The End Of The World With Thanos Or A Thanos Level Threat?

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I will have to go back and edit these dreams later, these are my mostly unedited notes of these dreams that I made on my mobile phone when I woke up to use the bathroom.

Dream 1

Maybe some world ending dream with giant threat and someone (maybe Thanos or a Thanos level threat) possibly does a Thanos snap or Thanos snap-level attack on the planet while we are outside, I try to hide under a building but a giant threat (maybe a giant creature with tentacles and/or something that could destroy buildings) was breaking everything so we try to run vowing to fight if some survive as people and building around us are being destroyed; but I can not remember if I died or not.

A Shared Dreaming Experience With Amarna Miller?

Yesterday after work I was tired, so I took a break from researching which computer I am going to buy or build because my ancient custom-built computer from 2005 finally broke (probably the CPU, which is a first for me, but it is over 12 years old so rest in peace CPU) maybe last week, so I have been struggling trying to use a laptop that I got to work again because the keyboard keys are flat and hard to type on and the port on the motherboard that holds the keyboard cable in place is broken so sometimes the cursor will jump somewhere which messes you up and slows you down, anyway I took a nap to rest before the anime comes on, I woke up from a dream remembering it but I got up quickly and it left my mind.

After that nap I did not have enough time to type my dreams from yesterday before 5 1/2 hours of anime showed on Toonami so that is why I did not type my dreams then and will type them after I type this post, after watching anime I went to sleep on the living room couch, and I woke up remembering another dream but it left my mind too when I got up too quickly to get ready to get in bed.

A Sniper & Esperanto

I went to bed very late last night, almost 5 AM, and once again I failed to voice record most of my dreams so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I am not sure if I was in the dream at first but I know that I was in the dream at the end.

Law Enforcement Using A Training Exercise As Cover For Something Bigger

Yesterday I realized that I probably forgot to add part of a dream to a dream that I typed and posted on my blog within the last few days, I had this part of the dream in my voice recording, but I probably forgot to add this part to my dream when I typed the dream.

This happens to me sometimes, even if I listen to my voice recordings before I type my dreams and even if I can remember without my voice recordings, because typing a dream takes time and effort and setup and focus, and so sometimes I will forget to add part of a dream as I type it.

Unfortunately I already deleted the voice recording of the dream that this went with so I am not sure which dream this goes with or which post to add this part of the dream to, and so that is why I am typing this part of that dream as its own post.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, several people and I were driving through the city of D, and as we drove through the city of D we noticed a lot of law enforcement throughout the city.

The official word was that the police, SWAT, probably sheriffs, and possibly other law enforcement agencies were doing some kind of training exercise but it was obvious that there was something bigger going on than just that.

We saw law enforcement officers wearing full body armor and carrying assault rifles and maybe sometimes other types of guns and weapons, various types of police vehicles including probably armored vehicles, and other militarized equipment which made them seem more like soldiers or paramilitary than law enforcement.

Besides this huge training exercise taking place around the city, we also saw them raiding homes and buildings, and so the training exercise was being partly used as cover for something bigger.

Some of the law enforcement officers seemed to be taking breaks near the sides of the roads sitting down in chairs in the shade, some seemed to be on guard, some seemed to be training, some were raiding homes and buildings, and I am sure that others were doing things that we could not see.

I would not be surprised if the military was partly involved in this, but I do not know.

We knew that something big was going on and that they were trying to hide some of those things, and so you can assume that a cover up would be involved as well.

It felt like a police state sneaking in under cover taking out and / or arresting certain groups first while also training and preparing for the next step, partly lying to the public to keep them unaware until they are ready for the next phase, but who knows.

Whatever was going on we did not want to stay to find out because we knew that it was not good, and so we kept driving through the city of D to another city.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of that unknown dream from the other day that I already typed and posted on my blog.

The end,

-John Jr

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