A College Break & Being Late For Class

I went to sleep on the living room couch waking up and going back to sleep from most of my dreams without recording them except for one dream, I then got in bed and I had more dreams, but I think that I must have had a dream where I recorded my dreams thinking that it was the real world.

I woke up with some memory of me recording some dreams several times, the fragments of the dreams kept popping up in my mind each time that I woke up and I went back to sleep before that, but later I realized that I had not recorded them; and so those dreams are lost now, but I know that I had formatted them in a certain order when recording them in those dreams.


A Woman And Bill Clinton And A Pickpocket

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a college that also had a shopping mall, and I was there with a fictional brother with light-color skin who was there in college with me.

I can not remember the early parts of this dream, I assume that maybe we left our dorm or somewhere else, and we went to a glass room in the mall with at least two women and maybe some other people.


Jesus & Benjamin Netanyahu & UFOs?

Nap Dream

I had this dream yesterday during a nap.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working at a fictional version of The BP Library that was in a building that seemed to combine a library with what seemed like a fictional version of the arcade/recreational/gaming area from the former skating rink / roller rink SC in the city of D or another skating rink-like place or family entertainment center.


Rooster Teeth Employees Flying With Snow Cones?

Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins (1964)
Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I were inside a multi-story hotel, we had checked out of the room that we were staying in and were going to leave, but I guess my parents decided to stay another night.

I remember maybe waking up still in the dream, we were now in a new room that was not a proper room exactly, it was a large room with a tall ceiling that was on maybe the next to highest floor before you reach the roof.


Preston Garvey Calls Social Services – Fallout 4 Prank Call

Preston Garvey Calls Social Services - Fallout 4 Prank Call
Source: YouTube

The other day I saw a prank call YouTube video by the YouTube channel ICEnJAM called Preston Garvey Calls Social Services – Fallout 4 Prank Call:

I was surprised by how well that prank call worked, and I went on to watch almost all the videos in the upload playlist for this YouTube channel:

The end,

-John Jr