Humans (Season 1)

What is it?

The 2015 science fiction television show Humans (Season 1) that was based on the television show Real Humans.

Humans TV Series Trailer

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this television show:

A suburban family buys the latest tech gadget–a robot servant–in this remake of a Swedish series.

In Season 1 of “HUMANS,” when Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) brings Anita — later known as Mia (Gemma Chan) — a robotic assistant known as a “Synth” into the family home, the repercussions change their lives forever.

As Toby (Theo Stevenson), Sophie (Pixie Davies) and Joe become enamored with Anita, Mattie (Lucy Careless) and Laura (Katherine Parkinson) realize something is amiss.

Meanwhile, Niska (Emily Berrington), a conscious synth, seeks help from her human brother Leo (Colin Morgan) after an incident places their unusual family in danger; and Pete (Neil Maskell), a police officer investigating Niska’s actions, is shocked when his partner Karen (Ruth Bradley) reveals her secret past.

Elsewhere, retired scientist George struggles to keep his aging synth Odi from being decommissioned; and Laura and Mattie assist Leo as he tries to uncover the truth behind his father’s work.


The SECRET Backstory Of Fallout 4 REVEALED – Rethinking Fallout

Source: YouTube

Austin Hourigan at ShoddyCast had a video called The SECRET Backstory Of Fallout 4 REVEALED – Rethinking Fallout:

This is what the description of this video says:

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Will Fallout 76 RUIN Fallout? ►

I’ve wondered this for, like, ages, honestly, and it was originally my theory for what the main story of Fallout 4 would be about, ultimately.

That wasn’t the case, but after getting re-addicted while researching my latest SCIENCE, I had to ask myself again: is the protagonist of Fallout 4, the sole survivor, actually an Institute Synth?

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🤯 This actually makes sense and seems to all add up, well done Austin. 👏

The end,

-John Jr


Working Or Gardening With Sister Mary Eunice And Bruce Lee

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day outside by the street and yard of where my uncle WC’s house should be, and I seemed to be working or gardening with several attractive women who were different characters from several television series and films and Bruce Lee.

All of the women were attractive to me and I liked all of them and they all seemed to like me as well, and I was not sure which of them I liked the most so I was trying to figure this out because I felt that soon they would ask me this question.


Sneaking And Hiding And Grace Randolph And A Synth

Source: Wikipedia

I did not voice record my dreams or really think about them today, and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream possibly took place during the day in a dream world that seemed a bit dangerous because I was sneaking around and hiding most of the dream, and I lived in abandoned rooms in abandoned buildings near a school; and I would spend most of my time sneaking around this area trying to avoid threats.

I would possibly sneak to and around the school sometimes, Grace Randolph was a teacher at the school, and I would see her sometimes but I am not sure if she ever saw me or not or if we ever talked or not; and I remember seeing her walk outside, and I remember hiding.

Grace probably walked back inside the school and then I saw a group of dangerous men looking around near the abandoned buildings were I lived, I sneaked around to avoid them, but I was not able to return to where I lived; and I hoped that they would not find my main room or the rooms that I often used, I had backup rooms for emergencies, because I did not want to have to abandon my stuff and my safe house(s).

I hid and watched and waited from a distance as the group of dangerous men searched the area scavenging, looking for someone to attack, and maybe even looking for a new place to live; and I was ready to escape if necessary, but I would lose my equipment and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the television show Humans, which I watched last night, and I remember once again sneaking around and hiding during the day; but this time some threats were possibly chasing me and/or looking for me.

At some point I remember a Synth / android / robot being with me, maybe we hid on a train and escaped at some point, but I can not remember; but that is all that I can remember now unfortunately, there was more, but distractions of the day caused me to forget.

The end,

-John Jr