had another dream that took place at a school/college, class was being let out for the day, and I was walking through the hall like everyone else; and I noticed my former classmate BR & his girlfriend walking in the hall as well.

A very short man was also walking in the hall and he accidentally bumped into BR’s girlfriend or something like that, and BR got mad; and BR punched the short man (no offense, I am using this since I do not know the man’s name) in the face, kept his fist in his face, while pushing him backward with his fist.

I told BR to leave the short man alone and that it was probably an accident, I went to see if the short man was okay & he was okay but he was embarrassed, and then everyone started to walk off.

I apologized to the short man for BR’s actions and for me not helping sooner, I told BR that he was wrong for doing that to the short man, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

I had another dream where I went to visit my former classmate DH at his parent’s house in D and his mom, his aunt, and him were outside.

DH’s mom told him to drive his aunt somewhere and I went with them, DH drove, and I remember DH talking about how he had a date soon with a woman who was not his girlfriend; and how he hoped that his girlfriend did not find out about the date.

His aunt and I told DH that was wrong for him to be cheating on his girlfriend, and we told him to cancel the date with the other woman.

I was surprised that DH told us this, especially with his aunt there, and I was surprised that DH would do something wrong like that; but he did not seem to care.

As DH’s aunt and I tried to convince DH that he was doing something wrong, I woke up.

I had some more dreams, probably false awakenings where I was typing my dreams, but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂