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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it possibly took place during the day outside, and I was with some of my family and someone (who probably was armed with a weapon, maybe a gun) was making fun of my family and I this person was threatening them and I.

I did not want my family and I to be harmed or killed so we did not say anything back as this person made fun of us and threatened us, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by a film by the film director Denis Villeneuve that my brother GC and I watched last night called Sicario:

The dream was like a combination of a film and a Telltale Games video game and real life, and the dream followed a male character who I controlled and I sometimes saw/experienced things from this character’s point of view almost like I was the character sometimes (maybe I was the character sometimes, but I am not sure).

My memory of the dream is took unclear but my character seemed to be working on his job (I can not remember what his job was), and one day he was assigned to work with/assist a group of people who probably worked with various law enforcement and military and intelligence and government and private agencies.

The character Alejandro Gillick (played by the actor Benicio Del Toro) was one of the people working with this group of people, and during the dream it became clear that this group of people were doing various kinds of secret special operations and they were doing some terrible/illegal things along the way and they were using you as a shield/cover to help mask their activities.

They were also blackmailing your character and trying to make it seem that you were involved in various illegal and inappropriate activities (including the activities that they were involved in) so that others would be less likely to believe you if you tried to reveal what was really going on, and so they were also trying to turn your coworkers and others against you because of your objections to what they were doing.

Alejandro Gillick was probably sent to watch you and threaten your character a few times, and during one part of the dream when your character was at work it seemed that the group were using one of your attractive female coworkers (who possibly was involved in prostitution and/or some kind of sex related job) with dark-brown skin with long black hair to make it seem that both of you were having an affair as a way of ruining your reputation and possibly making her husband angry so that he could go after you.

I had my character approach his female coworker about this situation so that he could end it by having her tell the truth, but it seemed that the group had threatened her into helping them harm your reputation so she kept pretending that something was going on between your character and her.

After this failure my character tried to get the truth out about the group after he had finished working on his assignment with them but he was threatened with death by Alejandro Gillick, and he was forced at gunpoint to lie and sign a document stating that everything that they had done during their assignment had been legal.

After being forced to sign the document my character was warned that he would be killed if he tried to release the truth after this, and then he left.

At the very end of the dream my character was talking to someone, not realizing that Alejandro Gillick was still following him and was hiding and was pointing a pistol at him ready to kill him if he told the truth to this person, and my character hinted that something was not right but did not tell the truth to this person so Mr. Gillick spared his life for now.

My character was disappointed about his situation and he depressingly stood there thinking about this as the dream ended, and Mr. Gillick sneaked away for now.

The end,

-John Jr


A The Walking Dead: Season Two Inspired Dream

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I did not voice record or think about my dreams from last night really so I have forgotten almost all of them except for barely part of one dream, and maybe before that dream I possibly had a dream that was inspired by the television series American Horror Story: Roanoke which I watched an episode of last night but I am not sure.

This dream was inspired by The Walking Dead Telltale Games video games like The Walking Dead: Season One and The Walking Dead: Season Two, probably because I watched an Itsreal85Gaming gameplay of The Walking Dead: Season Two last night before going to sleep.

Part of the dream possibly involved characters from the video game like Clementine, but I am not sure.

I do know that the dream was like a video game and it followed people trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse, I am not sure if I was controlling things like I was playing a video game or not, but I do remember there being repetition and decisions that needed to be made.

I remember having to do something that I can not remember many times and/or having to spend a long time doing one thing over and over, the dream also involved the interactions between survivors in a group and the environment, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


The Walking Dead

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I went to bed late last night so I did not get enough sleep, but things went well today at work even though Monday is my busiest work day of the week.

Last night I probably snored as I slept at times, I had some dreams that I partly remembered, but I went back to sleep without voice recording them so I forgot most of them.

I vaguely remember at least one dream that was inspired by me watching an episode of the television series Fear The Walking Dead last night and a YouTube video of Itsreal85Gaming playing The Walking Dead video game by Telltale Games.

Most of the dream probably involved The Walking Dead video game, maybe not all of it (some of the dream possibly involved Fear The Walking Dead and/or live action situations like on The Walking Dead television series), but probably most of it.

But I can not remember the details of this dream other than that the dream definitely involved zombies (walkers).

I possibly had another dream that took place outside in a parking lot where some people where hanging out, but I am not sure.

The end,

-John Jr


Exploring Group Dynamics

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Late last night (early morning) after watching television (Japanese anime) with my brother GC I was going to play a bit of Fallout 4 and then brush my teeth and go to bed, but I accidentally fell asleep on the couch for a few hours (1:something AM – 6:something AM) because I was more tired than expected so I did not get up to play some Fallout 4 like I had planned.

I woke up suddenly realizing what had happened and I remembered some dreams but they were fading fast as I rushed to turn everything off and get in bed, and so I did not take the time to try to remember them and voice record them before getting in bed because I was worried that I would not be able to go back to sleep or it would take me longer to go to sleep so I forgot those dreams and so I spent most of last night sleeping and snoring on the couch and I only got to sleep a few hours in my bed.

The dream or dreams that I had after finally getting in my bed instead of the couch all involved groups or group dynamics, and so the dream explored various situations involving groups of people.

The Walking Dead television franchise and The Walking Dead Telltale Games were featured heavily in the dream or dreams at first, the dream or dreams followed group dynamics among groups of people inspired by The Walking Dead, and so some parts of the dream or dreams took place inside television series and some took place inside video games and some took place in the normal dream or dreams itself/themselves.

After exploring group dynamics between people in survival situations like on The Walking Dead, the dream jumped around exploring group dynamics among other groups of people, and I was probably in some parts of the dream or dream but there were some parts of the dream or dreams where I possibly was not there.

Some of the group dynamics that were explored involved sports teams and sports fans with more of a focus on American Football (this was not the only sport explored), and so I saw various situations between teammates and sports fans.

Other group dynamics explored were between a military-like group, I remember that there was a woman with whitish-colored skin wearing a uniform for the military-like group, and she was waiting to be accepted into the military-like group so that she could start her training.

We were at an indoor/outdoor building where some members of the military-like group were training and I got to see some of the interactions between the people and the drill instructor, the woman was sure that she would be accepted so that is why she was already wearing the uniform, and I remember us standing and talking as she waited to find out if she was accepted or not but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Some group dynamics between family members were explored, and so there were various situations that I got to see between families interacting with each other.

One group dynamic that I got to see was between one or more groups of people who spoke the same language but who were learning another language, but a woman in one of these groups wanted to learn French instead of the language that the rest of her group was learning.

This caused conflict with the rest of her group who were wondering why she wanted to learn French, and they argued with her and they tried to get her to stop learning French and to learn the language that they were learning.

The woman resisted and she said that she wanted to learn French, and so she kept learning French and her group probably banished her or shunned her and spoke badly of her but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

This dream or dreams explored positive, negative, and neutral group dynamics between these various groups of people and various situations that they were in.

I also saw group dynamics between friends, classmates, coworkers, neighbors, citizens of the same country, members of the same ethnic group, probably member of the same religion, and more.

This dream or dreams jumped between these various group dynamics from various angles and locations et cetera (real life, video games, television series, films, et cetera), but that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr