John Jr’s MMA Fight | African Terrorists Attack A College?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a building where a MMA (mixed martial arts) event (possibly the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) or a smaller fighting league) was taking place, and I was going to be fighting in a match soon.

I was very nervous in a realistic way like I would be in real life so my anxiety levels were high and I was getting an energy boost from the anxiety, and my body in the real world was getting an anxiety reaction as well.

My former male classmate DH was possibly there and if he was there he was either one of my coaches or he just gave me some advice before going to sit in the stands, but I can not remember.

I remember standing nervously in a circular sunken area that was near the seating area, this was the area where the fighters and coaches et cetera who were waiting to fight next waited, and there was at least one circular table with tall chairs.

There was a fight still going on in the cage (octagon), and I remember hearing two male ring announcers take a moment between rounds to talk about my opponent and I.

My opponent was a tall thin possibly tattooed man with light-color skin with yellow hair,  he was taller than me and he had more reach than me and he had more experience than me and he was more relaxed than me, and I think that the ring announcers said that I had one or two previous fights that I had won.

My opponent was bouncing around warming up, as I moved around nervously, and a relaxed thin woman (I think she was a woman, she looked somewhat like a woman  (imagine maybe someone like (just an example, this woman did not look like them exactly) a fictional younger Tilda Swinton and Ivy Mayfair-Richards and another woman) combined with a young man like Justin Bieber and / or another young man but she sounded like a woman or somewhat androgynous; basically her clothing (maybe a long-sleeve shirt and pants), appearance, maybe voice, hairstyle, and personality were pretty androgynous) with light-color skin with short maybe yellow and brown or some color hair (it was probably hard to tell because of her somewhat unique hairstyle and short hair) walked over to me.

This assumed woman seemed to be my coach or one of my coaches, and she walked over to give me some advice and to help calm me down so she walked over to me closely and maybe she put her hands on my shoulders and she started talking to me.

She told me to try to relax, that things were going to be okay, that I could do this (that I could defeat this opponent), she told me to control my breathing and she told me avoid breathing on my opponent because I did not want to help cool him down (which is an interesting concept that I have never thought of before, the idea was to not give your opponent any help / advantage, assume that even the slightest breath might help cool them down slightly) and she told me to tilt my head to the side when grappling / clinching when I need to breathe and she said that if I need to breathe through my mouth that I should barely open it and that I should breathe from the side of my mouth and she showed me how to do this, she told me to keep my guard up and to tuck in my chin and to keep my shoulders up and lean my forehead forward, she told me to not do anything fancy, she told me to pace myself and to not tire myself out, et cetera.

She was very calm and reassuring and this helped me to feel a bit better, and I started practicing some of the things that she told me as she sat at the table very relaxed as we waited for my turn to fight; and I felt more comfortable now after my assumed coach’s advice and encouragement, and I was glad that she was there and I was going to ask for some more advice once I finish practicing a bit first.

I started to daydream about how to react in various scenarios during the fight and I probably daydreamed various versions of the fight that were so detailed that I am not sure if I actually fought or not, but I assume that I was daydreaming to prepare myself for many possibilities so that I would be ready which would be helpful because of how nervous I was.

I remember daydreaming the fight starting and being nervous but practicing what my coach told me and trying to stay calm, I remember touching gloves with my opponent, and then moving around and then going in for my attack.

I went to fake a left jab, I went for a left leg kick while faking the jab, then I hit him with a left hook, and then I clinched him and I got some strikes in before taking him down to the mat.

There I got a few strikes in but his ground game on his back was better than mine so I stood back up, I went for a fake again, and then I hit him with a flying knee which knocked him down and I finished him with some ground-and-pound strikes.

But that was probably just one of several versions of the fight that I daydreamed, this all felt so realistic and I was nervous but excited to see how I would do in this fight, and there were cameras there so the fights were probably being televised so I did not want to lose or get beat up too badly.

But I probably woke up before it was time to fight because my body was reacting to the anxiety in the real world, and the energy boost from it probably woke me up.

I woke up feeling the same anxiety and energy boost and excitement from the dream.

Dream 2

One part of this dream possibly involved my aunt JE in some way, but I can not remember.

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was inside a multi-purpose multi-story building that was a hospital and a college building, and I remember walking around on different floors of the building in the hospital parts of the building mostly.

I remember seeing doctors and nurses et cetera as I walked around, rode elevators, and walked up stairways et cetera but I can not remember what I did or what I was trying to do; I just remember hearing something about terrorism and / or a terrorist attack, and maybe the police were looking for someone and / or people were on alert so they were on the lookout for suspicious behavior.

At some point after exploring the hospital parts of the building I reached a college part of the building where I saw some students walking around, I saw a male student leave an elevator that I was going to use, and then I saw a stairway open up to or from the floor above and a male student with light-color skin asked me to push a button after he walked down from a classroom using the stairway and the button possibly closed the stairway again which was pretty amazing even to me in the dream because I had not seen anything like this before.

We said something to each other that I can not remember as I walked to the elevator, and then I took the elevator down to the 1st floor and I walked outside the building to what looked like a college campus with students all around.

I saw my mom and she was walking somewhere so I joined her, at some point I guess she reached her destination and then she left I assume because I do not remember seeing her again after this, and then I remember walking through the college campus realizing that I was now wearing only pajamas (a T-shirt and some pajama pants) so I felt weird and uncomfortable and self-conscious and some of the students looked at me funny sometimes as I walked around.

I walked through a cafeteria and then a courtyard full of students, and I saw a raised piece of land with a one-story building on it that was near a quiet road next to the wilderness so I walked that way like I was going to leave the college campus.

Once I reached the raised piece of land with the building on it, a small army of men from African (African) (somehow I knew this) who seemed to be part of a terrorist group, started attacking the college from behind me in the direction that I had just walked from.

They had a small army, literally (at least over 100 men, possibly hundreds), and they had dirty old small single cab trucks and horses and some were on foot.

The small African terrorist army had AK-47-like assault rifles, light machine guns mounted on back of their small trucks with people shooting them, RPGs (rocket-propelled grenade launchers), and some had swords and / or machetes (mostly the ones on horses).

They were shooting and blowing up and chopping up et cetera the students, fortunately they started their attack from behind me, and so that gave me time to escape because I was near the end of the college campus and I could escape in the wilderness or down road.

I ran for my life as the African terrorist army attacked and they started to move to surround the college campus, and a few of them on horseback went to block the front of the area that I was running toward so I had to kill one of them and I took their weapon and I probably killed the others.

There was no way that I was going to defeat a small army by myself and more were on their way to the area that I was at, they did not know that I had just killed some of them and took their weapons, and so this was my chance to escape and I assume that I took that chance instead of staying to fight and die (those RPGs were no joke, some students behind me probably got blown up by one).

But I can not remember what I did before I woke up, did I run or did I stay to fight some more against impossible odds?

The end,

-John Jr


A Woman Attacks An Auditorium With A Ritual And Defending Against An Assassin As A Woman?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it possibly took place during the evening and some of my family (my parent’s and one or more of my brothers) and I were going to an event (I am not sure what kind could have been a play or film or something but I have no idea) or something like that at an indoor auditorium inside a building, and we had to walk through various halls and parts of the building to reach the auditorium.

There were various people inside the small auditorium which had stadium seating with a stage at the back of the room, and there was at least one windowless open window on the wall by the stadium seating like a castle wall with open window and looking out this open window you could see that we were up several stories high (at least from somewhat higher up in the stadium seating area on the right side where my family and I were).

The event had not started yet so people were talking, sitting, standing, walking around, et cetera waiting for it to start.

As I was sitting there was a man with light-to-medium brownish-colored skin who reminded me of a neighbor who lives on the street in front of MZ Baptist Church across the field by my parent’s yard was sitting not too far behind me with a little girl who was probably his daughter, and she was running around my area and other areas playing which was somewhat annoying but she was just a kid so it did not bother me too much.

As we waited I started to maybe sense that something was not right, I probably started to sense danger, and so I started looking around the room trying to figure out why I felt this way and I looked around for threats and for weaknesses in the security and escape routes.

There was only one way in and one way out unless you jumped from the window or windows to your death, and so any threats only needed to block the double doors to trap us inside.

I was all the away across the room near the window at the upper right mid row of seating so I would not be able to reach the doors in time so I was in a bad area if I needed to escape, and while I was trying to find the threat I noticed a woman with brownish-colored skin with dark hair who maybe somewhat reminded me of a more villainous version of Gaia from the animated television series Captain Planet And The Planeteers and/or the comic book character Storm (Ororo Munroe) walking to the stage and it seemed that she was the threat that I had sensed.

The woman walked up to the podium and microphone and she started talking, I can not remember what she was saying, but after talking she probably started chanting and it seemed that she was doing a ritual of some kind from an unfamiliar religion or form of spirituality like she was summoning something and/or powering up like she could do magic and/or she had powers and was also trying to summon greater powers and/or something/someone with greater powers.

It seemed that the doors possibly closed (maybe magic or powers or the wind) and/or were blocked or people were just too afraid and confused to run, and as the woman chanted and did her ritual or whatever dark clouds and/or mist and/or fog or something started to gather like a storm was building in the room with loud rumbles and maybe thunder and other sounds and wind et cetera and maybe a tornado-like cloud formed behind her and you could probably feel the power building (it was pretty amazing).

People were definitely afraid and shocked at this point and it seemed that the woman really had magic and/or powers and was possibly really summoning something, and the dark clouds or whatever behind her in the air formed a giant version of her head in it and she was probably talking through it with a loud and powerful voice with maybe a glow in her eyes on the giant version of her head in the clouds.

I went to the open window to try to see if there was anyway that we could escape through the window before she could finish her ritual or whatever, I saw now way to escape from these heights, and when I turned back around I saw that most of the people gone already and the rest were leaving through the doors.

It seemed that someone realized that they could escape through the doors or figured out how to open them and then when people realized that they could escape they quickly started doing so, soon people stopped being as afraid or afraid, and either this caused the woman to start losing power or this was all fake or it interrupted her ritual or maybe she messed up with her ritual or something but I am not sure what happened but it was clear that what ever she was doing started to fail or failed at this point as the storm and the giant version of her head in the clouds disappeared.

My family and I decided to start leaving now, we did not leave in a hurry because people were mostly no longer afraid at this point, and the woman on the stage looked and acted like she had failed at her ritual or something and she was probably yelling at us but was being ignored like she was just a crazy person and so she probably started talking out-loud to herself about how she had failed and she was probably trying to figure out what went wrong with her ritual or whatever.

She was probably disappointed in herself and angry and maybe a bit sad (maybe she cried a bit, and maybe she yelled out to whoever/whatever she was possibly trying to summon) and after this she probably was going to keep trying her ritual but we were not going to wait around to find out, I remember us walking through various halls and parts of the building on our way to escape the building, but I woke up.

Dream 2

My memory of this dream is very unclear, so I am not sure if I was the main female character in this dream during part of the dream or all the dream or just at the end of the dream or maybe was I not her at all and maybe it just seemed that way during part of the dream, and I am not sure if this dream was connected to the first dream or not.

All that I can remember of this dream is that the main character of this dream was a woman, something had happened that I can not remember (maybe she survived something and had saw something, maybe the attack from the first dream, but I can not remember) where she probably felt that someone would probably try to kill her after surviving and witnessing whatever had happened.

So the woman was taking steps to try to protect herself (she had some weapons, she was on alert, et cetera) and either she was considering telling the police or she had just finished talking to the police about what had happened, I can not remember, and all that I can remember is that she was just leaving from somewhere and maybe she was talking with a female friend on her mobile phone or she had just finished talking with her female friend on her mobile phone.

The woman was walking back home during maybe the evening when it was starting to get darker, she crossed some train tracks where there were some parked trains, and her one-story house was on the other side of the train tracks near an area where one or more 18 wheelers were parked.

I can not remember the exact series of events but I remember her entering her house, and a man who looked somewhat like a villainous assassin version of the actor Brandon Routh and/or the actor Zachary Quinto in maybe a Superman or Superman-like superhero-like costume with cape entered her house or had hidden in her house approached her with one or more mêlée weapons (probably a sword or two swords) to murder her.

The woman pulled out or grabbed a maybe long katana-like sword that she used offensively and a shorter curved scimitar-like sword that she used defensively, basically she was dual wielding, and the man there to kill her seemed like a dangerous emotionless killer who possibly had some superpowers so the woman was afraid but still ready to defend herself.

The assassin attacked her forcing her on the defensive with it seemingly like she was close to losing the fight until the woman yelled that she had just finished talking to the police and had told them everything, the assassin paused for a moment, and then maybe I was the woman or it seemed like I was her now.

She/I adjusted her/my fighting stance for defense and offense, paid attention to her/my surroundings trying to use it to her/my advantage and to his disadvantage, probably tried to figure out how to call the police and/or someone for help and/or to record what was happening with her/my mobile phone, and prepared to fight with a new strategy and to run if that failed.

The assassin and her/I circled the room a bit adjusting our stances and looking for openings to attack as the assassin tried to decide if he believed her/me or not and whether he should kill her/me or not, and she/I moved between backing away and moving forward trying to keep the advantage in my favor based on our stances and location in the house (mostly the living room and the entrance area by the kitchen, and barely part of the kitchen).

The assassin decided to not kill her/me for now and he said a few things to her/me that I can not remember, and then he left and she/I tried to follow him to see where he was going to see if we could try to identify him and maybe get some video and/or audio of him to show to the police and others as evidence and maybe she/I had some other reasons for following him (like maybe she/I was considering dealing with him and whoever he was possibly working for ourselves, but I can not remember) but I woke up as she/I was following him.

The end,

-John Jr


A Snowy Dream World Gets Attacked

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Last night I remember part of two dreams, but I have forgotten many parts, since I was gone away from my computer earlier today & so I had to save them in my mind.

Dream 1

The first dream took place in a small fictional dream world that was a tiny snowy country that had a small mountain, a field, and a complex that was surrounded by a fence with only one entrance gate.

I entered the country through the entrance gate and I walked around the field enjoying the snow & view, in the dream I could change my outfit from a civilian winter outfit to a military-like snow outfit by thought, but I am not sure how I was able to do that; and I can not remember what I did in the field and who else was in the field, and I can not remember what happened when I went to the complex.

The dream world looked a lot like the dream world that had the fortress in the snow in the film Inception, but the complex was not like the fortress and the dream world was smaller.

At some point a group of men with assault rifles & military-like gear led by a General-like man, who all seemed like a small rebel military force who looked partly like a rebel group from South America mixed with a rebel group from the Middle East, came and they started attacking the country.

It seemed to be a military/rebel take over and people were being shot and/or being taken prisoner inside and around the tiny country, I can not remember what happened exactly, but I think that my dad, some unknown people, and I somehow had some guns at some point & we fought our way outside into the field.

We had to sneak around snow dunes, to avoid gunmen on the mountain top from seeing us, and to avoid gunmen patrolling the field from seeing us; and I was able to change the color & type of outfits that we were wearing, by just thinking, and that allowed us to better sneak around.

We got close enough to the entrance gate, but it was heavily guarded, and so I decided that we should hide our weapons & I would change our outfits to normal civilian outfits; and then we walked normally toward the entrance gate.

The guards were going to let us pass but I made a movement that somehow caused one of the guards to almost shoot me and all the guards started to point their assault rifles at us, and they searched us for weapons & they asked us questions with strange Spanish-like/Arabic-like accents in English; and they spoke to each other in an unknown language.

Eventually they let us exit the country, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream had my former classmate DH talking with a man who was playing a video game, and the man was asking DH for tips on flying a helicopter on a video game; I was not in the dream, but I was able to see things from various points-of-view.

My view would go from within the video game zoomed in on the helicopter (but the video game world looked real) and then back to the room with DH & the man, and I could hear their conversation whether I was in the game world or dream world.

In the game world there was a huge medieval style castle-like complex that was so tall, that the man had a hard time getting the helicopter to be able to fly high enough in the sky to be able to land on the castle-like complex, and so DH had to tell the man how to control the helicopter.

At some point the man got the helicopter to fly high enough to reach the top of the castle-like complex and on the top I could see dragon-like symbols with some outlined in white with no color in/on the inside of except the color of the castle-like complex itself, with some of the dragon-like symbols being filled with a red color like blood; the red dragon-like symbols seemed to be the areas where the helicopter could land, and so the man struggled to land the helicopter on one of them, but he eventually landed the helicopter.

A man got out of the helicopter and I was now somehow this man, but it was not my body, and the man was a former soldier who had fought in a war or several wars, in what seemed to be an older time period without guns; I somehow knew this and I even saw some flashbacks from his days as a soldier, but I can not remember some parts of this dream.

The man/I found a wooden spear on the ground and a wooden sword, both of which were roughly formed & not professionally made, and then a wooden dragon-like thing attacked me; it was literally made of wood & it was stiff & it could only move one way, and I defeated it with the wooden spear & the wooden sword.

I then walked down a stairway to the bottom floor and I walked into what looked like a medieval style gladiatorial arena, and I got locked in as a crowd of people cheered in the stadium-like seating around the arena; and the current champion walked into the arena as the crowd cheered, and the champion’s weapons were a stick & maybe a whip.

Two other men, who I am guessing were slaves, were thrown into the arena as well & they might have had wooden short swords or real short swords but I am not sure which; and then an older man who used to be the General over the man/me came into the arena as well, with one or two wooden or normal short swords.

I had no idea what was going on and I started to ask for someone to open the gates and I told the other men that I did not want to fight them, but it was obvious that they were going to try to kill me; and I asked the man’s/my former general why was he there and why was he about to fight me/us, and he said something that I can not remember.

The fight began and the champion & two slaves worked together against me and the general, but none of us were really on teams, it was every man for himself.

I tried to avoid fighting but it was a fight to the death it seemed and I remember the general killing one of the slaves with a stab through his eye(s); and the champion killed the other slave.

Then the champion attacked me and the general attacked me, and then they attacked each other, as I still tried to get them to stop fighting; and the champion started to attack me again & he was giving me a hard time, but I eventually killed him with a forearm choke & neck break, and I felt bad for having to kill him.

The general then started to attack me as I begged him to stop fighting and I talked about how I used to look up to him as a soldier and I talked about old memories, but he kept trying to kill me.

At some point something happened, I think one of our former soldiers drove a truck through the arena gates to save us, but he accidentally hit the general and me; and the general got stuck & crushed to death against a wall but he managed to tell me that he was sorry before he died; I was only slightly injured & I got into the truck.

I was sad about the general dying and I think we stopped so that we could quickly put the general’s body in the truck, and then we were going to escape before the guards or whoever could catch us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


John Jr As Jack Sparrow Getting Shot & Stabbed By Pirates

Last night I only remembered a few dream fragments, which did not go together really.

Dream 1

The first one I remember took place in a fictional version of LC, and some unknown person & I were driving around the city.