A Compressed File | An Inappropriate Class

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was at a crowded but small sporting event, maybe a tennis tournament where they had us standing outside very close to the action and the judges / referees / et cetera.

I was wearing a cloth face mask and my dad was possibly there, a male referee or judge with light-color skin was standing not that far away from me, and I heard someone in the crowd say that referee or judge or another referee / judge possibly had COVID-19.


Roll Call | A Movie Dream Interferes With A Family Reunion Dream?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up and went back to sleep without recording my dreams, and so now I can only remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and at was at a fictional version of the D High School, and the school had a strange rule where all students had to report to a certain part of the building for roll call and this was part of an attendance rule.

Some teachers would stand at the front of the entire school in this room and they would call out names and you would have to respond, this was not a good idea because people at the back might not hear their name and the teachers might not hear you respond to your name being called, and this happened to me where the teachers did not hear me responding loudly and repeatedly so maybe I was marked as absent.

I was not sure if I was marked as absent or not so maybe after this I left to maybe go to the office, but oddly I walked outside across the parking lot along a fictional sidewalk that looped around a fictional area and possibly returned to the front of the school near the entrance of the school that leads to the office.

Along my walk I saw and possibly greeted my former male classmate AA and someone else, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved a movie where something would happen to people that I can not remember, and maybe some of them would die or something but I can not remember.

It was possibly paranormal and / or supernatural, I am not sure what would trigger it or how people would be targeted, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day and me and some of my family went to a fictional one-story house between where my uncle IC’s house should be and where my aunt GC’s house used to be, and family members started to arrive like this was a family reunion or something.

There was probably food and drink, and maybe members from both sides of my family were there like this was either a joint family reunion or two family reunions going on at the same time but I can not remember if some of my family members from my dad’s side of the family were really there or not.

I do remember members of my mom’s side of the family showing up like my uncle CE, uncle EE, aunt DE, cousin EE, and more.

My family members were surprised to see me because I almost never go to family gatherings now-a-days, and I remember talking to them about this.

The previous movie dream somehow started to interfere with this dream and the movie from that dream seemed to start happening in this dream, and it was literally causing problems with this dream that limited what we could do and sometimes we would be hindered (sometimes we would struggle to do something and / or not be able to do it briefly as the previous movie dream seemed to interfere).

This interference from the other dream was annoying, I could feel the disturbances it was causing in this dream, and then weird things started to happen to people like in the movie from the previous dream but I am not sure if they were dying or not.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Using A Wristlock In A Fast Food Restaurant Parking Lot

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside a car with my brother GC who was possibly driving, and we drove into the parking lot of a rough-looking fast food restaurant that looked like it was possibly where the McDonald’s in the city of D should be.

I remember us driving past the drive-through window like we were either going to park or leave, but a man with light-color skin with maybe yellow hair driving a blue car stopped his automobile and got out angry and walked quickly toward my brother GC’s door like he was going to attack him so I got out of the car to stop the man.

There were a few other people around who were watching this including at least one woman, and I tried to talk to the man calmly to get him to stop and keep his distance and explain himself.

The man was angry for some unknown reason and he was ready to fight, it seemed that maybe he falsely blamed my brother GC for cutting him off in his car or something, but I am not sure.

The man would not calm down or stop and I was not sure if he was armed or not so I warned the man to stay back or I would physically stop him, he did not listen, and so I intercepted the man before he could reach my brother GC’s door.

The man tried to punch me but I caught his punch and I put him in a wristlock, I twisted his wrist forcing him to the ground, and I calmly ordered him to lay on his stomach face down and for him to calm down and he complied as I searched him for weapons while calmly talking to him.

I was not sure if anyone had called the police or not so I was going to have him lay there for a bit in case they arrive, but I woke up.

Dream 2

There was more to this dream but now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day, and I went to a fictional elementary school that was familiar to me in the dream because in the dream I had false memories of having went to the school when I was a kid so I knew the building and some of the teachers et cetera.

I have no idea why I was there or anything, I possibly had a cart or something that I was moving around through the school with me but I can not remember, and I just remember moving through the school thinking of old false memories of it and sometimes stopping to talk to people I knew like former teachers of mine et cetera.

School was taking place so there were students and teachers et cetera there, at some point when I was moving through a hallway past the last offices before you exit the building I saw my coworker Mrs. C in one of the offices, and so I stopped briefly to greet her.

After briefly talking with her I continued maybe pushing the cart or whatever until I exited the building, it was still daytime outside, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Room In A Field And A New Dune Movie?

File:Francesca Annis as Jessica Atreides.jpg
Source: Wikipedia

I can only remember some of the end of my last dream from last night, I think that before this part of the dream I was possibly walking through a building (maybe somewhat shopping mall-like) during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and maybe I met the professional wrestler Ric Flair or a Ric Flair-like man during this forgotten part of the dream but I can not remember.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream now is that I remember walking from that assumed building to the outside, and eventually I reached a field that had a small very narrow indoor / outdoor room (about the size of a closet) in it so I walked to this small room.

This narrow small room had accordion-style window-like doors and maybe some thin curtains that blew in the wind so you did not have much privacy, and there was a window seat / daybed-like area near the window-like doors which was the only sitting area and there was not enough room to do anything else except sit or lay down.

My memory of this part of the dream is very unclear and messed up (mostly destroyed) so I am not sure what happened exactly, I just know that somehow one or more women were in this room with me at some point, and I started having sex with one or more of them.

The woman or one of the women I remember starting to have sex with was Faye Reagan, and I remember us starting to have sex with me sitting as we faced each other as she leaned way back until she was possibly touching the seat / daybed.

Like I said my memory of this part of the dream is too unclear so I can not remember what else happened or how far the attempt to have sex went or where Faye or any other possible women who may have been there went, I just remember being alone in the room at some point wearing only underwear or I was naked, and I was about to put my clothes back on when I realized that this room was in the field in back of the PW Elementary School to the right of the bus stop area and across from part of the 5th grade playground.

So there I was mostly naked or naked in this small narrow room with not much privacy in the field of an elementary school, once I realized this I knew that this was bad and that this would look bad if someone saw me and that someone would probably call the police and that would be very bad for me and I did not want any kids to see me like this, and so I started trying to put my clothes on in a way that did not look like I was putting clothes on because I did not want anyone to notice that I did not have all my clothes on.

I then noticed some female teachers walking toward the bus stop area to their automobiles, one of them was my 5th grade teacher Mrs. C, and so I tried to duck down and slowly put on my T-shirt hoping that they would not see me.

Fortunately the students were not on the playground at this time, I got my T-shirt on and I pulled it down so that it would look like I had all of my clothes on, and I maybe waved at the teachers and I waited for them to leave before trying to put my pants and socks and shoes on.

I then noticed that some students were starting to come outside and that there was now an overweight man (maybe a janitor) with dark-color skin sitting in a chair in the field near the fence guarding a parking area in the field, and so the situation got even worse.

I can not remember if I finished dressing or not, I just remember partly covering myself with a cardboard box, and I walked around with / in this cardboard box toward the parking area in the field but the man guarding it stopped me and he looked at me with an angry facial expression and he told me that I could not cross the line so I assume that only teachers and parent’s could go there or something like that.

I probably told the man that I was doing an experiment with the cardboard box, probably as a cover to why I was there so that I could then leave without looking as suspicious or something but I can not remember, and he gave me another negative facial expression like I was crazy or something so I started to leave but some of the students ran over to jump on the box that I was in.

The students jumped on me and the cardboard box, I told them that I was doing an experiment to see how much weight could this cardboard box handle and I mentioned some other things that I was testing in this experiment, and then I started walking with all the students riding on top of the cardboard box until it broke before I could reach the other end of the field.

I started gathering my measurements and data or pretending to do so, I let the students know that the experiment was over, and then they ran back where they came from.

This was my chance to either leave and / or get the rest of my clothes and stuff if I had not already gotten it all.

Either during and / or after the cardboard box experiment or pretend experiment there was something that happened where in my mind I was also seeing parts of what seemed to be a new Dune movie, and somehow I was seeing this in my mind while I was also doing other things in the dream.

As I saw part of this assumed new Dune movie in my mind I remember seeing some scenes with Lady Jessica, who looked different than any version of her that I have seen before (she looked a bit more alien and unique, and maybe slightly like a combination of Lady Gaga and Tori Amos and a woman from maybe somewhere in Scandinavia (Scandinavian)), but she did have light-color skin and orange and / or red hair like some other versions of this character.

This version of Lady Jessica treated her son Paul Atreides in a less caring way, she was not mean to him, but she was just less loving and she was more neutral and distant than how her character was in the Frank Herbert’s Dune television miniseries and the Frank Herbert’s Children Of Dune television miniseries.

This version of Lady Jessica acted more like a Bene Gesserit who was just doing her duty to the sisterhood in a less emotional and less attached way, and she acted more like how I imagined that she would act if she had followed more of her Bene Gesserit training like she was supposed to.

This version of Lady Jessica made more sense to me, but I woke up as I was thinking about this and seeing scenes of this assumed new Dune movie as I was dealing with my cardboard box experiment result gathering and escape.

The end,

-John Jr


Shooters (Gunmen) Attack A Shopping Mall / School And Trying To Speak In French With Pauline Croze

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed after 7:00 AM last night and I got no more than four hours of sleep last night, but somehow I still remember part of the end of one dream.

At the end of this dream I was inside a multi-story shopping mall-like building that also had a school scattered throughout the building on several floors along with various stores and other things, and I was probably a student in maybe high school again.

I was in an open classroom on an upper floor (maybe the second floor) next to a rail where you could look down to see the floor below in a corner-like area, and we were not too far away from the stairs and maybe the escalator that went down to the next floor.

One of the students in my class was my former female classmate CW, and as we were having class there were probably some people shopping and going around to other classes on our floor and the floor below us.

School classrooms and school bathrooms and other school rooms were scattered around this mall-like building, and so the school areas were not all together which allowed you to see and stop at stores and other places as you walked around to the various school areas between classes et cetera.

My memory of this is not clear but at some point the school areas and maybe other parts of the mall-like building got attacked by various people with guns, and there were possibly three different groups of people carrying out this attack shooting people et cetera.

These three groups included random students, maybe a terrorist-like group, and maybe a third group who(m) I can not remember.

Most students were easy prey and did not fight back, but a few of us students fought back to protect ourselves and others and I was possibly the only person in my class who fought back and protected my class and the area that we were in.

I wanted to go around the building to find and stop all the shooters, but my class and the area needed protecting so I was going to protect them/it until it was safe enough for me to search the rest of the building for shooters.

There were several ways to help you decide who was a shooter and who was not because some of them were students or blended in and would hide their guns, and so we had to quickly look for ways to tell who was a threat and who was not to avoid accidentally killing the few of us fighting back.

Those of us who fought back had to kill shooters and take their guns, I killed several shooters who tried to attack us and other people in our area, and I took their weapons and sadly some of those shooters were students.

I got my first weapon by hiding behind the rail near where the stairs/escalator was as a shooter approached my class, and I ambushed this person and I killed them and took their gun.

After this I would shoot and kill any shooters who approached once I figured out if they were a shooter or not or if they tried to attack first.

Some of the signs that I looked for to decided whether someone was a shooter or not was: looking to see if they wore gloves or not and what kind, looking to see what type of material and/or what type of handle and case they were carrying because some people were carrying cases or briefcases or something like that with certain types of handles, and there were one or two other subtle signs that I can not remember.

During my defense of my class and the area I saw people running and hiding and I heard shooting and screams and laughs and shooters talking et cetera, and I met other people who were fighting back so we had to be careful not to shoot each other and we had to check each other using those signs and verbally letting each other know that we are friendlies.

Those of us fighting back would quickly share tips with each other about various signs to look for to recognize the shooters and other advice and words of encouragement, and at some point the school’s security guard who was my male coworker Mr. CF (who is the security guard at The BP Library where I work as a shelver) and several teachers arrived to check on us as they walked around the building trying to find students and see if any shooters were left.

My former female classmate CW was very emotional and was panicking and was angry and was crying et cetera, and she asked my coworker Mr. CF why did he not check all students for weapons like he is supposed to and she said that this attack would not have happened if he had done his job.

My coworker Mr. CF said that he was going to check them later but the attack happened before he could check the students, and he said that it would not have mattered even if he had checked because he felt that most of the guns arrived from people attacking and not from people sneaking in the weapons first.

My classmate CW got even angrier and more emotional and she started ranting at my coworker Mr. CF because she did not agree with this, Mr. CF ignored her, and I explained the situation and tips to my coworker Mr. CF and the teachers.

None of them seemed to be armed and I told them to be careful and that they should probably pick up some guns from some of the dead shooters that they find and I probably offered them some weapons that I had but they probably refused to take them oddly, and I told them that some of us students were fighting back and that I was about to start searching the building to see if any shooters were left or not because this area seemed safe enough now for me to finally leave my class.

They left to continue their search and I started my search by walking down the stairs/escalator to the next floor, and as I was clearing a bathroom I found my former male classmate DH and maybe several other people who were among those of us fighting back.

We quickly started pointing our guns at each other checking for the signs, and I verbally let them know that I was friendly and we recognized each other so we lowered our weapons and exchanged information and tips before parting ways to continue our separate searches for shooters (DH had his own group, and I was alone still).

When clearing another room I found the French musician Pauline Croze and another woman with whitish-color skin who only spoke French, and so I had to speak with them in French mostly but Pauline Croze knew some English so I was able to use a few English words sometimes when I did not know a word in French.

I could not understand some things that Pauline Croze would say to me in French so she had to speak slower and use more simple words and phrases with me, and so we spoke in simple French and broken French and French mixed with some English as I struggled trying to figure out how to say things in French.

They had been hiding in the room so I offered to help protect them as I continued trying to clear the building, and I tried to explain the situation and the tips about the signs with them in French and a bit of English.

Some things that I remember saying to Mrs. Croze in French / broken French / French and English / accidental Spanish was/were:

“Bonjour madame Croze, c’est bien.”

Je suis John Jr.”

“Ça va?”

“Vamos!” (Accidental Spanish)

“La handle leather.” (Mostly English)

“La glove” (Mostly English)

“De rien.”


“J’aime vous musique.”  

“Je vous musique est très bien.”

I woke up as we continued walking and talking in mostly French as I continued clearing the building looking for shooters.

The end,

-John Jr