A School Takeover | A Strange Movie

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the video game Bully.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Trailer

The dream took place during the day at what was probably a private school, and there was a Jimmy Hopkins-like student who wanted to take over the school.


Fighting A Transforming Super Triple H & Working On An Investigation With Sherlock Holmes & A Business Takeover

I am not sure if this is one dream or several possibly connected dreams, and so I will type them as separate dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a gray day, and I was with several people including maybe at least one talking non-human animal but I can not remember.


My Mom Gets Decapitated

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only remember part of my last dream because it was a dream that repeated several times and during several of these repeats of the dream these parts of the dream were documented during the dream by me and/or someone else, and so my mind/brain did not try to remember those parts of the dream thinking that those parts of the dream had already been documented in the real world; and so now I can not remember most of this interesting dream unfortunately, and so it will not make much sense without those missing parts of the dream.

The dream took place in a fictional place during the day and I remember two strange men who were dressed up in maybe suits (there was something strange about them, and I could not read their facial expressions/minds really because they were very neutral/hard to read like maybe they were not really human or they lacked normal emotions/empathy), both with whitish colored skin with short hair with one of them having dark-colored hair and the other had blondish colored hair, and I think that the two men (and whoever was/were helping them) were trying to take over something (maybe a government, group, organization, country, company, the world, and/or something like that maybe).

During the dream I would have random short visions of the two men as they tried to carry out their plans, and so during the dream I kept trying to find them so that I could stop them; but I also continued going along with what else was happening in the dream as well.

Part of the dream took place at a one-story public housing-like area in a field that was like the fairground field across from PW Elementary School in the city of D, I probably talked with one or more people inside and outside of the public housing-like area, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Eventually I went to a fictional probably windowless multi-story building that possibly had a mall-like area on the first floor, maybe a hospital-like are on one floor, maybe business-like offices on another floor, and I remember being in a classroom with maybe brownish colored carpet on another upper floor with some of my former classmates like my former female classmate EB and fictional classmates.

While I was sitting in class at my desk I eventually noticed that somehow I was naked now so I asked my classmates if someone had some shorts that I could borrow until Monday (I guess the dream took place during a Friday which was the last day of school for the week), my former classmate EB told me that I could use her blueish colored PE (Physical Education) gym shorts, and so I thanked her and I put them on; and I told her that I would wash them and return them to her on Monday.

After class I was going to go look for my clothes but I had another vision of the two men who were trying to take over something the entire dream, the two men possibly were in the final/last stages of their plan (maybe the clean up and cover up stage or the take over stage), and the man with the dark-colored hair sent the man with the blondish colored hair to continue his part of the plan.

It seemed that maybe the two men were possibly in the same multi-story building where I was but I maybe they were on the floor with the business-like offices, but I am not sure; and then to my surprise my mom entered the hallway/lobby/area where the man with the dark-colored hair was standing, and she greeted him like she knew him.

My mom did not exactly look like my mom in real life and she wore maybe a grayish colored business skirt with a business suit top/whatever with a white dress shirt but somehow I knew that it was supposed to be my mom even though she looked a bit different, and the man with the dark-colored hair and my mom went to talk privately in a small room that maybe looked somewhat like an outdoor-like area even though it was inside a windowless room.

My mom leaned against a wooden pole/tree-like structure that was in the room like she was very relaxed and like she knew the man with the dark-colored hair very well, and maybe she was directly or indirectly helping them with their take over but I am not sure; and they started to talk, maybe about the take over, but I am not sure.

The man with the dark-colored hair was still unreadable to me even though it seemed that things were positive between them, but suddenly the man with the dark-colored hair swung his arm in a semi-open-hand hook like motion chopping my mom across the neck with his fingers/hand or something hidden in his hand like maybe a blade as my mom was still leaning against the wooden pole/tree-like structure; and my mom’s head was decapitated/chopped off in that one swing and her head fell to/on the probably brownish colored carpet.

The man with the dark-colored hair seemed to be killing certain people who knew about their take over plans probably and so he killed my mom, and then he walked out of the room and he closed the door; and the vision ended, and I was back in the classroom.

I was shocked about what happened to my mom and that my mom seemed to know one of the men like maybe she was helping them, and so I wanted to try to save her and to try to figure out if she was involved or not and I wanted to stop the two men; and so I either accidentally or directly restarted the dream so that I could try to save my mom this time.

In the repeat of the dream I came across my dad and I told him about my visions and I went to try to save my mom (but I am not sure if my dad joined me or not), but I failed to save my mom again the second time; and so the dream repeated again, but I failed again.

I am not sure how many times the dream repeated but I know that it repeated several times with me failing to save my mom in time several times (so I had to keep seeing her get decapitated, while failing to find her in time, because I had to try to figure out where they were), I am not sure if I ever saved my mom or not, but I think that I confronted the man with the dark-colored hair and maybe the man with the blondish colored hair during a few of the repeats after my mom was decapitated probably; but I think that they killed me several times during the repeats as I tried to stop their take over plans, and I probably was never able to save my mom or myself in any of the repeats of the dream.

I decided that I would at least keep repeating the dream until I could at least stop the two men from finishing their take over plans, even if it meant that my mom and I would die, but I woke up eventually after many failed repeats of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Gangs In A Building Trying To Get Me To Join Them Again And Tate Langdon’s Gang Takes Over

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one long dream that seemed to take place in a dream world from a past dream that I might have never typed before or I had false memories of having dreamed of this dream world before, either way some of the dream characters seemed to have remembered me from a past dream of this dream world, and the dream took place in the same building from the past dream or false memory which reminded me of the old abandoned PL Grocery Store/general store combined with a recreational/club-like building where people can hang-out.

In the past dream or false memory of this dream world I think that I entered the building, and several gangs controlled territory in the building; and each gang tried to get me to join them, but I kept refusing.

I think that the most violent and powerful gang & their leader tried to recruit me, I turned them down as well, and so their leader probably got angry & he probably tried to have me murdered; and so I probably fought to survive, I survived, and I might have eventually killed their leader in combat.

This would have made me the new leader but I probably refused the job/position, and I probably told the gang to break-up/stop being a gang & go help the world; but I am not sure if they did or not, but that is what I think happened in the past dream of this place or my false memory of this place.

In last night’s dream I entered the building seeing several groups of people hanging out in sitting areas at the front of the building, the middle of the building had some of the old grocery/general store parts, and the back of the building was separated with its own wall like the back of the store where boxes/stuff were stored except that this area was bigger & had its own store parts/areas & hang-out areas/rooms & this is where most of the gangs were.

Some of the dream characters seemed to remember me and all the gangs once again wanted me to join them, I guess I was a hero/well-known for having survived against the most violent & powerful gang & I defeated/killed their leader, and so I had gang members trying to bribe me/beg me/intimidate me into joining their gangs.

Some of the gangs even sent spies to spy on me & the other gangs to see what they would offer me to join and to see which gang I would join, but I kept refusing to join any of the gangs again; but they kept trying.

The most violent & powerful gang & their leader tried to get me to join them, their leader sent one of his gang members who looked like Tate Langdon from the TV series American Horror Story: Murder House who reminds me of someone trying to look a bit like the singer Kurt Cobain to try to get me to join their gang, and Tate seemed like a weak but nice guy; but I refused their offer, and so Tate returned to the leader of his gang with the news.

The leader of their gang, which was the most violent & powerful gang, got very angry & he probably sent Tate & some other of his gang members to intimidate me or kill me; and Tate did not like the leader of his gang & was probably often bullied by him, and Tate seemed to have a split personality or hid his true self.

Normally Tate seemed like a weak but nice guy, but his true self or part of him was crazy/violent/evil/et cetera; and this side of him came out or he finally stopped hiding it, and instead of following his leaders orders to intimidate or kill me he decided to assassinate the leader of his gang.

I guess Tate felt that trying to kill me now was too risky/likely to fail and was a waste of time/talent, so he decided that he would kill the leader of his gang & then he would be the new leader & he would start defeating some of the other gangs to control more territory & get more gang members before trying to deal with me, and so he went to a group of people hanging out in the front of the building who had briefly talked with me/threatened me earlier in the dream who seemed dangerous to me & I did not trust them.

This group of people were a gang who only controlled part of the front of the building in the lobby, so they were not a major gang & they did not look like a gang & they did not have their own area in the back of the building like the major gangs, but they looked dangerous like a combination of members of white supremacist racist groups / militia groups / hunters / a few former soldiers / et cetera who also used chewing tobacco.

Tate either killed the leader of his gang before going to this gang or after getting this gang to join him, either way Tate got this gang to join him to combine his gang and their gang, and after Tate killed the leader of his gang & became the new leader the members of that small gang became his main gang members in their new combined gang.

Tate and his new larger gang then started killing some of the leaders of other gangs, and destroying some of the other gangs breaking the mostly peaceful balance between the gangs; and Tate no longer acted like a weak but nice guy, and he acted very crazy/violent/evil/et cetera.

Some of the survivors of some of the defeated gangs & members of the former weakest/most peaceful gang whose leader was recently killed and some non-gang members who were afraid of Tate & his gang, decided to have a meeting to form a new gang, and they forced/tricked me into the meeting; and they tried to force me to be the leader of their new gang by all voting me as their new leader, but I refused.

I told them that they should not form a gang using my usual reasons and because Tate & his gang would be more likely to kill/attack them if they started a new gang, because Tate wanted to control more territory/gang members/et cetera, and so he was defeating/destroying anyone/any gang in his way; but they would not listen to me, and a man from the former weakest/most peaceful gang became the leader of this new gang.

I left the meeting which took place on the right side of the building in the back area where the major gangs have territory, outside of the room I saw a man with whitish colored skin with short length hair standing guard facing an opening from the back side that led to the meeting room, and outside the door to the front of the building was a woman with dark brownish colored skin with black colored medium length hair standing guard; but I noticed that neither of them were properly positioned or prepared for an attack, and there were not enough of them so I gave them some recommendations.

I told them that having armor & weapons might be a good idea, that they needed at least one or two more people standing guard with someone watching the man’s back facing the door that led to the front of the building & someone guarding the door to the meeting room from behind cover or behind the door, I told the woman that she should stand guard from behind the door in an ambush position where she could hide to avoid being an easy target or go to the front of the building to blend in with the other people in the front/lobby of the building watching for anyone approaching the door so that she could warn the other guards when someone was approaching so that they could be ready, and then I started walking out toward the front of the building; and the woman who was guarding the door decided to follow my advice to move to the front/lobby of the building to blend in with the other people to watch the door from there to warn the other guards if someone approaches.

Before we got far from the door we heard a lot of noise in the front of the building in the lobby, like an attack had just happened with some people screaming, and we went to investigate; and we found a murdered woman with dark brownish colored skin with black colored medium-length hair like the woman who had guarded the door, the woman who had guarded the door & I knew the dead woman, and the dead woman had been a member of the former weakest/most peaceful gang but after the gang’s leader was killed she decided not to join the new gang that was just formed.

Witnesses said that gang members from Tate’s gang killed the woman in front of everyone in the lobby, I guess they assumed that she had joined the new gang that was just formed or they killed her since she was a former gang member, so I guess maybe Tate had a spy or two watching the meeting.

Tate and his gang were clearly out-of-control, attacking even non-gang members now, and so I decided that Tate & his gang needed to be stopped; and so I decided that I would help stop Tate & his gang, but I made it clear that I would not join any gang.

I just wanted to stop the unnecessary violence and bring back a more peaceful balance, and hopefully eventually all the gangs would break-up/no longer exist; and so I went to tell the new gang of my plans to help give them advice and get the other gangs & non-gang members to help us stop Tate & his gang, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Watching A House For An Old Woman

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of an unclear dream that took place during the day in D, and it started on Eastside at an old woman’s house that was near my parent’s house & my grandfather’s house and/or during some parts of the dream it was combined with their houses and/or located where their houses should be.

We were in a kitchen and the old woman had a female helper who looked a bit like my former female classmate MT, who looks a bit like Snow White / Megan Fox, and the old woman wanted me to maybe watch her house for her since she was going to be away for the day or something like that; and so I was supposed to check her house a few times throughout the day.

I think that I saw the helper steal some items from the old woman, probably some food in the kitchen, and from her body language/facial expressions/et cetera I was able to see that she probably often stole things from the old woman; and that she was good at lying and pretending/faking like MT was in real life (even when we were in the 1st grade), the type that knows how to look good and pretend to be good, but I saw right through her pretending.

I wanted to tell the old woman but I knew that the helper was too good at lying like MT, and I had no evidence; and so I did not waste time warning the old woman and the helper was watching me like she knew that I wanted to tell the old woman, and so she was ready to lie instantly if I told the old woman.

Like MT, the helper was the type who could probably fake cry & act innocent while lying, and so I knew that I would have to get evidence before even thinking about telling the old woman.

I told the old woman that I would watch her house for her while she was gone, she let me have a few food items in her kitchen, and she left some food items in her kitchen when she left the house with her helper; and I wanted to put those food items up to help keep them safe, but I decided to not mess with them since the old woman probably wanted them where she put them.

I then went to my parent’s house and/or the woman’s house/yard was now where my parent’s house should be but I can not remember most of what happened except that slowly various good characters from various books/TV shows/movies/et cetera started to show up at the house/yard; and one of the first was the retired entertainment wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), and I remember talking with him outside as other good characters slowly showed up in the yard/house.

At some point various bad characters started to slowly show up, and at some point one of the bad characters led the other bad characters in an attack to take out the good characters and take over the yard/house, and they succeeded; and my dad, brothers, and I had to flee/run away (but I do not remember if my mom was in the dream or not).

We ran for our lives when it was clear that the bad characters won or were winning, to our neighbor Mr. RD’s house, and we only stayed briefly because we were afraid that staying there would put Mr. RD in danger; and I remember looking through his windows and out his door across the street at my parent’s house where the take-over happened, trying to see what was going on, and at some point I told my family to keep running while I either sneaked closer to the house for a better look and/or I wanted to go save someone and/or I wanted to fight to get our house/yard back and/or I sneaked to the old woman’s house to make sure that it was safe.

I can not remember what happened really but at some point I knew that my family was safely somewhere else, and I went inside the old woman’s house; and it was safe except that maybe a few of her food items had been taken/stolen possibly, but I was not sure even in the dream but I was going to tell the old woman about it when ever I saw her again.

I also remember possibly given some of the food items to my family, possibly some of the food items that the old woman gave me, and I was going to tell the old woman about this as well when I saw her again.

Slowly members of my mom’s family started to come to the house which was now like my grandfather’s house/yard sometimes, and at some point they were inside talking/arguing loudly; and I went inside and the noise was unbearable.

My uncle CE walked up to me complaining about my mom and he even pointed his finger in my face angrily & his finger hit me in my mouth, I was very annoyed/slightly angered by this but I tried to stay calm & I was disoriented by all the noise & I could not hear him well with all the loud talking/arguing, and I remember walking around dazed & confused by the noise as my uncle CE followed me around complaining.

I kept telling him that I could barely hear him over the noise and I either yelled for everyone to be quiet and/or I woke myself up accidentally or on purpose and/or there was a time jump in the dream and/or I forgot what happened, either way, the next thing that I remember is driving in a fictional area; and I stopped in a nice quiet area that had a food stand outside.

I noticed the old woman and her helper at the food stand, and I went to talk with the old woman to tell her about her house/the possibly stolen food items/the food items that I possibly gave to my family/and I was thinking about telling the woman about how her helper probably steals from her regularly.

The helper listened closely sensing that I was going to probably tell the old woman about her stealing, so I decided that was not a good idea, but to my surprise the old woman asked the helper to order them some food at the food stand; and so this gave the old woman and I a chance to talk privately as we walked away from the food stand.

I told the old woman everything except the information about her helper at first but this bothered me so much, and so I finally told her about her helper; and I told her that it was not a good idea to tell the helper yet, that she should set up a camera and/or hide & leave some items in her house & see if the helper steals some of them.

I told her that she needed evidence before confronting the helper about it, the old woman thanked me, and the helper brought the old woman her food asking us what we had talked about; and we answered her question, but without mentioning the talk about her stealing stuff.

I do not remember what happened with the bad character takeover situation at my parent’s house and I am not sure if they killed and/or held the good characters hostage or not, I am not sure what happened with my loud indirect family members at my grandfather’s house, I am not sure where my family were but I know that they were safe, and I can not remember if I returned to the old woman’s house to wait for her return or not.

The end,

-John Jr