Royalty And Celebrities In Zürich (Zurich) Switzerland Helping People?

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I did not voice record the dreams that I remembered before going back to sleep, and I had to get out of bed quickly for work so now I barely remember part of one dream from last night.

Yesterday I watched the film Get Out but I can not remember if I had a dream that was inspired by it or not, and last night I watched an episode of Passport To Europe with Samantha Brown that was about Zürich (Zurich)Switzerland and that episode inspired the dream that I do barely remember part of.

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not or if I was myself or not, but I assume that the dream took place in Zürich, Switzerland during maybe the day.

I think that the dream involved some royalty and / or celebrities being in the city doing things to maybe help people, and so they were walking helping people I assume.

I think that I remember a man with light-color skin who was a member of a royal family, he was walking around among people in the city to the surprise of the people there, and he was probably helping people which surprised the people even more.

There were probably people stopping to watch, take photographs and record video, and to talk with the man and any other celebrities and royalty that they saw around the city.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Mr. Gaul & Dream Sharing / Shared Dreaming Inside A Dream Within A Dream Within A False Awakening Dream 😵

For the second night in the row since the Orgonise Africa medium Orgonite Pyramid M that I ordered last year during the Christmas holiday(s) during a 30% off sale finally arrived, I have had some of the most intensely detailed interesting dreams of the year so far, which may be a coincidence but who knows.

This dream from last night was a very detailed and interesting dream that involved one or more dreams within dreams inside a false awakening dream, and dreaming sharing/shared dreaming/mutual dreaming between myself and some other dream characters happened in this dream of dreams as well.


Astrid And Jimmy Snuka

Dream 1

There was more to this dream but I can only barely remember part of the end of this dream where I sat down and I saw/heard a story about a young woman with whitish colored skin who went to maybe Sweden or Switzerland or maybe Germany or somewhere like that during the day, and she had a large old thick book.

She walked to an area that looked a bit like W Park in the city of D and she went to a cafe-like sitting area where the swimming pool should be, and a woman who looked and acted like the character Astrid (played by the actress Nina Hoss) from the television series Homeland was sitting at one of the tables reading and maybe eating/drinking during maybe her lunch break.

The young woman greeted Astrid and maybe she sat down at the table with her and maybe they talked briefly, the young woman did not know the language that was spoken in this country yet so the conversation was probably short, and Astrid left at some point; and then the young woman began a mission that involved the old book that she had, and she started learning the language that was spoken in the country.

The young woman seemed like a nice quiet young woman who had left everything behind on a single desperate mission involving the book, the book had loose pages and maybe missing pages and maybe there were things in the book that the woman did not understand, and so she was trying to deal with all of those things and more; but I am not sure what the book was about, why was it so important to her, or anything like that but I do know that it was so important to her that her life was now dedicated to it.

The dream jumped around as time passed as she studied the book, did research, followed leads, maybe searched for missing pages, probably asked around for help, probably tried to restore/fix the book, continued learning the language that was spoken in the country, and more; and at some point in the dream the young woman finally learned the language that was spoken in the country, and she went back to the cafe-like sitting area to find Astrid during the day during her lunch break.

It seemed that Astrid was possibly the main reason that the young woman had come to this country and that Astrid was possibly her last and/or best hope to complete her mission involving the book, Astrid worked for the government of this country so she had access to a variety of resources/et cetera, and now that the young woman knew the language of this country she could finally talk to Astrid and explain her mission involving the book in detail.

The young woman had spent pretty much all of her time and money and resources on her mission involving the book, she probably had used up all of her options/sources/connections/et cetera, and so she probably would not be able to stay in the country much longer; and so Astrid was her best and maybe last and main hope, and all of her plans had led up to and now rested on this moment.

Astrid was sitting at a table reading and maybe eating/drinking during her lunch break again, she usually took her lunch breaks from her government job here each work day, but Astrid did not seem to be in a good mood this day; and the young woman walked over to her and greeted her in whatever language was spoken in this country, and she explained how they had met before when she first arrived in the country and she explained that she had learned the language of this country so that she could ask for her help with the book.

Astrid remembered the young woman and the young woman explained her situation and how she felt that Astrid could help, she explained how desperate her situation was now, but Astrid was still in a bad mood and she acted like she did not care and she acted like the young woman was crazy; and the young woman desperately begged for help explaining how she could help, and how important it was but Astrid refused.

The young woman kept begging and explaining reminding Astrid that her government job gave her access to resources that could probably help her complete her mission involving the book and she explained some of the resources that could help, it was sad knowing how much this meant to her and now her best and possibly last hope to finish her mission involving the book was refusing to help her and was treating her like she was crazy, but Astrid angrily refused and told the young woman to not bother her again; and Astrid left angrily.

The young woman was devastated and instantly became depressed like she had given up on life, she started crying and she slowly walked over to a tall corner area to sit down to think, and it seemed that she was possibly going to kill herself if she could not think up another option; but while she was sitting there crying and thinking, there was an interruption where a male voice started to tell me his story like a ghost who wanted the truth of what led up to and caused his death to be known so that the public could know the truth, and while he was explaining his story the young woman’s story was still in the background.

The male voice belonged to a man who either was the professional wrestler Jimmy Snuka or a fictional wrestler based on him, he explained and showed me a wrestling match that he had where he got slammed to the ground and injured, and his eyes were rolling to the back of his head and he could not get up; but the match probably continued, and after the match the doctors gave him some aspirin and told him to get some sleep and they said that he would be okay.

He actually had a broken back/serious spinal cord injury but did not know it, the doctors either lied or did not check him thoroughly, and so he went home to his family; and the next day his back was still bothering him and he knew something was wrong, but he did not know what.

Someone had a birthday party and he went to the birthday party with his family, and later he went to wrestle in another wrestling match; and he ended up dying either after the match or during it, probably after the match when he got home, and this would not have happened if the doctors had told him that he had a broken back.

The WWE/WWF or whatever company he worked for somewhat covered up what had happened and what had led up to his death so that they would not have to pay his family, his family always suspected that something was wrong and that there had been a cover up or that the company did not explain all the details, but they did not know for sure and the public did not know.

The male voice told me that all that he explained and told me was proof and that I only needed to tell his family and the public and let them look over the evidence, and his family and the world would know the truth and the company would have to admit the truth and at least pay his family; and hopefully something like that would never happen again, and then the young woman’s story faded back in from the background.

I was curious about what the young woman had done or was going to do but her story faded out like a film ending before I could find out or before her story could finish, I was not sure if she had killed herself or not or what had happened, and then I was sitting down and I could see that I had been watching a film; and it had just ended, and my brother GC was there and we complained about the film suddenly ending.

I went to the television and I re-winded the video to see if I had missed anything but I had not, the film just ended suddenly without closure leaving the audience not sure what would happen or what had happened, and this annoyed me but I woke up.

Dream 2

I did not voice record this dream or think about it much today so I can not remember most of it now, all that I can remember is that the end of this dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, and I remember my dad and I going to a fictional mobile home that was probably on or near the street that E Manor is on.

This mobile home was separated into two or more parts that were each rented out to a different person/family, so it was a rental mobile home that a landlord was renting out to people to live in, and my dad and I seemed to be there to maybe help someone; but maybe that person was not there, but I can not remember.

We noticed that the mobile home was in bad condition like the landlord had not been maintaining it, the end part of the mobile home on the right side was the worst, and it was so bad that it did not look livable; and there were holes/openings in the floor and walls et cetera, and this part possibly had no one living in it but I am not sure.

It was so bad that we wanted to talk to the landlord about this and I remember us talking to some male contractors about the situation who happened to be looking around the mobile home like they were hoping to get the contract/job to fix it, they seemed afraid of the landlord and they told us not to talk to him about it, and they acted like he was the head of a mafia or something like that.

The landlord arrived at some point and he was a somewhat over-fat older man with whitish colored skin with maybe hair that was starting to go gray/white, we possibly talked to him but I can not remember, and he said that he was about to let people bid on a contract to fix the mobile home; and so we followed him to the bidding location.

And the bidding location was on the front porch of what seemed to be a fictional version of The G House that is sometimes in my dreams, my dad wanted to put in a bid as well, and so we waited for the bidding to start; and I guess the landlord would pick who ever he felt had the best bid, and that person would be given the contract/job to fix the mobile home but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


FPSRussia (Dmitri Potapoff) (Kyle Myers) Starts His Own Business And Celebrates

I forgot almost all of my dreams after sleeping very well and suddenly waking up to use the bathroom after realizing that it was later than I thought, I did not take a moment to think about my dreams before getting out of bed, and so I forgot most of my dreams.

Dream 1

I barely remember part of one or two dreams, I will separate them as two different dreams to make it easier, and the first dream that I can remember part of took place during the day in a fictional city; and I remember talking with an unknown man who I knew, and he was a friend of FPSRussia (Dmitri Potapoff) (Kyle Myers) from YouTube.

He told me that FPSRussia was starting his own business or was about to start his own business, and that FPSRussia had already given him a job at his new business; and so I asked him what kind of jobs were available at the new business because I needed a job, and we talked about this & some other things.

I learned that FPSRussia was dating an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who was from Sweden or Switzerland or another country in Europe, and she was from a rich family; and I learned that FPSRussia was about to have a party celebrating the opening of his new business, and the man invited me to come to the party.

Later in the dream I went to FPSRussia’s party which took place during the day in a field and the man from earlier in the dream was there, FPSRussia was there with his girlfriend, and other unknown people were there eating/drinking/talking/listening to music/et cetera; and barbecue was being cooked & eaten, FPSRussia was probably one of the people cooking, and everyone was having a good time.

The man from earlier in the dream introduced me to FPSRussia and let him know that I was looking for a job, and so I talked with FPSRussia & his girlfriend for a while about his new business & other things; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream took place during the day inside of my parent’s house but I can not remember most of the dream and so it does not make much sense, I remember sometimes seeing/hearing a video playing either in the air and/or in my mind and/or on a device showing an Anna Kendrick music concert that was currently taking place in town, and it was to promote her new album; and I think that the concert was free.

Whenever I was not seeing video of the concert I was thinking about an unknown attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long maybe somewhat curly reddish colored hair, maybe I met her earlier in the dream but I am not sure, and I kept thinking about her while chewing bubble gum; and it seemed that the bubble gum somewhat helped me with the tension/stress/whatever that I kept feeling when thinking about the woman, I was attracted to the woman/had feelings for the woman & I could not stop thinking about her (I am guessing that something must have happened between us earlier in the dream that I can not remember), and so chewing the bubble gum harder/faster seemed to somewhat help with the tension.

I had to get new bubble gum from the pack a few times because I was chewing so much to help me with the tension, I considered going to the Anna Kendrick concert for some distraction, and so I walked around the house switching between thinking about the woman with reddish colored hair & trying to decide if I should go to the concert or not.

In the video scenes/clips of the concert I saw a semi-outdoor stage near a seating area with maybe one or two security guards near the stage as Mrs. Kendrick was singing, there were not that many people at the concert it seemed, but I did see some young women in the crowd; and some of the video scenes that I saw were from different cameras that people had at the concert, and so there were different angles & different video quality to each video scene but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Stopped By The Police For A Drug Test | A Shotgun Experiment In Switzerland

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I almost forgot all my dreams from last night, but somehow I managed to remember part of two dreams when I laid in bed trying to remember what I dreamed about; and the first dream took place during the day on a fictional highway, and I was driving somewhere to meet up with my family.

At some point a police car in front of me blocked traffic for the lane that I was in, the police officer had whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair with maybe a tan-colored uniform shirt with maybe dark-colored pants, and he started looking at the ground like he was looking for illegal drugs that someone might have thrown from their window as they were driving down the highway; and so I did not think much of it at first, but then he started walking toward my automobile and so I let down my window.

The police officer looked at me and said in a positive tone: “You’re good.” , and then he walked to the passenger window behind me and I heard him yell with a negative tone like he did not like the person and/or he knew the person in a negative way: “You! *Something, Something, Something* Drug Test.” ; and I did not know that anyone was in the backseat of my automobile until now, and I did not know who it was.

I was annoyed at this point thinking that the person in my backseat might have had illegal drugs on them, I turned around to see who was sitting behind me, and to my surprise it was my brother KD with his hair set in an afro since in real life he is waiting to get his hair braided again soon; and he was wearing a muscle shirt/a-shirt and/or a sports jersey and he was making his usual negative-neutral facial expression(s).

I wondered why in the world would the police officer stop traffic and decide to test my brother KD (the passenger) for illegal drugs, we were not breaking any laws, and my brother KD has never been involved with illegal drugs as far as I know; and so it seemed that the police officer did not like my brother, maybe he knew him somehow and/or racism had a part in it, and this annoyed me even more.

The police officer was nice to me, I guess my lighter skin color played a part in that maybe, and so I sat there waiting for the them to finish the drug test while people drove by us which was a bit embarrassing & annoying; I was confident that my brother KD would pass the drug test, and he did pass the drug test (clean, no illegal drugs) and so the police officer left/drove away disappointed (like he was hoping that KD would fail the drug test) & without apologizing to my brother KD as expected.

The rest of my family drove up behind me, they saw some of what happened, and I told them about the other parts that they missed; and my dad was complaining/talking about the situation, and then we drove to the place we were headed in the beginning which was an office-like building/rest-stop and/or tourist center.

At some point I remember having already bought a new automobile, oddly it was just a small yellow plastic thing with four wheels that barely had enough room for me to sit on, but somehow I did not find this strange in the dream; what bothered me was that I felt that the plastic was not strong enough to last & it was more expensive than I liked, and so I went inside the office-like building to get a refund since I think that it cost between $5,000 – $15,000.

A female worker who looked like one of the female detectives from the BBC TV show Sherlock was at the desk, she had light brownish colored skin with light brownish colored hair in a hairstyle that is somewhat like an afro but more frizzy/curly but I am not sure what it is called but it is a nice looking natural hairstyle, and I asked her if I could get a refund but it did not seem like I could get one; and so I went & told my mom about the situation & she convinced me to try again, and she went back to the office with me to ask for a refund.

My mom asked a lot of questions as usual and even got the female worker to admit that the price was too expensive, this was all done politely as usual, and eventually the female worker gave me my refund & I thanked her and my mom; and then the female worker told me that one of her friends used to like me back when we were in public school years ago, she asked me if I was still single & I said yes, and then she told me that she would tell her friend that & that her friend might try to contact me in the near future (she did not tell me who the friend was, but I was guessing that it was my former female classmate FS).

I said goodbye and walked off with my mom, my mom then told me that my uncle CE was having financial problems (which was no surprise because of his spending habits), and I predicted that it was because of his spending habits of buying stuff that he does not need/does not know how to use/rarely uses like electronic devices/barbecue pits/various tools/hunting & fishing supplies/weapons & ammunition/et cetera and from gambling; I did not feel sorry for him really but I did hope that he would learn from this and adjust his spending habits, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is very unclear but it was inspired by a news article that I read on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website / RSS feed last night called: Arizona gun advocates to give away free shotguns.

In my dream Switzerland was going to use this idea to do an experiment to see if arming some single women & some home owners with shotguns & training would increase or decrease violence, and in the dream there was an increase in deaths / accidents / possible suicides that did not seem to be related directly to the shotguns & training but started increasing after the shotguns & training oddly; and so we were investigating this to try to make sense of this.

Most of the deaths that I remember seemed to be men or mostly men dying from supposed accidents (I felt that some or most of them were suicides made to look like accidents) at a certain part/area of an obstacle course-like place that reminded me of a roller-coaster combined with an obstacle-course, this makes no sense to me, and my memory of the dream is too unclear to make sense of this; but I remember seeing two videos of two supposed accidents/deaths on this obstacle-course-like place, both in the same spot, where most of the deaths occurred.

These two deaths took place on the same day or at least in the same week, to me both men in the two separate videos seemed to be pretending that things were okay, but I felt that these were planned suicides made to look like accidents for various known & unknown reasons; and I felt that each of the men slowed down when they got to the area where most of the deaths occurred, like they were preparing to make the/an accident/to die/to kill themselves in a way that looked like an accident, and I felt that they knew this area well enough to avoid an accident but they wanted to have an accident since this area had a deep drop/slope/dip/whatever I think.

So if a person accidentally/purposely fell in this spot/area, they would be more likely to die or be seriously injured, but I woke up as we/I were still trying to analyze data/information/evidence to make sense of this & compare our hypotheses.

The end,

-John Jr