Defeating Oscar De La Hoya For A Championship Belt

This was a long interesting and detailed transitioning dream that kept transitioning to different things without me noticing, unfortunately this caused me to forget a lot of the dream because too much was going on and it was so long and detailed, and so what I do remember does not do this dream justice because it was an interesting dream compared to what I will share below.

Part 1

At some point in this dream (I am not sure how I was seeing this in the dream) during maybe the day the actor Will Smith was with the actress Jada Pinkett Smith, I could be wrong but this possibly took place in the past when they were younger than they are now, and they were talking like maybe they were going to have sex but something that I can not remember happened that led to them arguing instead.


Being Hunted By Men In Black?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream from last night, and the parts that I do remember are unclear and they probably contain some errors.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a nice day in a fictional city, I was possibly in a park or field with a group of people, and maybe a group of men wearing black suits and maybe black sunglasses showed up but I can not remember what they did or what they said at first or if they said anything before what happened next.

At first I assumed that these men were government agents of some kind (maybe intelligence agents or something) or private agents or men in black or something like that, but I had no idea even in the dream.

I am not sure what happened exactly but I assume that they were after a small group of us in the crowd who were possibly special in some way (maybe some of us had superpowers (special abilities) or had special skills or there was something unique about some of us that they were interested in), and either the men in black and / or some police and /or private security started killing people.

The small group of special people and I escaped from the park or field as they killed the assumed non-special people, and more people arrived to help the men in black kill people like maybe SWAT-like people and FBI-like agents and eventually soldiers and / or mercenaries.

The small group of special people and I ran to a multi-story house or building, and we went to the top floor to hide and try to decide what to do next.

They quickly figured out where we were and the soldiers and / or mercenaries and other reinforcements were arriving to our location, and so some of us decided that we should all run in different directions.

I was able to jump from the window, maybe I could jump higher than normal, and I jumped in the back yard and then I jumped the fence.

I ran through back yards in a nice middle class and / or upper class neighborhood jumping over fences, avoiding dogs so that they would not bark, and then I hid in the back yard of one middle class or upper class home because I saw a boy with light-color skin in the back yard talking with his mother who also had light-color skin.

I hid as they talked until I was able to sneak past them and jump their fence, and I continued running and jumping and hiding until I reached an interesting place that seemed to have a maybe miniature golf course and several kiddy swimming pools and a parking lot and one or more small buildings with maybe a 1970s tropical tourist stop / rest stop-like style where people could maybe eat and drink and relax and enjoy some entertainment.

Maybe in the parking lot I saw a parked car with my former classmate SS and his younger brother MS (who is also a former schoolmate of mine) sitting inside it, and so I quietly opened the door to their car and I sat inside it without them noticing.

Eventually they noticed me, they asked me how do I do that, like I have sneaked up on them before but I can not remember my response.

I told them that I was in serious trouble and that I needed their help, I told them that them helping me and me being with them was also putting them in danger, and so I could not stay with them long.

I then realized that I had my mobile phone, I realized that the men in black and others could probably track me and listen my conversations using my mobile phone, and so I turned off the location setting and I turned off my mobile phone and I took out the battery and I considered throwing it away but I decided to hold on to it for now.

I told my former classmate SS and his brother MS to do the same, after we all did this I told them that some people were after me, and I told them that we should drive while we do this in case the people after me arrive to the last location where my mobile phone sent a signal.

While we drove I explained the situation to them and I asked them if they would drive me away from the area and drop me off quickly and they agreed, I gave them some advice on avoiding getting caught up in my situation, and what to do if they did get caught so that they could get out of the situation alive and well.

We probably briefly talked about the past and present and future.

I thanked them for the help and I said my goodbyes in case this was the last time I ever saw them, I once again gave them some advice on what to do next to help keep them safe, and then they drove away.

I did not have them drive me too far away because I did not want to spend much time with them to reduce the chances of them getting caught up in this situation, and then I started my plan of trying to stay out of sight while trying to decide what to do next.

I was possibly considered eventually sneaking back to the house or building that the other special people and I had briefly hid in, I assumed that after they cleared it that they would not think that any of us would come back there, but I was not sure if that was a good idea or not so I continued moving trying to stay out of sight.

I wondered how many people had survived, I wondered if they (the men in black and the others) were trying to kill the special people and I or were they trying to capture us, I wondered what their agenda was and who were they and who did they work for, I wondered what was so special about us, and more but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping A Lost Girl In Walmart

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D during the day, I remember being inside Walmart or a Walmart-like store with maybe my brother GC, and at some point I found a girl who seemed to be lost; and so I walked around the store with the girl trying to find her parent’s, and at some point she pointed outside so I went outside with her to see if her parent’s were outside.

The girl was too young to talk really I guess so she would just point her finger to communicate, I remember carrying her around outside as she would point in a certain direction, and eventually I was walking around various neighborhoods holding her while trying to figure out which house belonged to her parent’s.

I remember walking down streets, sidewalks, through yards, and by swimming pools in neighborhoods that reminded me of fictional versions of the neighborhoods by W Park and BB Grocery Store; but then I started to think that the girl did not know where her parent’s were or lived, and that she was just pointing in the same direction over and over.

I decided that I would keep searching a bit longer and then return to the store to talk to the employees about finding her parent’s, which I should have done earlier, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, I am not even sure if I was in the dream or not, but I remember the dream involving a small tribe of people with light brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair who lived in the city; and there was a woman in the tribe being very vocal about various issues in the city, and some high level people in the local government were afraid because she was inspiring people and she had the potential to get people to try to change things for the better.

One day after the woman, her son, and some other people from their tribe were finished having a meeting the woman was approached by several men who told her that official from the city wanted to meet with her or something like that; and they gave her a ride, they were really assassins hired by the local government, and they murdered her.

The woman’s son started to worry when she never returned and so him and some of the other tribe members started trying to figure out what happened to her, I am not sure if they ever found her body or not, but I imagine the local government covered it up; but maybe a few people were still suspicious and doing their own investigation, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Jeremy Wade Swimming Naked In A Race

I am finally getting a chance to type my dream after spending most of the day with most of my family out-of-town trying to recover from mobile phone related drama / mistakes / annoyances / issues.

I learned some things from this experience, and I do not plan on letting something like this happen again.

Likewise, I do not like learning things the hard way, but at least I am not likely to forget this lesson any time soon.

It is a shame that things had to end negatively like this, leaving me with a bad impression of certain people and of a certain store and of a certain type of job.

Unfortunately, I did not voice record my dream before leaving, and so I have forgotten some of the dream.

I only remember part of the end of the dream, which took place during the day in a fictional tourist-like area in probably another country.

This area seemed like it was an area that has been used in several of my past dreams in other countries in an area near a hotel that tourists often use, but it looked a bit different in this dream.


Swimming Pools And Darkness Blocking My Memory?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I got awakened during the night by someone watching TV and I woke up one or more times to use the bathroom and I did not voice record my dreams before going back to sleep, and so now I barely remember part of several random short unclear dream fragments.

Dream 1

My memory of all of my dreams from last night is so unclear that each dream literally has a darkness stopping me from seeing what the darkness is covering and I can not remember the order of the dreams, and so I will type them randomly; and I think that the first dream took place inside and outside a school.

I think that several people (my dad, my former classmate KC, et cetera) and I were outside a school on a gray day, and I think that we went swimming in an outdoor and/or indoor swimming pool outside and/or inside of the school; but I can only see a darkness where the swimming pool/whatever was, and so I am not sure if it really was a swimming pool or something else.

At some point we went inside the school and we walked through a gym where some students and teachers were but I can not remember where we were going, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream I think that my family was given a small mansion with a swimming pool and a business, and we were supposed to keep the business running forever as part of our agreement as the new owners; and I remember helping with the business and swimming in the swimming pool with other people during the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In this dream some of my family and several other people were outside during maybe a somewhat gray day in a field-like area next to maybe a pond or outdoor swimming pool or a water drainage area/whatever or a sunken concrete area, but I can not remember because all I can see is darkness in my memory blocking this area preventing me from seeing what it was exactly.

I remember us going into this area and other people were in this area as well and there were people leaving this area by walking on the field away from it, and after we crossed this area we started to do the same; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

In this dream I remember walking in a small courtyard between two buildings that had a sitting area built along the walls on both sides of the courtyard and if you stood on the sitting areas you could climb to the roof of the buildings, and you could climb to some of the windows of the buildings; and in this courtyard was a man with whitish colored skin trying to sleep, and he woke up when I entered the courtyard.

It was a gray day and it seemed to be evening, I remember seeing a small caged area with a male dog who was chasing a female wolf-like or coyote-like non-human animal, and then maybe a male wolf came from the roof area of one of the building; and he jumped in the courtyard to chase after the female wolf or coyote, and the man and I tried to stop both of them from chasing the female wolf or coyote.

We scared/fought the male wolf away and the dog back into his cage and/or away but the male wolf kept doing surprise attacks randomly during the night, the man and I took turns securing the area as the other slept, and at some point we decided to climb on the roof area to see where the male wolf kept coming from so that we could block his path but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

The last dream that I can remember started during maybe a somewhat gray day in the city of D in the parking lot of the shopping center near W Park, I was walking in the parking lot and I saw a small fair taking place in W Park, and so I walked over to W Park near where the swimming pool is; and there were some arcade machines and gaming machines that you could pay to play, and you could win tickets and prizes.

A man with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair wearing a T-shirt was there with his young son who looked somewhat like him but thinner and he was a boy, and the man was helping his son play some of the video game and gaming machines to help him try to win prizes/tickets.

I walked around looked at the various video game and gaming machines, I saw one gaming machine where you try to throw balls in some holes and I wanted to play that gaming machine, but it was so dark that I could not see inside it to see the layout or the rules; and I did not want to pay to play a game without being able to see the layout first or the rules, and so I considered trying to find the owner(s) to ask them about the gaming machine.

I was not interested in the arcade video game machines really, I wanted to play one or more of the gaming machines where you had to physically play the game like at fairs/circuses/et cetera, and so I continued walking around looking for a gaming machine to play; and this area of the fair was quiet and almost no one was around oddly, I remember having a lot of time to think, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr