Going To The Beauregard Daily News Building

I forgot most of my dreams before I could record them except for barely part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day in the city of D.

My mom and I drove in maybe The Blue Van to the Beauregard Daily News building, my mom drove, I had a camera or part of a camera that looked similar to a portable debit / credit card reader with some images saved on it or own its memory card, and my mom sent me inside the building with it for reasons that I can not remember.

NF Dies | An African Vision | Apocalyptic Ideas | A Military Veteran Building

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I found out from someone, a man but I can not remember who, that my online female contact in Germany NF had gotten married to my former male classmate AM in the past.

I was shocked by this and he showed me some evidence that probably included video and photographs, NF looked different and very beautiful and she looked like herself combined with Monica Roccaforte with beautiful shiny brown a medium-length hair in a particular hairstyle that was more like one that Monica would wear, and this different and beautiful appearance surprised/confused/caught my attention strong enough that I felt it as I tried to make sense of this.

A RocketJump-Like Group Making A Movie

Dream 1

My voice recording of this dream was too unclear for me to understand much of and so all that I could make sense of it was that the dream involved indoor and outdoor areas during the day, and I was following something or someone; and maybe there was something involving subscribing to something, but that is all that I could make sense of when listening to my short and unclear and low audio voice recording of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, at some point in the dream I was inside a multi-story building where a group that reminded me of RocketJump, were filming a film with many different actors and actresses in it, and I remember attending some of their meetings with the actors and actresses where they gave out the script (screenplay) to everyone and went over it.

Somehow I missed the most important parts of the meetings and I possibly did not get a script until later, I remember watching as they filmed some scenes, but then I became an actor in the film; but I did not know what to do, and so I was trying to figure this out as I went along with the filming of each scene in different parts of the building.

I was completely lost and just trying to keep up by watching the other actors and actresses during each scene, during the filming of one scene we each had to have a partner and compete in a competition where your partner had to literally hold on to you while you both ran around doing the competition, and this competition was mostly physical but with mental challenges that your partner was supposed to help you figure out; and my partner was my former male classmate BH.

He knew what to do so I started out as the one who had to hold on to him, the competition was too physical for him and I was a better fit for the physical side of the competition that possibly involved a bit of combat, and so we switched roles to where he had to hold on to me and help me figure out what to do as I did the physical challenges and combat.

At some point the competition scene was over and we moved to maybe a classroom-like room on an upper floor, we all sat around waiting like we were waiting for a class to end or something like that, and I remember having luggage bags full of stuff that probably belonged to my family who were possibly vacationing in this city; and so I was probably going to take them their luggage after we were done filming our scenes.

After waiting and talking for a while we were done for the day or done filming the film completely but I am not sure which, and I remember leaving with the luggage to take it to my family at probably their hotel; and at some point I remember moving through a one-story building outside with the luggage.

I met my former female classmate TC, her dead twin sister, my former female classmate EW, and maybe several of their friends who stopped to talk to me once they realized who I was; and I remember us talking briefly, and they were in a very good mood and they wanted to take some photographs with me so we posed for photographs together.

I remember one of the luggage bags having a lot of old stuffed toys that I was sure that none of my family wanted any more, and so I gave some to them (one was a tan-colored or brownish colored teddy bear) and they were even more happy; and they thanked me, they probably gave me hugs, and then we said goodbye and continued on our separate ways.

A few seconds after this I met my female cousin TE and her daughter CE (also my cousin) and her daughter AE (also my cousin), who were walking through this building as well, and they stopped to talk with me and they were also in a good mood; and I gave them the rest of the stuffed toys, they were happy and thanked me and probably gave me hugs, and then they wanted to take some photographs with me as well.

We posed for photographs and then we said goodbye and we went our separate ways, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Chris Brown Giving A Motivational Speech In A Classroom | Ben Wants To Buy The BV For $1,000 | Playing A Platform Game Inside A Military Gym

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that I was inside a fictional classroom during the day at either a college or a school and I seemed to be a student, there were other students there, and the music artist Chris Brown gave a motivational speech to us but I am not sure if he was a student or teacher or if he was just there to give the motivational speech.

He talked about things related to jobs/careers, following your goals/dreams/et cetera, finding inspiration/hope, and other things like that but I had a negative/sad reaction (it sounded good/nice, but my reality and the reality of many others is much different/harder) to his motivational speech where I felt and pointed out flaws/et cetera in his overly positive motivational speech because life in the real world in our current culture/society/economy/et cetera is different/harder/et cetera for most people than he made it out to be in his speech; and maybe I pointed this out to him, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day at my parents house and an unknown slightly obese man with whitish colored skin with medium-short length brownish colored hair drove outside the fence in an automobile wanting to look at one of my parents automobiles that is for sale that we call the BV, and so I let the man look at it; and then he asked to test drive it.

I asked him what his name was and he gave me a fake sounding name like Ben Dover or something like that (I asked him again what his real name was, and he told me to just call him Ben), I was just trying to get some information before I let a stranger test drive the BV, and then I went inside my parents house to ask them if Ben could test drive the BV; and to my surprise they said that he could test drive it without any of us riding with him and without even looking at his driver’s license to see who he really was (which I disagreed with, but it is their automobile so it was their choice/decision).

I told Ben that he could test drive the BV and I probably warned him, he drove away in the BV so I waited, and eventually he returned in the BV and he told me that he was willing to buy the BV but for no more than $1,000; and so I asked him for his phone number and I wrote his phone number on a piece of paper and I told him that I would tell my parents and that they would call him with their decision, and then Ben left and I went to tell my parents but I woke up.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 3

The third/last dream is a bit confusing but I remember that it took place during the day and I followed my brothers TD and KD from a parking lot into a fictional multi-story military gym, I am not sure if they were in the military now and/or if my brother CC was still in the military, either way we entered the military gym but I was not in the military so I wondered if they were going to let me exercise or not.

The dream gets confusing when I entered the men’s changing/bathroom/locker room that was on the left side near the entrance and the door was open, next to the men’s locker room with maybe an open door connected to the men’s locker room was an office that belong to one of the military workers, and magically it was like I was now the only person inside the building and the dream world became like maybe an old platform-style video game.

The storyline of the game involved a small girl (possibly a princess) with whitish colored skin with long hair who was playing with maybe her toy teddy bear and maybe another teddy bear stole her teddy bear and a key or several keys that she had, and so you had to get them back and stop the evil/villain teddy bear/whatever; and to do this you had to move around each level pushing red buttons on the walls that would open up a long drawer/platform that you had to move/jump/climb across to get to the next location, you had to push all the red buttons/open all the drawers/platforms on each level and defeat the evil teddy bear/whatever and then take a key from him to use it to reach the next level (there were probably twelve keys, and so there were probably 12 levels to this game), and if you did not follow these instructions you would die/lose and you would have to start the level over.

The military gym was now part of the game world and I pushed red buttons on the walls opening drawers/platforms until I reached the second floor and I got attacked by the evil teddy bear to my surprise even though it was still at the beginning parts of the level, the evil teddy bear could shoot something that I can not remember at you and it would kill you if you got hit by it, and I defeated him and I got the key; and I tried to use the key to unlock the next level, but I died because I did not push all the red buttons/open all the drawers/platforms around the level yet so I had to restart the level.

The second time I got killed by the evil teddy bear and then I started the level a third time but I decided to take a break to exercise and magically the building was no longer a video game world so I started changing clothes in the men’s locker room that had its door open but when I was naked a thin old balding man with whitish/grayish colored hair with whitish colored skin who probably worked at the building as a janitor, some soldiers coming to exercise, and a female soldier with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair wearing a military dress uniform entered the building so I put my underwear on.

The female soldier worked in the office next to/connected to the men’s locker room oddly, I finished changing into my exercise clothes still wondering if they were going to let me exercise or not because I was not a soldier, but then my parents entered the building to tour it and my brothers KD and TD magically appeared again to greet them; and then I went to greet them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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