Terrible Louisiana School History | A Traitor

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of the dream involved some terrible history lesson(s) / stories being told that I had not heard of before, that were mostly focused on some terrible things that happened to some black / African American children in the past, with a focus on some terrible things that happened to them at one or more schools in Louisiana.

In the dream I went to the school or one of the schools in Louisiana to see it for myself, I can not remember the name or which parish or city, maybe the name of the parish started with a T, but I can not remember.

A Game Of Thrones-Like TV Show About Early America And A Tilda Swinton Frozen-Like Movie?

Dream 1

I forgot most of my dreams from last night except for part of two dreams, but I barely remember any of the first dream.

I know that the first dream involved me playing the video game Age Of Empires III having to complete two or three unique objectives each time that I played a game/match, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Something Is In The Water

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of my last dream from last night, which took place on a fictional beach during a cloudy day or early morning or something like that, and I was with/around two women & two men.

The two men wanted to fish I think and the two women & I were walking around the beach.

At some point the two women & I noticed someone laying in the water, the water was very shallow near the beach, and so you could walk far out into the water; and so we decided to walk into the water.

We reached a man with medium-long blond colored hair with whitish colored skin laying in the water who looked dead & naked at first, but we soon found out that he was wearing swimming shorts & he was doing yoga-like stretches/meditations/whatever.

The man soon stood up to continue his strange yoga-like stretches, and then we saw two young men who looked like twins who were fishing in the water; and one of the twins went under the water in the deeper area but you could see the tip of his fishing pool, and so he was fishing under the water. 😀

The two men who were with us were fishing from the beach not the water but when they saw the twins fishing from in the water, they wanted to try fishing from in the water too, and so they walked into the water near us to start fishing from in the water.

The two women & I went into the deeper area of the water to swim, but soon the four fishermen started to get their lines tangled with each other & they started throwing their lines too close to us while we were swimming; and so a small argument began.

Then one of the twins saw or felt something in the water thinking that maybe it was a fish and I started to get cautious, and I was already starting to swim back toward the shallow area to avoid the fishing lines; but then I felt and/or saw something swim by/on my leg, and it did not feel/look like a fishing line or person or fish or turtle.

I started to panic a bit and I yelled for everyone to swim back to the beach, and I started to swim for my life back to the beach; but most of the others were not swimming back with me.

As I swam quickly back to the beach, I heard them saying that they saw and/or felt something in the water, and they started to wonder what it was; and then they started to get a bit scared.

I woke up when I reached the beach, I swam faster than I can in real life, so I got to the beach quickly. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

An Orphanage On Eastside?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember any of my dream fragments from last night, but I think that the first three dream fragments took place in D on Eastside.

I think that a group of kids and a woman age 23-26, all orphans, were living on Eastside in an oppressive orphanage; and I somehow came across their group, and I spent some time with them.

I remember one or more people who worked for the orphanage were also there at several parts in the dream, one of whom was a man who forced the orphans to go outside to learn how to use & shoot single-shot black powder rifles, and I think that the workers at the orphanage were mean & controlling & they did not seem to care about the orphans.

I think that most or all the orphans had medium-dark brownish colored skin & black colored hair, and most or all the workers had whitish colored skin & dark blondish colored hair; so I guess that it was an Eastside orphanage for abandoned kids from Eastside.

The kids and the woman, who were all orphans, seemed nice but their morale/mood was down due to the oppressive orphanage & they hated the workers at the orphanage/they hated the way that they treated them; and they told me about some of their bad experiences when the workers were not around or close enough to hear.

The workers did not trust me, like they were afraid that I would learn about their mistreatment of the orphans and that I would report them to the police, but they did not turn down my request to help them for free; I decided to take a moment to volunteer to help the orphans, which gave the workers a chance to do mostly nothing, so they agreed to let me help.

The head of the orphanage was a woman I think, and her husband probably, both of whom were mean; but I did not talk to them or see them very much, fortunately.

I remember the woman, who was an orphan, told me about how she ended up in the orphanage; and she told me that she was tired of her current life there and that she felt worthless, and she seemed to hint that she might have been a bit interested in me.

I felt bad for her and the other orphans, and I tried to help lift their moods, which helped; and I tried to think of ways that I could help improve the conditions of the orphanage without the orphans getting punished by the workers for telling me the truth of their conditions.

I also might have talked with the woman about some ways that she might be able to start her own life away from the orphanage, but like me, she also was worried about the other orphans & she would not leave until life was better for them.

The orphanage was near my parent’s house, I think, oddly; and so when my volunteer time was over, I went to check on my grandfather, whose house was also near the orphanage.

My grandfather was trying to take a bath in a bathtub that was in his living room, oddly, but he was having a hard time trying to get in the tub & so I had to help him; fortunately he was not naked and he was wearing swimming trunks.

My grandfather seemed to be in pain and his old age was finally almost too much for him to handle, it was obvious that he would need constant care very soon, if not now, and/or that he probably will die in the near future.

Either his bath water was too hot and/or it was just the pain, either way, he kept making sounds of pain occasionally as he sat in the tub.

I asked him if he needed anything, I got his newspaper & mail, I asked him if he had eaten & drank enough water, et cetera.

We talked for a brief time and then I left, and I remember something happened that I can not remember, which caused me to think of my online female contact in Germany NF & marriage; and I felt that I had made a mistake of not contacting her in so long and that I should call her and/or go see her in G, and I remember thinking about what it might be like to go there & meet her family & friends & for us to get married in a year or so.

My thoughts were positive, mostly, and I felt like I needed to act soon, if it was not too late already.

I remember thinking of a few other things that were connected to my real life, but I can not remember what they were, and I woke up with those thoughts in my mind & the feeling that I needed to act soon in the NF situation & the other situations that I can not remember & that my grandfather’s life is nearing its end & that we should do what we can to help him & enjoy the time that we have left.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

A Fairy Possession And Fairy Enchantment (Magic Spell)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a longer than average dream that was so long, that it made it harder to remember parts of the dream; so there are some gaps in time, but I will do my best to try to guess what happened in the dream.

I remember being out-of-town and arriving at a hotel that I have stayed at before in real life and I was headed to the upper floor carrying my packages to my hotel room, which was probably the same room I had stayed at in real life before.

For some reason I had this feeling that something was going to happen, so I felt that I should not unpack my stuff when I got into my hotel room; I was in a good mood and decided not to worry about what might happen, but I decided that I would try to be somewhat alert and be ready to leave if necessary.

I decided to go swim at the swimming pool (pool) so I got my swimming trunks on and went to the pool, but I noticed that there were some people already swimming there but I decided to not let the crowd bother me and continued on to the pool.

At the pool there was a woman with several kids and a big dog, and so I stopped to see if the dog was friendly or not.

The dog walked up to me wagging its tail and it let me pet it, so it was friendly, and the woman told me that it would not bite; so I started to swim in the pool and the dog also got into the pool, and it started to swim too.

I swam and played with the dog for a few minutes but then the woman, her kids, and the dog left to go back inside since they had already been there for a long time; so I said goodbye to them and continued swimming.

I still felt that something was going to happen, my first guess was that something with spaceships appearing and/or something military related would happen, but I did not bother to worry about it since I was having a good time.

Then one of my brothers came walking to the pool and I told him about the dog that I had seen earlier, but then I can not remember what happened next exactly, I just remember being back in my birth town in a field near the school that I went to 4th & 5th grade at.

There was a tiny one story/floor apartment-like place in the middle of the field and near the apartment I think there was an old train that was being used as a recreational place by the people who lived in the apartment.

I think the first part of the train was the living room, another part was the kitchen, one part was the bathrooms, one part was the dinning room, and I think the other parts were the bedrooms. (I could be wrong about the old train thing, but that is my guess) 😀

Anyway, standing & talking outside of the apartment were several of my former classmates and a few other unknown people; so I went to talk to them.

One of my former classmates, who I do not remember her name so I will just call her My Classmate, was there; I will describe her appearance because it will be relevant later in the dream, she had shoulder length straight blond hair and she had a chubby body build.

At this point I was really feeling like something was going to happen and I was getting uncomfortable, even though we all were having a good time talking.

At some point we started to see military aircraft flying in the sky like something serious was going on, I then told someone to turn on the TV to see what was on the news, and I heard the news reporter saying something about America Preparing For War or something like that.

I was feeling very worried and we all were confused, and we wondered who or what America was preparing for War against.

I remember seeing a few scenes of military equipment being shipped on trains, military vehicles moving through the streets, and people (soldiers) in military uniforms telling their families goodbye like they were about to leave for war.

It was like the military was mobilizing all over the city and probably the country.

We started looking outside trying to decide if we should stay inside or leave, and something happened that made us so scared that everyone started to run into the field to their automobiles so they could drive away, but I can not remember what caused us to be so scared; I just remember us all panicking and people driving off.

My classmate drove up next to me and offered to give me a ride in her old blue Ford Mustang-like car, but for some reason her appearance had changed, she was now had a healthier body build and she looked better overall and her personality had changed; also I had an instant attraction/connection with her (a strong non-sexual type feeling) and I felt like protecting her like she was my wife or something and I felt like I was under an enchantment (magic spell) which was odd because I did not feel that way earlier toward her or anyone in the dream.

I got into her car but the engine stopped, we were both were very scared, but I told her to turn the key to the off position and try turning the key again but she was too scared; so I turned the key to the off position and then I turned the key to the on position again and the engine started, and then she/we drove off very quickly.

I can not remember what happened next, I just remember the dream being back at the field near the apartment, it seemed that some time had passed and things were nice.

There is a big gap in time but during this time I know that my classmate also had an attraction/connection with me, I still felt enchanted, we had started dating, we even got married, and I think there was talk of pregnancy but I do not think she was pregnant yet and the fact there was even talk about this was odd since our attraction/connection did not seem to be sexual and I do not even remember us even kissing in the dream 😀 ; also the school near the field had a college there now which at some point I had been a student there, and some event was going on at the fairground near the college.

I remember my classmate/wife, the people at the apartment, and I having a good time at the old train or whatever it was or maybe the train was not in the dream earlier but was in the dream at this point; and at some point I went to explore the college and the event at the fairground alone.

Things were going great and I do not remember seeing or hearing anything about the America Preparing For War Thing at this point, it was like that had not happened or something or that it was a long time ago or that is was now over maybe; in fact I do not remember even thinking about it at this point.

At some point I went back to the field by the apartment and I saw my classmate/wife and went to talk to her but she had changed back to her normal self, I did not feel the connection/attraction anymore, her personality was back to normal, and the enchantment feeling I had was wearing off.

We both noticed that we no longer felt the connection/attraction and we both realized that we had gotten married and started to remember things, like we had been under a spell/enchantment or something; we both quickly decided to go try to have our marriage license canceled. 😀

My classmate/wife told me that before we both had just met in the field, that it felt like something had left her body, and she felt normal again; she said it was like she had been possessed or something, but now whatever had possessed her was gone.

I felt that this made sense, since I had remembered that she had changed earlier in the dream and how I started to feel the attraction/connection & enchanted feeling after that happened; so I wanted to investigate the situation later after we got the marriage license canceled first. 😀

I remembered that a woman at the college was the one that gave us the marriage license, so we went to her office down the street from the field; the woman told us that she could cancel the marriage license since we had not been married long, if I could prove that I had once been a student of the college, so I showed her some college receipts that were in my wallet and so she canceled our marriage license. 😀

My classmate and I were both positive about the situation but we both were still confused about how all of this had happened, and then we said our goodbyes and walked our separate ways.

I decided to walk up the street to think about what had happened, since the weather was very nice, but as I was walking alone I heard what sounded like a woman laughing with a cheerful laugh like she had just played a prank/joke on someone or she was having fun or something; is was not a sinister laugh, but a positive-type laugh.

I turned and saw a small bright white ball of light that was moving around oddly near me that was about the size of a small basketball or small soccer ball I think and I think I saw the outline of a small female humanoid with wings maybe inside the bright white light, but the bright white light was so bright that I could not really see anything but white light mostly.

My first thought was that this was probably what had possessed my classmate and I wondered what it was, my first thought was that it was a Fairy, which did not even make sense to me even in the dream since I do not even know what a Fairy is supposed to be or look like exactly. 😀

At this point it either communicated with me by thought and/or a narrator started talking, but I think we just communicated briefly by thought, which I do not ever remember happening in one of my dreams before.

I think that it verified that it was what had possessed my classmate, but I was not afraid of it and I think that I felt some of that attraction/connection/comfortable & enchanted feeling toward it, which also made me feel that it was what had possessed my classmate.

I think I communicated with it by thought asking it to promise not to do that again without warning me or asking me first, I think, but I am not sure if it agreed or not.

I just remember it flying off laughing like a woman in that same cheerful/playful/joking-like way, not scary or evil or anything like that. 😉

I was still confused about what it was and I wondered what was its intentions/reasons for doing what it had done in the dream.

Also I wondered how had it managed to sneak into my dream world & possess a dream character without me noticing, somehow enchant me or cause me to be attracted to it or maybe the attraction was not forced but natural, and I wondered if it had helped change the dream from negative to positive but I woke up.

When I woke up I felt very peaceful/comfortable/relaxed and I stayed in bed longer than usual just relaxing, and that feeling stayed with me most of the day. 🙂

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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