My Brother GC Gets A Subdermal Implant?

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I had a dream that took place at my parent’s house and my brother GC showed me what I think was a large subdermal implant that he had that went down the middle of the front of his body like a flatter and wider spinal cord or something that caused that area at the front of his body to bulge out unnaturally.

I wondered how and why did he get this and did not tell us about it, when he got it, if it was safe, was it really under the skin or was it on top of the skin and just was made to look like it was under the skin, was he put to sleep when it was implanted, was the person who did it certified, and what would happen if he decided he did not want it anymore.

It looked strange, painful, not safe, disgusting, et cetera and I felt that he should talk with a doctor / professional and decide how to have it safely removed as quickly as possible if it was safe to remove now.

My brother GC went to sleep in his bed before I could tell him any of this, I remember thinking about the situation and trying to decided what to do and say when he wakes up, and maybe I went to sleep and maybe I woke up into a false awakening dream so I thought that I was in the real world but I was actually still dreaming.

My brother GC was still sleeping and I wondered if he really had a subdermal implant or not or if that was just in the dream, he was under his bed sheets so I could not see, and so I was going to have to wait for him to wake up to ask him so that I could determine if he only had that in the dream and not in the real world.

The next thing that I remember is either part of this dream or is another dream, and I just remember being at a fictional smaller version of The BP Library during the day it seemed.

At some point a fictional slightly overweight male leader of a possibly middle eastern war-torn country with light-medium or dark-light color skin came to visit the library with male and female bodyguards, this was a dangerous move since his country was possibly still at war and there were people who wanted him dead, but he seemed to be trying to project strength and courage et cetera as a public message to others including his enemies.

His bodyguards tried to form a loose perimeter around him as he moved around greeting people and smiling and waving and looking around, they did a better job than security usually does in my dreams, but I still did not feel that their security plan and setup was as good as mine would be in this situation.

I remember trying to stay outside of the perimeter that his bodyguards were trying to keep while trying to not look like a threat, but I also possibly considered trying to approach him to talk to him about maybe how dangerous this was and maybe some other things.

I also was looking around for threats as well and checking out the flaws in the security, and I remember signaling to a female bodyguard with light-to-medium color skin with long black hair to let her know about a weak point in the perimeter and that I was about to move to a new area and / or I pointed out a somewhat suspicious man who was moving toward another weak point and / or that I was going to cover a weak point briefly until they cover it.

At some point I am not sure if the middle eastern leader and his bodyguards left or not but they were no longer focused on at this point if they were still there, and I remember seeing my female coworker Mrs. C (who is an assistant director at The BP Library) trying to help a somewhat older man with light-color skin with yellow hair who was at the computer section.

The man was angry and asked Mrs. C a question, Mrs. C reminded him that she had already answered that question and reminded him that the answer was that there was nothing that they could do, and so the man got angrier and cursed her out and maybe called her an unhelpful worthless b###h and started ranting at her until I interrupted him.

I stopped the man’s rant and I let him know that he was out-of-line and I asked him to apologize to Mrs. C, I apologized to Mrs. C, and then I continued calming the man down by offering to try to help him.

He told me that he had smelled and maybe saw smoke coming from his laptop and then it turned off and it would not come back on, he was afraid that his hard drive had burned up and that he had lost his data, and he said that he needed that data now because maybe he was trying to do his taxes or something important like that and he had other irreplaceable data on there.

I told him that there was a chance that it was just the power supply that burnt up hopefully which happens sometimes and that hopefully his hard drive was safe, I told him that there were devices that you could connect your internal hard drive to that would allow them to function as an external hard drive, and then we could connect it to a computer here at the library to see if it can detect the hard drive so that he can start backing up his data to it and / or online to something like Google Photos which has unlimited video and image storage up to a certain quality for free and / or to a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

I looked at his laptop while thinking about how to handle this situation, I am not sure if I daydreamed this and / or if it really happened, but I remember having the device that he needed to connect his internal hard drive too and then we were able to connect it to a computer where I showed him how to start backing up video and images to Google Photos and to the computer et cetera.

I then let him work on that as I helped another man who needed help trying to recover his data too, and this man was Titanic Sinclair who had a computer that stopped coming on that had some of his data for some Poppy videos et cetera that he was working on so it was important for him to be able to recover this data or he would lose all of that work.

I recommended that he back up his data to Google Photos et cetera and that him and the other man install the Google Photos app and set it to automatically backup files by folder and that they also backup their data to another physical device so that they can have their data backed up in at least 3 locations to be safe, and then I helped him possibly using the same type of device that I used to help the other man and Titanic Sinclair started backing up his data as well.

While they worked on that I also had a black tablet computer with keyboard case that needed to be worked on (it looked like my mom’s tablet that I bought her except it was black, and I assume that it belonged to her or someone else and that they wanted me to fix it) and I still wanted to talk to Mrs. C to see if she was okay, but the next thing that I remember is that it seemed to be evening or night and now I seemed to be on the clock here at the library like I was supposed to be working now maybe.

But I was on a computer in the computer section trying to work on the tablet and maybe connect it to the computer to back up the data et cetera just in case, I also had to stop and check on the Titanic Sinclair and the other man sometimes, and I still wanted to check on Mrs. C to see if she was okay.

At some point I remembered or felt that I was supposed to be working and I wondered if my female coworker DT had noticed that I was not working all of this time (other than helping those two patrons), and so I tried to hurry up.

I remember the tablet getting super hot (I could feel the heat even though I was touching the plastic case, and so it was hot) and going black, I thought that it was off, but it was not so I tried to turn it off before the heat damages it.

I wondered how much time had I lost and how would I get all of this done in time and continue working, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Ender Wiggin Versus My Former Classmate AK | My Aunt ME Versus My Former Classmate AR In A Street Fight?

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Once again I have to rush to type a post, and once again I remembered these dreams using some of Lost Truth’s advice that she gave on her post Tips On Dream Recall; I had more but I accidentally went back to sleep several times when going over them in my mind.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was at my parent’s house and I remember my former male classmate AK being there but I can not remember if he was inside the house or if he had just arrived outside the house on the front porch, either way, I remember us talking and walking outside off the front porch and on side of the front porch on the side of the yard that the dogs should be on.

I remember my former classmate AK taking out a large tablet computer-like device and I could see what looked like outer space on it with a lot of spacecraft, and he went to use the tablet computer-like device to lead a space battle again another large group of spacecraft in outer space.

I was not sure if this was a video game or simulation or if this was a real remote-controlled space battle, either way the scene shifted to a zoomed in view of the battlefield in outer space, and behind his opponents spacecraft was a large avatar of the character Ender Wiggin from the Ender’s Game movie and maybe it showed his name.

So Ender Wiggin and my former classmate AK were about to have a space battle against each other with them controlling or leading the spacecraft remotely I assume, but I am not sure if it was real or a video game or a simulation so I am not sure if real lives were at stake or not.

My former classmate AK was one of the smartest people I knew back in public school and so I was curious to see how he would do against Ender Wiggin, and I remember the battle starting with my former classmate AK sending all of his spacecraft to attack the left flank of Ender’s army.

I remember his spacecraft moving very fast and curving to the left flying erratically trying to confuse and surprise Ender.

My former classmate AK was obviously up to something clever, it was a risky and bold move, and I wondered what he had planned but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being outside in a field of mostly women or all women, except for me and any other possible men who were there, and my aunt ME was having a street fight against a younger woman who looked like or was my former female classmate AR.

Most of the women seemed to be family and friends et cetera of each of the fighters, and so they were cheering and taunting and coaching and refereeing et cetera.

I remember seeing an old woman with dark-color skin holding a purse and moving toward the fight like she was going to attack my aunt ME so I moved in to stop her, but another woman who was a friend of my aunt ME stopped her first and warned her that no one was to interfere with the fight and that she was going to stop anyone trying to attack any of the fighters.

The old woman complained about how she hated my aunt ME and that she wanted to fight her next, the friend of my aunt ME said that she would have to wait another day to have a fight against my aunt ME, and the old woman was not happy with that response and so I assumed that she would try to attack my aunt ME again so I stayed closer to the fight ready to stop any attackers and to stop the fight as a referee if necessary.

My aunt ME was probably winning the fight surprisingly, oddly there was a downed helicopter that was in the field tilted to the side and the helicopter rotor was still spinning dangerously, and so the fighters could get chopped to death if they got too close to it and the fight got too close to it.

The old woman and some other people started to move in, a few of them acted like they wanted to push one of the fighters into the moving helicopter rotor, and so my aunt ME’s friend and another woman and me moved in to keep people back.

I made sure to keep the old woman back, which made her angry, and my former classmate AR got knocked down by my aunt ME near the helicopter rotor so my aunt ME moved back.

My former classmate AR was on the ground struggling like she was too afraid of the helicopter rotors to move and / or the wind from it was too strong, and so she was at risk of getting chopped to death.

A woman who seemed to know my aunt ME was yelling at and taunting my former classmate AR trying to make her give up I assume, this was working and my former classmate AR struggled and maybe even cried trying to get up as she got or was pulled closer to the helicopter rotor, and either she intentionally moved toward it or she got pulled toward it or she accidentally moved too close it and my former classmate AR got chopped by the helicopter rotor.

It was a bit shocking and gory, I just remember seeing blood and pieces flying out as the helicopter rotor chopped her up real quick, and I remember standing there in shock at this death.

My aunt ME was declared the winner and I saw the old woman reaching her hand into her purse and moving closer like she was going to pull out a gun and try to shoot my aunt ME, and so I blocked the woman and I probably told her to take her hand out of her purse so she did and I warned her against doing anything like that or she would have to deal with me and I did not want to have to get physical with an old woman but I would if I had to to stop her from murdering my aunt ME or anyone else.

The old woman realized that I was serious, and so she probably decided to try again when I was not around or to challenge my aunt ME to a fight and fight her another day; but I assumed that she would try to kill my aunt ME another day because after seeing this fight she probably realized that she probably could not defeat my aunt ME in a fair fight.

But I woke up.

This second dream was probably symbolic and probably represented something my mom told me last night in the real world about my aunt ME (my mom’s sister), but I can not say what she told me for privacy reasons but it is a life and death battle against something.

The end,

-John Jr


Remote Viewing & Seeing Into The Past?

I am not sure if this is one dream or three dreams from last night, but I will type them as one dream with three parts.

Part 1

All that I can remember of this part of the dream now is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house where my mom and I were, and I think that my former male classmate AK was there and this was the first time that I have seen or communicated with him since he moved away to U back when we were still in high school many years ago and a fictional man or young man with whitish-colored skin with yellow hair was with him (maybe a family member or friend).


Sleep Paralysis & Food Poisoning & A Shapeshifting Blood Moon?

October 9, 2016 (Or A Day Or Two Before That) Possible Sleep Paralysis Experience

Last night I barely remembered part of an experience as soon as I laid in bed, this experience possibly happened the night before or a day or two before that, and it was possibly a sleep paralysis experience with a hallucination.

It took place during the night when I woke up from a dream or thought that I woke up from a dream, I am not sure which, and I woke up in bed laying on my back.


A Fundraiser And Being A Hitman

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that a fundraiser was taking place at a multi-story building during the day, I think that they were trying to raise funds for the local public schools (public school system) in B Parish where I live, and so The B Parish School Board was probably over the fundraising; and they teamed up with local public servant volunteers (teachers, librarians, and more) to help them with the fundraiser.

The fundraiser probably involved free food in the form of a plate lunch of one meal per-person to encourage people to come to the fundraiser, and on an upper floor of the building they were selling various items that you might find at one of those tool sales where they move from city to city selling objects about once a year.