Talking To Lil Yachty (Miles Parks McCollum) And Finding A Bomb At A Movie Theater

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was maybe inside a fictional version of my parent’s house or a building where maybe my family and I lived, and I was talking to (actually it seemed more like he was talking to me) the musician Lil Yachty (Miles Parks McCollum).

I know almost nothing about Lil Yachty and I have not even heard an entire song of his, and so I have no idea why he would be in one of my dreams other than maybe this Sprite commercial that I saw during maybe (Super Bowl LI) Super Bowl 51:

Anyway, Lil Yachty was talking to me about maybe the space between things, like the space between parts in television commercials and film (movie) scenes and video game scenes et cetera.

He was interested in focusing on the details of the space between things, I was busy trying to do something else that I can not remember, and so I was not interested in the details of the space between things and I was only interested in the important details that would give me an overall view/understanding of each television commercial/film/video game/et cetera because I did not have time to focus on all the small details.

Basically I was focused on the big picture and he was focused on the small details, Lil Yachty was going through things looking at those small details and telling me about them, which was disturbing and interrupting whatever it was that I was trying to do so I was a bit annoyed and I possibly let him know that I was busy with something else.

I probably let him know that the small details can be important, but in some situations when time is an issue it is often better to focus on the bigger picture.

My former male classmate DH was in a part of this dream that I can not remember, probably during a part of this dream that probably took place at a grocery store that sold cooked food like they had maybe a diner inside the store, and some of my family was there too.

I remember going outside to get groceries that my family had bought (probably from the grocery store from the forgotten part of this dream), the groceries were in the back of a vehicle with a boxed-shaped back area that stores stuff like one that is used to transport items between stores, and Lil Yachty probably followed me outside still talking as I unloaded the groceries from the vehicle but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my uncle JE, I remember him being his usual comedic self, and I remember a fictional area from several past dreams that involved jobs and business-like buildings in a business-like area.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream other than that this dream took place during the day, I was also in the dream, and maybe this dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it started during the day in the city of D, and I was at a fictional movie theater that was in the shopping center next to W Park where Subway should be.

I was inside the movie theater trying to watch a film when there was a bomb threat and/or I and/or someone else found a bomb in the movie theater, and so I remember leaving the movie theater.

A day or two later I returned to the movie theater it was still open so the bomb from the other day did not explode I assume, and I went inside the movie theater and I sat down to watch a film among a few other people.

At some point I noticed what looked like a bomb in one of the seats, I walked over to look at it more closely, and it seemed to be a bomb and there was a timer with a countdown going so I started to warn everyone but many of them did not believe me so only a few people evacuated.

I then went to the front desk where a somewhat older male employee with dark-medium brown skin with short black hair was standing up working, and I told him about the bomb and he did not believe me at first but eventually he believed me and he ordered everyone to evacuate so people started to evacuate the building.

I went outside to leave in my automobile but I saw my former male classmate BM leaving the movie theater so I offered him a ride home and he accepted, and so we started driving away in my automobile.

We made a right turn at the traffic light by W Park, but a woman with whitish-color skin with yellow hair was having problems with her green convertible sports car that was driving back and forth and sideways on and off the road and grass like she could not control it so we stopped at a distance.

Fortunately the rest of traffic was further enough away to not get hit by her car, there was nothing we could do because her automobile was driving back and forth wildly, and so the emergency services would have to handle it so we drove past her quickly when there was an opening.

I told my former classmate BM about the bomb threat/bomb at the movie theater from the other day, he possibly had not known about that, and then we started talking about the new bomb that I found today at the movie theater.

We wondered if this new bomb had exploded it or not, but I woke up as we talked about this as I drove him home.

The end,

-John Jr


The House | I Am Your Father | The Commercials

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The House

Here are 3 dreams I had during the week, the first was about a fictional house that my grandfather owned.

In the dream I was at a house with my mom, my brothers, and my cousin DE.

It was a nice sunny day, and the house was near the Taco Bell in D.

It was a one floor/story plantation or colonial style house with a front porch, side porch, back porch, a garage, and a nice little yard.

I think there was a living room when you first walk into the house and there was a bathroom in it, next to the living room there was a nice kitchen/dining room with a door that led to the side porch, and next to the kitchen there was a hall that led to the bed rooms & the laundry room.

Anyway, inside the house my cousin DE was leaving out of the bathroom that was connected to the living room and my mom & brothers were in the living room talking, and so I went to ask my mom some questions about the house.

She told me that my grandfather owned the house, but the house was in our family’s name for some reason, and she also said that my grandfather owned another house in town somewhere.

She said that my aunt CS paid someone to cut the grass and to keep the yard clean every month, and that my aunt SE & my cousin DE used to live there.

I could see the outside of the house through the windows, and the outside light made the inside of the house look very nice, even though the house looked old.

I told my mom that we should move here one day or that I should move into the house until I go to college again so that I can practice really living alone.

As I was taking a moment to look around the house, I woke up.

I Am Your Father

This dream was pretty weird, I had the dream when I slept in late, and I felt like I was in a strange healing trance-like state when your body is trying to heal when you are sleep or something.

Me and someone were driving on the highway back to D, but when we got close to the city, we saw that many automobiles were stopped in the highway; and the highway was blocked for a long distance.

I could not see what was happening, and so I decided to turn my automobile around and I would try to find another way back into town.

As I was turning around, I heard some helicopters flying over my automobile, and I saw two futuristic helicopters with a circular shaped rear propeller built into the helicopter.

At least one of the helicopters had about five people who looked like your stereotypical terrorists and they were hanging upside down with ropes tied to their feet, their hands were tied behind their backs, and they had bags over their heads; and so you could not see their faces.

It appeared to be The United States Military, so I knew something serious was going on, and so I started driving in the direction that the helicopters were going.

They happened to be going in the same direction I was going, and the helicopters were going slow, so they were flying above my automobile and they were only going a bit faster than me.

At some point I was walking on the highway with someone, but I do not know how that happened.

I just remember me and someone else walking with a group of soldiers that were following the helicopter.

On both sides of the highway there were trees like in real life, but I kept seeing & hearing something moving, where the trees & bushes were.

It seemed that something was following us, but only me and one other person saw & heard it, and for some reason the soldiers did not notice it.

At some point some of the soldiers went in another direction after the helicopter, and the another group of soldiers started to walk back toward the city.

So me and the unknown man were left alone walking on the highway, we did not know what was following us in the trees, but we both saw a green light and something that seemed to appear and disappear quickly, like it could turn invisible or something.

We knew now that the soldiers were gone, that it was probably going to attack us, and so we started to walk fast but it started to move faster too; and at this point we could hear the loud noise(s) of the trees & bushes being pushed/moved.

We knew it was too fast & so we decided to jump over a small fence that led to a field or farm, and as we were jumping the fence, the thing came after us.

I can not remember exactly what it looked like, but I think that it looked like a taller than an average human-like alien robotic with a robotic dinosaur-like head with green lights for eyes and a metal worm-like body but its upper body & head stood up like a human & the lower body dragged/floated/rolled or something on the ground.

Me and the unknown man ran near a lake & we decided to stop running because the thing was faster than us, and so we stopped to face it.

The thing stopped and it started to talk to us, but I do not think its mouth moved, but we could hear it.

It sounded like a man and I think it said that it did not want to hurt us, and that it wanted to tell us something.

It said that it was our father, me and the unknown man thought that was crazy, and we did not believe him.

The unknown man was way older than me, he had grayish blond hair & a different hair type than me, he had whitish colored skin, he had brighter colored eyes, and we had never even seen each other before.

Me and the unknown man told the thing, to prove that he was our father.

So the thing asked us: “Don’t you think it was odd that both of you could see & hear me moving in the bushes & trees, but the soldiers did not?”

We said: “Yes, that is odd but that does not prove that you are our father, and then we asked him how was it possible that he was our father, since we both already had fathers, and so we asked him were they our fake fathers/not our real fathers or something?”

The thing said that he wanted to prove something to us and he then said that he would explain everything to us later, and so he did something that I think made him visible to other people; but an alarm went off in the field, and we had the feeling that the Military was coming.

We told it to turn invisible again and that me & the unknown man would run back to the highway, and when the Military would come, we would tell them that some wild animal was chasing us; and so that is why we ran into the field.

We hoped that would get them to leave so that we could then talk to the thing to find out how was it our father and what was he exactly, but then I woke up.

The Commercials

Last night I had a dream that I was a cameraman / director helping Urijah Faber, the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) feather weight champion, make some commercials or something.

It seemed that we were in a fictional version of Galveston, Texas or somewhere in California at a beach.

The first commercial seemed to be a How To Surf Instructional Video or something.

I think we were making a surfing video, a commercial for a book he wrote, and a commercial to bring tourist to the city.

After the surfing commercial we went to a hill near the beach that had a walking trail, at least two houses, and a lighthouse.

I think one of the houses was his, and I think we were making the commercial for his book.

I think the book was an autobiography about his life, and maybe this was the place he had grown/grew up at.

As he was walking I noticed one of the houses had a few dogs in the yard, I thought that they would bark & maybe run at us, but they did not.

As we were shooting/filming the last part of the commercial, a dog from the other house, which I guess was his house, walked up to him and Mr. Faber started to pet the dog; so I guess that was his dog.

That was the end of that commercial, and so we started to walk back to the beach to shoot the last commercial, which was for the city.

But I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂