Some Negative Consequences To Helping People

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream but I forgot most of my dreams from last night and most of the details of this dream or these two dreams which I will type as one dream because I am not sure, but I think that this dream was partly inspired by True George’s post called Helping that I read last night.

There is a lot that I can not remember of this dream, it is mostly unorganized dream fragments missing most details and context, but most of the dream probably involved me helping people during the day over a period of time (days, weeks, maybe months) in a fictional neighborhood where I lived.

Sometimes people would come to me for help, sometimes I would see people in need and help them, sometimes I would help people who I felt might need help, and sometimes I would just talk to people and/or say hello and smile and/or share some information and/or skills with them that would help them and more.

I do not remember dealing with people who were using me or who seemed to be using me like I usually would in real life, all the people I remember helping really needed a bit of help and this probably helped them to help themselves but I can not remember, and I remember helping a boy with white skin with dark-hair by probably just spending some time with him because he seemed lonely and possibly abused and I probably helped him and some of his family in other ways.

People in the neighborhood seemed to like and respect me for being helpful, but one day something happened that involved the boy and a man where maybe the man was trying to kill and/or harm the boy in some way and the boy ended up somehow shooting and killing him with a gun in self-defense; and I was there or I arrived there when or right after it happened.

The police were called and we told them what happened, days or weeks later we had not heard anything new from the police so I assumed that their investigation was over, and the boy and his family and others were still recovering.

One day we were approached by a male police officer with white skin with short yellow-to-medium hair, he questioned us again, and then he told me that their investigation has been focused on me all this time and I assumed that they were also spying on me.

He was somehow certain that I was guilty and that the boy had lied, he thought that I was the one who shot and killed the man and that the boy lied to protect me because I had groomed him and the others in my neighborhood with my help, and he felt that I was a master manipulator and criminal mastermind over some grand conspiracy that I planned long ago.

He explained his elaborate conspiracy theories about me, he had at least three, and all of them were overly complicated and twisted all the good things that I did for people into some master plan and conspiracy to manipulate and control and hide my crimes using other people and more.

He refused to believe the truth that was obvious, we all told him the truth and the evidence supported what we said, but him and the other police were determined to prove that I was guilty so that they could arrest me for murder because they refused to believe that the boy had killed the man in self-defense.

I told him that they were wasting their time and energy and tax payer money trying to prove me guilty of something that I did not do, and that their conspiracy theories were overly complicated and twisted the facts and went against Occam’s razor.

They were acting like I was Alice Morgan from the television series Luther if she had decided to become an all-out criminal mastermind manipulating and controlling and hiding behind entire neighborhoods of people, this was completely ridiculous and sad, and it was a bit scary because they were trying to invent an excuse to have me arrested for murder and conspiracy and more.

The police officer would not listen to reason or the facts and he left angrily declaring that he (they) were going to stop me and they would find the evidence that they needed to arrest me.

I forgot to mention that our conversation with him took place outside during the day on an upper concrete stairway area by a bridge over a drainage system that was by a street with our neighborhood behind us, and there were probably apartment buildings and house-like buildings in our neighborhood.

The next thing that I remember is being outside during the day in the back of a fictional yard, a fictional house where my family and I lived and/or where I lived, and there was an alley behind our back fence where I was standing.

There were some kids in the neighborhood playing in maybe a field-like area not far from our yard, I saw a male teenager with white skin with dark-hair who looked sad and he had no toys like the other kids, and so I gave him some of my old toys from when I was a kid and I talked with him which cheered him up.

He then ran to play with the other kids with the toys that I had given him, after this I remember seeing and hearing a video of Double Toasted talking about various video clips about people helping other people and the negative consequences of them helping people, and they showed many different video examples of this and gave their opinions.

Korey Coleman was there but I can not remember who else he was talking with, I possibly thought about the police investigation of me and of my situation, and about the various ways that I had helped people; but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more.

The end,

-John Jr


Teen Age Idol

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Teen Age Idol, and this is what it said:

Who did you idolize as a teenager?

Did you go crazy for the Beatles?

Ga-ga over Duran Duran?

In love with Justin Bieber?

Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

And this is my response:

I never really liked the word idolize or that extreme level of fandom, and so I am going to have to say that I did not idolize anyone.

The end,

-John Jr


Genetically Engineered Slaves?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

March 27, 2009

The other night I remembered part of a dream that I was not in, until the end of the dream and even then I was not myself.

I do not remember the beginning of the dream, all I remember is seeing things from the view of a camera person, and a teenager was outside of a house that looked just like my grandfather’s house.

The teenager was a young man who looked like one of the main characters from I-Carly+A Homunculi from Full Metal Alchemist; it seemed that he was part human and part something else.

One of his arms and maybe a few other parts of his body were not human, I think he was made along with some other teenagers by some scientists, to be used as soldiers/guards/assassins.

I think some politician had paid the scientist to build him a private army of genetically engineered creatures and humans/whatever, and this politician was going to try to take over a country.

The teenager seemed to be the main character of the dream, and he had escaped from the place where he was made, trained, & lived.

I think he was either trying to help others escape and/or was trying to kill the politician that was behind the whole thing.

I think the politician’s house was the house that looked like my grandfather’s house, and the teenager had just arrived at this house.

Right before the teenager had arrived at the house, the politician & one of his human/whatever guards were talking, and then the politician left the house.

As the teenager was looking around the yard, the human/whatever guard from earlier saw him, and ran over to talk to him.

The guard looked like he was maybe the age of a senior in high school, and he recognized the teenager.

They both knew each other from the place the teenager had escaped from, and the guard was surprised to see him.

The guard told the teenager that he should not be there, but that he would not bother him as long as he did not cause any trouble.

He also asked him why did he escape, and what was he going to do now.

The teenager said that he did not feel like being a slave and that he did not know what he was going to do now exactly, but he was close to deciding.

The teenager asked the guard what was he doing there, and the guard told him that he was guarding this house for the politician; he said that one day the politician came looking for guards for his house and so he volunteered.

The teenager asked him why would he work for the person that enslaved him, and the guard said because he had nothing else better to do.

I think the teenager said that he wanted to end the experiments and the enslavement of others like them, and so the guard gave him some valuable information.

He told the teenager where the politician had gone, but he told the teenager that he would not go there to help him; so the teenager thanked him and left to find the politician.

The politician was at some small one story building with some guards that looked liked genetically engineered smaller versions of some dinosaurs or something.

I think the politician was having some private meetings with some people, and so the teenager snuck into the building but somehow the politician knew that he was coming; it is possible that the guard at the house had warned him, but I am not sure, there could have been hidden cameras or something.

When the teenager came into the building, the politician started talking to him over a speaker system that was built into the building, and lured him to a room.

The teenager went inside expecting to see the politician, but no one was in there, so it was a trap.

Suddenly a creäture that looked like a Raptor (Velociraptor) mixed with a T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) came into the room, so the teenager ducked behind a table to hide.

The politician was talking and laughing over the speaker system, and the teenager tried to crawl around the table as the creäture looked for him; for some strange reason I think I was the teenager now.

I kept looked through holes under the table trying to see which direction the creäture was walking so I could avoid it, but I made a wrong move and it saw me.

So I stood up next to a window, if I needed to jump out of it, and then the creäture ran at me.

Instead of jumping out of the window, I decided to move out-of-the-way, and let the creäture fall out of the window; so I did that and it worked, and for some strange reason the creäture fell like we were in a tall building & it died, even though the building really was only one story.

The politician must have thought that I was dead, so he came into the room alone with no guards, but he did have a pistol just in case.

He saw me and started shooting, so I ducked behind the table until he needed to re-load his gun.

While he was trying to re-load his gun, I ran over to him and broke his neck, which killed him and I started to drag his body toward the window hoping to escape with his body before his guards got to me.

I worried that his scientists would bring him back to life or something, so I was going to try to bring his body so I could destroy as much of it as possible, and hide the rest so that the scientists could not get his DNA to clone him or something.

I heard a large group of guards coming as I climbed through the window with the body, and I hoped that some one would come & help me.

Suddenly I heard a large group of people outside running toward the building like they had come to help me, and I my guess was that the guard at the house had released some others like us & they had come to help me stop the politician & his  plans of conquest.

The politicians guards then stopped chasing after me and ran to fight the group that had come to help me, but I woke up.

March 29, 2009

Last night I only remembered a few pieces of my last dream, which took place at a school.

I was in a class with a lot of my classmates from high school, and it felt like we were in a school that was like the junior high school & high school joined.

I think we had class, and then the teacher left, to give us a break, so everyone started talking.

Next I remember a group of men that looked almost liked a S.W.A.T team came running into the school with submachine guns like they were looking for some one.

My two little brothers D&D were on their way to my class room and saw the men with guns, so they tried to run, but the men started shooting at them & shot one of them.

My other brother ran into our class room, and I ran into the hallway shocked, confused, angry, scared, and ready to try to save my little brother.

I picked up my little brother and brought him into the classroom, and everyone was afraid & shocked.

I locked the doors and told the class to get ready to run out of the door that led to another hallway, once I give the signal.

I then tied a shirt or something around my little brother to stop the bleeding, and I asked some people to carry my little brother & I told everyone to get by the exit door & wait for my signal.

The man who shot my little brother tried to open the locked door, while the other men tried to make sure the other areas of the hallway were clear, the man seemed a bit shocked that he had shot a little kid; but it seemed like he was willing to do it again possibly & that their group would kill the witnesses.

I decided to run into the hallway to kill the man and take his gun, while the rest of my class would run through the exit door that led to another part of the building.

I grabbed a pencil and burst the door open, which knocked the man back into a wall and he dropped his gun.

I then ran and stabbed him in the neck with the pencil before he could grab his backup gun or knife, and I front kicked him so that he would fall & I told my class to run.

I grabbed his sub-machine gun and shot him in the head, since he had body armor on, and I shot at the other men as they ran toward me to help the man, which made them duck for cover.

I then ran back into the classroom, locked the door again, and ran to follow my class.

I knew this would give us enough time to hopefully escape and then I ran across the building with my class, trying to protect them as we escaped, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Wrong Path

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This was an odd, confusing, and uncomfortable dream in some ways. (I used words related to sexual orientation for added detail in this dream description, and I do not mean to offend anyone when I used them in this dream description)

This is the only dream I remember from last night, it started in a building that looked like a brighter & bigger version of the L Technology Building.

A male FBI agent had temporarily left work without permission, to meet with a teenager that had left school without permission.

The boy was probably in junior high school, and they met in a secret FBI room in the building.

There was something very odd about this meeting and their relationship, and it seemed very inappropriate and probably homosexual.

They were talking about something, and the FBI agent was your typical ideal good guy Christian type except that he seemed to act differently around this boy.

I am not sure if they hugged or kissed or anything, but they did seem too close and not in a friend or family type way.

After their meeting the FBI agent went back to his job, which was in a room that was like a 4 bedroom apartment / office.

There was a living romo, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, 4 bedrooms, but one of the bedrooms was probably an office.

Standing in the kitchen area was the FBI agent’s boss, who did not look happy.

The boss told him that he had found out about his inappropriate relationship with the boy, and that even though he was a good FBI agent, he had no choice but to fire him.

The FBI agent was shocked and the boss felt sorry for him, but he knew that he could not allow him to continue his job.

The FBI agent looked devastated, like he was going to die or explode, but before he could do anything, a man ran into the room.

It was a man who looked like the actor Elijah Wood, he ran in screaming, and he attacked the FBI agent like a wild animal.

There was a female FBI agent in the room as well, and the boss & her ran into the hallway.

I was in the hallway and the fight followed them into the hallway, so the boss, the female FBI agent, and I ran; but the fight kept following us like a magnet.

We ran to the end of the hall and the two men fell to the ground wrestling, but as they fell, three floating pieces of flooring like flying carpets or something, went under our feet.

One went under the two men fighting, and it came from the direction that they were looking at.

One went under the feet of the boss and the female FBI agent, but I do not know from which direction it came.

One went under my feet, and it came from the opposite direction that I was facing.

I looked down and I think I saw something that looked like a piece of a basketball court or courtyard, and my first thought was school or college.

The two fighting men stopped fighting and they looked at me, and I think they said that I was facing or going in the opposite or wrong direction of my path.

I stopped to try to understand what they had meant by that: was it about my choice of college was wrong and/or about my choice of a college major was wrong and/or since I am not in college, was it a reference to that and/or should I not go to college and/or should I not learn French?

But before I could ask them and/or think more about it, I woke up.

That was interesting, a dream that ended with some of the dream characters giving me a message.

To me this dream was about conflict, decisions, and the path they mentioned at the end (which I am not sure what/which path they were talking about).

To me that FBI agent had a conflict with himself, and made some bad decisions.

His decision to start that relationship and leave work secretly, was a mistake (going down the wrong path).

His bad decision cost him his job, and the man who attacked him, also represented conflict.

They fought each other and they both were very similar, and so I think that represented an internal conflict with himself.

I know it is just a dream, but I do find it interesting.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂