Dream Fragments During The Day With My Mom

I stayed up very late trying to do my own taxes online for the first time using TurboTax Freedom Edition, and to my surprise it was easy and free because I am low income and lower class which makes things easier when it comes to things like taxes 😀 ; and so I would recommend that you try TurboTax online if you qualify for free online federal and state income tax filing (just make sure you use the link at your government’s official website to link to the proper free version).

I had some dreams that I remembered part of but I kept going back to sleep without recording them, I also did not think about them today after waking up for good, and so now I only remember a few dream fragments.

Unfortunately my memory of these dream fragments faded away mostly by the time that I realized that I had not recorded them today yet or thought about them.

One or more of the dreams took place during the day, my mom was in one or more dreams, and I definitely remembered more but I can not remember those details now.

But if I remember them later I will type them here.

The end,

-John Jr


Danny DeVito In The Mafia?

This dream was possibly partly inspired by this television commercial that I saw during The Super Bowl called M&M’S Super Bowl Commercial 2018 (featuring Danny DeVito) – ‘Human’ :30:

M&M’s Super Bowl Commercial 2018 Danny DeVito Human

I am not sure if this is one or two dreams, so I will type it as one dream.


United States (USA) / Afghanistan Welfare

*Warning! My memory of this dream is incomplete, terribly written, flawed/error filled, so anything written here may be incorrect.*

Last night I vaguely remember a conversation I had in a dream with my cousin ME, I think I was walking in some unknown mall and I saw him, and we started talking.

I do not remember what all we talked about, but I do remember us talking about the current economic situation, wars, politics, etc.

ME was giving surprising responses to my questions and was actually doing a good job of explaining his opinions.