Mass Mind Reading / Mind Control?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I were driving somewhere, and we went to a school building when school was not taking place.

At the school I remember seeing a woman who looked like or was Ellie Kendrick.

Using Source Code To Copy Superpowers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream was inspired by the anime From The New World that I watched an episode or two of before going to sleep.

The end of this dream involved me, maybe my brother GC, and several other people moving between several places like maybe we were trying to avoid the authorities even though we were probably not wanted but we feared that we were at risk of being caught up in an investigation because of something that we did in the forgotten parts of the dream that was possibly in a gray legal area or illegal under the rules / laws of this dream world which was possibly under control of an ethics committee so everyone had to follow certain ethics rules (laws) that this ethics committee made up so I guess they ruled this dream world.

This dream seemed to take place in the future even though things did not really seem or look futuristic but something about it felt somewhat futuristic even though it did not look like it, some or most or all people had superpowers including us, but breaking the ethics rules could mean having your superpowers taken and / or suppressed temporarily or permanently and possibly being arrested et cetera.

We feared this happening to us so we kept hiding and moving as maybe the authorities followed our trail or at least some of the places that we had been as they probably searched for clues in their investigation about something else that possibly could get us caught up in it too if they figured out we had been there.

One place that we went to was a warehouse that was dimly lit, at some point we left there after maybe me and my brother GC called our family, and we met with them outside the city where there was a field with a body of water and a dock.

Either a real or fictional male family member or brother was there too, he was mentally unstable and either was at risk of having his superpowers suppressed and / or taken away temporarily or this had already happened to him because of this and because of some things that he did with his superpowers while unstable, and I remember us talking about our situation and his.

At some point it was clear that he was too unstable to be trusted with his superpowers for now or ever so I decided to access his source code, I am not sure if it was on paper or how I saw it, but I remember his source code being letters and maybe some numbers somewhat like programming code but more like real sentences.

Once I accessed his source code I found the codes for his superpowers, and I copied them to where my source code was stored so now I had his superpowers along with mine.

His superpowers involved being able to communicate probably telepathically with people, and he could do some mind control and / or genjutsu (illusions) on people.

I then accessed everyone’s source code one-at-a-time so that we could all copy and paste each others superpower source codes so that we could all have the same superpowers, some of us only had one superpower at first and some of us like my self had two or three or more superpowers already, but I am not sure what my original superpowers were but I do know that I had two or three originally before we started copying our superpowers to each other by copying and pasting our superpower source codes.

After doing this I stopped to check out some food that my mom had just bought from a store, she said that the food was marked down at a heavy discount, and one of the foods was a clear plastic container with hard-shell tacos with lettuce and meat and cheese et cetera.

I had never seen tacos stored unrefrigerated in a container like that for extended periods in a store, I felt that this would lead to them being soggy and spoiling and / or bugs infecting them, but when I opened the container and smelled them they smelled fresher than you would think so I grabbed one and bit into it.

It smelled and felt and tasted fresher than I had expected as I chewed the food, but as I was chewing and looking at the taco I noticed something moving in the meat.

At first I thought that I was imagining things but then I saw a small worm-like insect moving on the meat, maybe a young maggot, and then I saw more movement in the meat so I started spitting out the taco and it landed in the water.

I told the others as I continued trying to clean out my mouth, but I woke up as I did this while telling them how disgusting this was and hoping that none of the insects got further inside my body.

The end,

-John Jr

A Seafood Restaurant And A Mutant Sneaking Into A Secret Military Base?

Source: IMDb

The end of this dream involved me and my brother GC being in a city, and we were on our way to a seafood restaurant.

I planned on buying a seafood platter, we possibly arrived at the seafood restaurant, but then we needed to leave somewhere before we could even order so I tried to decide if we should order our food and leave and come back to get the food later or if we should leave and then come back and order the food.

I was afraid that we would be gone too long if we ordered it first and that they would give the food to someone else or throw it away, but I possibly decided to order the food and then leave anyway because there were a lot of people and I did not want to have to wait again but I can not remember.

The dream jumped to something else even though I was still in the dream (I am not sure if I was seeing this in my mind or what happened exactly), it jumped to a scene of a woman with superpowers who was probably a mutant like in the X-Men franchise, and she seemed to be sneaking into a secret military base where there were experimental advanced aircraft et cetera (this was probably inspired by me watching episode 6 of Ancient Aliens (Season 13) last night).

The woman looked like a younger version of either Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton, I remember her sneaking into a hangar where there were some advanced aircraft, but then a younger version of Professor X (Charles Francis Xavier) sent a message to her telepathically either from the future or from the present or something.

Professor X felt or knew that the woman would likely be arrested or killed so he wanted to stop that, probably because she would have an important role to play in the future, and he knew or could see the older version of her who looked like an older Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton; and maybe he could see some possible futures involving this woman, and he wanted to help stop her from getting herself put in prison for a long time or forever or being killed because she had a lot of potential that would be wasted.

The woman heard his message in her mind but I am not sure if she was going to follow his advice of leaving the secret military base before she gets caught, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Woman Tries To Use Telepathy

File:Telepathy Faenza.svg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Once again I did not get enough sleep last night but I got more sleep than the previous night, and once again I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream and I set a stronger intention than last time thanks to Lost Truth once again reminding me to set my intention to lucid dream.

I was trying to get more sleep last night so each time that I woke up remembering a dream I would go back to sleep without voice recording it, and so now I barely remember part of my last dream which was probably partly inspired by a Netflix television show that I am watching called Stranger Things and there is a character in that show named Eleven (El) who has powers who probably inspired the last part of the dream.

While I was at work today I remember a few more vague details of this dream, this dream possibly took place during the morning and afternoon and evening and maybe night, but I can not remember.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place in a fictional city and a fictional college was a major part of the dream, and I remember traveling around parts of the city and maybe outside the city (roads in the countryside maybe) and parts of the college campus (maybe on foot, maybe on bicycle, and maybe by automobile but I can not remember).

Maybe I was a student at the college and maybe I went to some classes and maybe I did some other things at the college but I can not remember, but I do think that I probably met some students at the college.

I think that this dream was pretty long so that and the fact that I kept waking up and going back to sleep without voice recording my dreams is probably why I can not remember more of the details of this dream.

The city and college is this dream was probably like a city and college that I have dreamed of before in the past, but I can not remember.

At the very end of the dream I think that a woman with light-color skin was the main character, I was probably not in the dream now, but I can not remember if I was the woman or not.

I think that the woman was in a building or house with some men, it seemed that she had some authority over the men (maybe she was their boss or something, but I am not sure), and I remember the woman talking with them and maybe giving them some orders or something like that.

The men then went to another part of the building or house, and then the woman decided to try to communicate with them using telepathy to telepathically communicate with them and give them orders (commands).

I remember the woman trying to use telepathy, but I can not remember if she was successfully because I woke up as she was talking with them in person to see if it had worked.

The end,

-John Jr

A Strange Black Cat With Solid White Or Light Gray Eyes

I had several dreams last night but I ended up forgetting almost all of them and I did not voice record them, and so now I barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the television series Game Of Thrones with a focus on Daenerys Targaryen and Essos, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream I was in a dimly lit windowless room with maybe an interesting atmosphere, and there was a strange black cat with solid white or very light gray eyes in the room with me walking around.

Besides the unusual eyes this cat did not seem like or act like a normal cat in ways that I can not remember (it probably seemed more human-like and/or paranormal and/or beyond normal animals like us normal humans and normal cats like maybe it was an entity that was just in the form of a cat but that was not its true form), and it possibly communicated with me using telepathy but I can not remember.

Even in the dream I felt and thought that this cat was not normal and I probably even said so to the cat itself as I walked around keeping some distance between us cautiously at first because it did not seem like a normal cat (not because it was black, but because it did not seem like a normal cat or like a real cat at all so I was not sure what it really was and if I could trust it or not at first), and I probably asked it some questions.

Unfortunately I can not remember the details of what happened and what was said during our assumed conversation, I just remember that at some point the cat went inside and/or was put by me in what looked like a chute (maybe a garbage chute or laundry chute or mail chute) in the wall behind a tiny door, and behind this tiny door was a small space with maybe another tiny door behind it.

In this small space were some kittens and the cat went to the kittens, I assume that the kittens belonged to the cat and so maybe the cat was a female, and there was more to the dream after this but I can not remember the details.

The end,

-John Jr

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