Editing A Draft Post About An Anime Series

I did not record the other dreams that I remembered, and so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream.

This dream was impacted by me waking up every 30 minutes at the end because of my alarms, and it was partly inspired by me watching an episode of Overlord (Season 1) yesterday.

In the dream I was editing a fictional draft of a blog post about a fictional anime series on my blog.

I had already started the draft of the post in the past, the post was going to be about several seasons of the show, and so I was checking over what I had already typed and I was making some edits and adding more content.

I had Wikipedia and IMDb opened in my browser as sources.

While doing this there were maybe some characters from Overlord (Season 1) or some character who reminded me of them who were treating me like Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga), they talked to me as I edited my draft post, and they probably gave me feedback.

At some point I noticed that the title for each season were different oddly, instead of the name of the show followed by the season number, each season had a completely different name; and most of the season names were sentences.

To make things worse most words in the title of each season were not capitalized so I was not sure which words were part of each season title, and so I had to use my sources to help me figure this out; and then I had to capitalize the season names and make sure that they were in the correct order before continuing.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A House Dream And A Continuing Westworld Dream

Last night I went to bed too late and I had to wake up early for work for the first time since the Thanksgiving holidays ended, and I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up.

My body/subconscious did not want to let me sleep in a bit longer so there was a constant battle this morning between my conscious and my body/subconscious as I tried to keep going back to sleep but my body/subconscious was trying to keep me awake to get ready for work.

During this battle I kept barely going back to sleep briefly to maybe the same dream (a continuing dream) but my body/subconscious kept fighting with me in the dream stopping me and causing me to wake up again, and so this caused me to forget most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream and amazingly I just barely remembered part of an earlier dream from last night as I was typing this.

Dream 1

I just barely remembered part of this earlier dream from last night as I was typing this post, and this was what I now call a house dream.

The dream took place during the day, my memory is too blurry and unclear, but I remember being at an old furnished house and I assume that some of my family was there with me.

I can not remember if this house had several stories or not and I can not remember if it was a house from a past dream or not, it was possibly similar to a previous house in a past dream where the house had a small bridge on the upper floor that crossed over a street and the bridge connected to a hospital, but I am not sure.

I think that this house was probably in a nice quiet neighborhood where some rich people probably lived, this house was nice by our standards, but it was old and probably had some damage and some work that needed to be done so the neighbors probably looked down on this house and us.

We were probably checking it out and/or were in the process of moving in or we had just moved in, I remember there being some nice old curtains and some nice dark golden sunlight coming from the windows as I looked outside and the floor or some of it had maybe brown/gold carpet, and maybe one of the doors was broken or badly damaged.

I probably went around the house exploring and looking at the damage and looking at what we could fix and how we should clean and organize things, and there was more things that happened during the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream that I had forgotten but suddenly remembered while typing this post.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by the television series Westworld which I watched an episode of last night (season 1 episode 9 (The Well-Tempered Clavier)).

I am not sure if I was myself in this dream and/or if I was someone else, maybe both because I went in and out of this dream as I battled with my body/subconscious trying to stay sleep and keep dreaming a bit more, and all that I can remember of this continuing dream is that it took place in either the Westworld amusement park or a Westworld-like amusement park in a Western-themed area.

I and/or the character who I was controlling was in this amusement park and there were other people there as well, and some or most of us had a host (android or robot) with us (maybe we had to have one with each of us, but I can not remember).

The dream probably jumped around between the different dream characters during the dream, I can not remember what was going on exactly other than the dream took place during a gray day and one area that we visited several times was a shotgun-style building on maybe hill in the middle of nowhere, but the battle between my conscious and body/subconscious was effecting/affecting the dream in various ways.

One of these ways was that my character and/or I and probably other dream characters had something trying to stop us, nothing physically there but something was effecting/affecting us mentally, and we kept trying to struggle against it to continue what we were doing in the dream but I kept getting stopped and confused and awakened from the dream.

I started to wonder if I was a host (android) because something was mentally stopping me/us from doing things, if I was really a host this would make sense because I/we would be programmed and we could be controlled, and so I remember trying to figure out if I was human or a host (android) while struggling against whatever kept mentally stopping us.

But that is all that I can remember after waking up and going back to sleep barely and briefly many times as I battled against my body/subconscious.

The end,

-John Jr


An Atlanta Inspired Dream?

My sleep got interrupted last night when I woke up feeling somewhat hot and uncomfortable and sore and needing to urinate and I had not remembered any of my dreams at this point, after urinating I was having problems going back to sleep and I was still sore and uncomfortable and I ended up talking with my brother GC which cost me even more sleep, and eventually I was able to get comfortable enough to sleep by adding an extra pillow on top of my pillow(s) but there was only about an hour left before I had to wake up to get ready for work (so I did not get enough sleep).

In was during this time when I finally had a dream that I barely remembered part of, it was possibly inspired by a FX television series called Atlanta that I have never seen an episode of, but I have seen some commercials for it and I did see about three minutes of it during a commercial break once.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day and I was driving through a city when I stopped to park in a parking lot outside of three or more small connected (maybe not directly connected, but maybe indirectly connected) one-story brick buildings with the first building being a visitor/tourist center-like rest stop-like building where you could get pamphlets and food and drink from vending machines and use the bathroom.

I remember trying to figure out how to enter the first building or any of the buildings, eventually I figured it out, and another man probably entered the first building as well.

There were no employees there, it seemed to be a self-service type place where you get your own pamphlets and buy what you want from the vending machines and use the bathroom and sit down or leave, but I can not remember what I did other than look around and wait a bit.

At some point I tried to figure out how to enter the other two buildings, I remember maybe a woman with dark-brown skin and black hair and maybe one or two men with dark-brown skin and black hair driving up and parking in the parking lot, and they entered the second or third building so I followed them so that I could figure out how to enter the building(s) too because the design of these buildings were a bit confusing.

At some point we were inside a restaurant/diner/bar/club-like building, most people (maybe not all) in this dream had brownish colored skin (light, medium, and dark), and at some point there were some arguments and fights among some of the people and guns were drawn and some people got shot (the woman and one or two men who I had followed inside the building were involved in this as well).

This incident/part of the dream/dream and the characters in it were turned into a television series that seemed to probably be like a more violent version of the television series Atlanta, I have never seen an entire episode so I am not sure what that show is usually like, and I possibly partly knew that this was a dream or based on a dream maybe but the dream was probably not lucid because I possibly did not realize that I was still in a dream or I did not think about trying to control the dream or something like that but I am not sure.

The television series of this dream or that part of the dream followed various dream characters including the woman and the two men, the woman was involved in some drama that I can not remember (maybe romantic and baby daddy drama, and normal life struggles), and the two men were either brothers or friends who ended up joining a crew/gang and they went around with this crew/gang committing crimes.

So this television series followed these dream characters as they lived their lives, it was fiction and not a reality series so they were actors and actresses playing parts, and so there were various things that happened during this dream with a focus on drama and violence.

At the end of the dream the two men and their crew/gang were in a shootout after probably trying to rob and/or kill another crew/gang, something went wrong, and the two men who only cared about themselves decided to shoot at their enemies wildly while standing behind their crew/gang who were also shooting so they ended up shooting and killing their enemies and their own crew/gang.

The two men did not care about their crew/gang, they were just in it for the money/fun/protection/et cetera, and so after carelessly shooting and killing their own crew/gang and the enemy they simply shrugged their shoulders and celebrated their victory and said how they only cared about protecting each other because they were homies (their words) and said how they did not care about their crew/gang anyway and they left before the police could show up but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Exploring Group Dynamics

File:Social Network Diagram (segment).svg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Late last night (early morning) after watching television (Japanese anime) with my brother GC I was going to play a bit of Fallout 4 and then brush my teeth and go to bed, but I accidentally fell asleep on the couch for a few hours (1:something AM – 6:something AM) because I was more tired than expected so I did not get up to play some Fallout 4 like I had planned.

I woke up suddenly realizing what had happened and I remembered some dreams but they were fading fast as I rushed to turn everything off and get in bed, and so I did not take the time to try to remember them and voice record them before getting in bed because I was worried that I would not be able to go back to sleep or it would take me longer to go to sleep so I forgot those dreams and so I spent most of last night sleeping and snoring on the couch and I only got to sleep a few hours in my bed.

The dream or dreams that I had after finally getting in my bed instead of the couch all involved groups or group dynamics, and so the dream explored various situations involving groups of people.

The Walking Dead television franchise and The Walking Dead Telltale Games were featured heavily in the dream or dreams at first, the dream or dreams followed group dynamics among groups of people inspired by The Walking Dead, and so some parts of the dream or dreams took place inside television series and some took place inside video games and some took place in the normal dream or dreams itself/themselves.

After exploring group dynamics between people in survival situations like on The Walking Dead, the dream jumped around exploring group dynamics among other groups of people, and I was probably in some parts of the dream or dream but there were some parts of the dream or dreams where I possibly was not there.

Some of the group dynamics that were explored involved sports teams and sports fans with more of a focus on American Football (this was not the only sport explored), and so I saw various situations between teammates and sports fans.

Other group dynamics explored were between a military-like group, I remember that there was a woman with whitish-colored skin wearing a uniform for the military-like group, and she was waiting to be accepted into the military-like group so that she could start her training.

We were at an indoor/outdoor building where some members of the military-like group were training and I got to see some of the interactions between the people and the drill instructor, the woman was sure that she would be accepted so that is why she was already wearing the uniform, and I remember us standing and talking as she waited to find out if she was accepted or not but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Some group dynamics between family members were explored, and so there were various situations that I got to see between families interacting with each other.

One group dynamic that I got to see was between one or more groups of people who spoke the same language but who were learning another language, but a woman in one of these groups wanted to learn French instead of the language that the rest of her group was learning.

This caused conflict with the rest of her group who were wondering why she wanted to learn French, and they argued with her and they tried to get her to stop learning French and to learn the language that they were learning.

The woman resisted and she said that she wanted to learn French, and so she kept learning French and her group probably banished her or shunned her and spoke badly of her but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

This dream or dreams explored positive, negative, and neutral group dynamics between these various groups of people and various situations that they were in.

I also saw group dynamics between friends, classmates, coworkers, neighbors, citizens of the same country, members of the same ethnic group, probably member of the same religion, and more.

This dream or dreams jumped between these various group dynamics from various angles and locations et cetera (real life, video games, television series, films, et cetera), but that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr


Nordhagen Beach And Vikings

Source: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and it involved the video game Fallout 4 and the History channel television series Vikings.

I can not remember the Vikings parts of the dream, but I do remember barely part of the Fallout 4 parts of the dream which involved me managing settlements.

Part of the dream involved me managing the Nordhagen Beach settlement, so I was building and moving around various objects, and I remember the beach with its sand and the water.

It was a nice sunny day outside, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr